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BIONICLE 2015 sets

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Ive got the complete set of the first BIONICLE 2015 wave, at this time Ive only opened Kopaka, and Im slowly breaking them open. Let me know if you guys have any questions on them, and your own thoughts.


I'm liking Kopaka quite a bit despite the Hero Factoryness. Seems like a fair deal for the parts, though II wish they threw in a mini-gat.

*The profile of the set is surprisingly cool looking, and he even uses the same shield parts as Tahu (which somehow escaped me until now), so they can click together and ride like a snowboard as well as act as skis. The shield even covers a large area of his body when posed properly. They even added some armor plates on his back that help make him look less like he's hollow from behind.

*The skullspider can be worn without taking it's legs off, and even looks somewhat interesting (Gordan Freeman is not going to be amused however).

So far the things I don't like:

*Upper legs use stickers instead of printed on graphics. I really don't see why they couldn't print it like they do everything else. Even better, I would have liked less of the old HF armor and something new akin to the over-armor pieces on his lower leg and upper arm, except that attached directly to the ball joint or something else.

*The off hand tool could have been more of a broadsword or something like the original, even a remold of the original would have felt more lance-like as the tip instead of the old Rahski staff tip.

*The Skullspider cannot feasibly be worn over an existing mask because the prongs that grip the unmasked head get in the way, despite pictures showing it latching on over masks.

*Koapa's mask is easier to pop off than the skull spider, and I have a slight fear the tabs can break, though they seem well fortified.

* If you want to have him use the "snowboard" instead of skis, you have to detach that little black piece and try not to forget it, but you can just leave it on his shield hand.

*The legs haven't popped off at all like some have reported because of the rubber grips, but they aren't always completely cooperative.

*The gold shoulder armor gets in the way of the arm movement, so you have to adjust it before swinging it.
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