Akida, Creature of Water

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Akida, Creature of Water

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Baxor here, reviewing the 71302 Akida Creature of Water. This is my final review for the Winter 2016 wave, and (due to how near its completion will be to the Summer 2016 wave), may be a little rushed. Still, Akida is now my favourite creature, and, as far as build, is the most unique. Enjoy this final review.


Stats: 71302 Akida, Creature of water contains 120 pieces, by far the largest relative to the others creatures, and nearly surpassing Tahu as far as piece count. Of course, this is largely due to a significant number of small pieces.

Price Chart

USD: $10
Canadian Dollars: $12
Pounds: £7
Euros: €9

Elements: There are a fair amount of these colours: turquoise, trans-turquoise, and orange. There's also some pieces in dark-blue, and of course, our little old friends, the grey Technic pieces. Two of the horns from Skull Grinder last wave (that's Summer 2015) are recoloured in orange, and look surprisingly good. There are two of the stud-launchers in trans-blue. Also, there are four blue fin-pieces, which were seen previously in Season 8 (2008) of BIONICLE.

Aesthetics: *Sigh*. Okay, I know I've harped on this again and again, but it simply must continue to be said: The light-grey pieces don't look very good. Honestly, this has some of the worst colours of any creature set, because the light-grey and black Technic pieces are distrubuted too well. Most of the blue is on the outlying edges, and because the blue is ill-distributed, the orange is almost awkwardly out of place. Now, don't get me wrong, I love that they've added orange to the Water element, but the creatures have had so many Technic pieces that it simply looks awkward.

Now, proportions and appearance are a completely different matter. I think that her body shape looks great, and that it is very smooth and aerodynamic, with one exception.

Let me be clear: on the United form, and the general figure, the stud-launchers are cool. But, it strikes me that LEGO put a lot of work into making Akida aerodynamic like the dolphin that they fashioned her after. However cool they may be from a subjective 9-year old point of view (and from the position of someone who has always love functions in BIONICLE), these two guns ruin the aerodynamic nature of the model.


The Uniter version of this model is actually one of my least favourites, but this is largely because of Gali. Because the legs look rather thin, the bulk added by Akida to her top half gives her a strange appearance. It think that the Uniter figure, however, is where the stud-launchers shine. Fitting so that they merely peak over Gali's back, it is a cool added weapon. And of course, the tail

New Elements: None for this one. For info on the Creature Head piece, check out my Ikir, Creature of Fire Review.

Cool Stuff: There are a couple of cool things in this. First, and most obviously the stud-launcher, but also the movement of a piece on Akida's back allows her to mover her fins vertically to horizontally, for the purposes of the Uniter model.

Trivia: this is actually the only Creature function which does not contain any gears.

My Opinion: I think that this is the best of the Creature models from a build standpoint, but my least favourite from a colour standpoint. I feel like the Technic colours are too visible on the models, and are made to be an awkward centre-piece. It has always been a wonder to my why LEGO has never recoloured the Technic pieces, instead giving them set colour designations. I'm sad to say as well, that this time, their lack of recolouring has done them badly in my opinion.

Rating: 3/4. Good build, a stand for the model (which I did not mention previously; it allows Akida to rest in the swimming poisition) are the positives, but the lack of good colour concentration are definitely a downside.

Please remember to post your comments, as well as any suggested sections that I should add. Till next time, this is Baxor signing off!
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