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1.This story takes place at Mata Nui.Everyone starts with 5 characters.These 5 characters you can use must be that races:
Toa x2 (A Warrior and a Boss)
Matoran x2 (Rogue and Shield)
Turaga (Mage)
They can be MOCs they can be original Bionicles whatever you want.So these are their descriptions

Warrior - 30 damage x2,20 absorb,200 health
Boss - 60 damage,20 absorb,300 health
Rogue - 1 slow,20 damage x2, 200 health (Slows the enemy and can hit him 3 times)
Shield - heals anybody with 20,dies when the Boss dies
Mage - 1 fast,20 damage x2,20 absorb,200 health (Can fast only one of your team to attack twice)

The first who writes in this topic is the first to attack.He must find a opponent to battle with.Then he attacks everyone he wants in the others team.Then his turn is over.Then the other one starts and to win you must defeat the opponents characters.(The first dead is revived because of Mages Magic)
Here is an example how a fight must be (I have made up the names :D) :

John -> Warrior attacks Bobbys Mage twice -> Mages health is now 140
Johns Mage fasts his Boss and hits Bobbys mage twice ->Bobbys Mages health is 100
Johns Boss (Hes fastered) attacks Bobbys mage twice -> Bobbys Mages life is now -20 life.Bobbys Mage Dies.Bobbys Mage is revived.
Johns Rogue attacks Bobbys Mage...
And John must play with all his characters (5 characters).Then Its Bobbys turn and that continues until all Johns or Bobbys characters are dead.I hope you like the RPG :D.Feel free to give ideas for more (Soon there will be more...)

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