Anything interesting at LEGO&reg Land?

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Anything interesting at LEGO&reg Land?

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22 Oct 2015, 15:36 #1

My mother asked if I'd like to run down to LEGO Land with her within the cramped few days I have off.

I've never been the type to go to amusement parks for rides. The most extreme I've ever been on is the Men In Black ride in Orlando Florida where you have to shoot at animated puppets before they shoot you, sending your booth spinning and giving you a score in the end.

So I'm wondering, what kind of attractions are in LEGO Land that you might recommend looking at, since I avoid roller coasters and ETC?
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26 Oct 2015, 21:55 #2

Last time I was at a legoland was 2002... Well, I'll tell you what I remember.

Besides the rollercoasters, there was a huge open-air city diorama made out of lego representations of famous buildings from around the world, a multi-segmented maze, several stunt shows based around prominent themes at the time, a 4D cinema, a kids go-kart thing where you "learn to drive" (I have the odd feeling they won't let you on that), and a tacky panning-for-gold thing.

And of course various gift shops and what have you.
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I'm into exam time right now... I'll be checking up frequently, but I don't expect to be posting in the next two weeks or so unless something really catches my eye.