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Bionicle Vanilla RPG

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What is Vanilla?
This idea came about when I was thinking of what would like for the matoran's point of view when critical events happens around Mata Nui, Metru Nui, etc. and so forth? We always see the Toa Heroes perspective on side of things, but not so much for the matoran.
Of course the matoran wouldn't be sitting around like dopes when the toa team are elsewhere saving the world. The would be preparing for rahi attacks, in middle of a rahi or attack, or going rogue/seeing a friend in a different village while a significant event is happening.
So what is Vanilla? Definition from Urban Dictionary: It's the original of something, like the original Ice Cream flavour. In computergames the original game is called classic or vanilla when the expansion comes out.


Where the Bionicle Vanilla RPG would first take place is 2001 Bionicle storyline. Just exactly 7 days before the Toa Mata arrives on Mata Nui and Takua is on his task retrieving the 6 Toa Stones to summon the Toa Mata.
As of currently, matoran are going about their daily lives. Some still cower in their village afraid to adventure to other Koros. While others try to seek adventure in this Wild Rahi infested island.
Are you a matoran? Rahi? Or some other Bionicle being? It is your choice!

I want this type of RPG where players can hop in and out anytime without feeling disconnected if they haven’t been on for a while.

Character Creation:
You can exactly pick any pre-existing character or make your own to ease that character within the story. You may also have control with multiple characters (varying up Rahi, matoran, or bionicle behind) if you like as long as you’re not messing with any other players characters. Of course you can interact with other players characters, but that player needs to respond back.

Main Side-Characters:
You can play as side characters that are lightly story-driven with the Bionicle storyline (such as Nuparu, Kongu, etc.). That means you must play as their personality own though. That means that they cannot die and be brought back to life. Remember, this is a Vanilla RPG. You cannot play as the Toa or Turaga, since they are heavy story-driven characters. My suggestion if you don’t want to feel limited on what your doing. Play as multiple characters.

Your character can die from unfortunate events: PvE (Player vs Environment), or PvP (Player vs Player). You are given permission if your character should “realistically” die in a event. If you don’t want to, you can look another way and say that “luck” is on his/her side (but make it seem realistic).

Game Master:
Since this is a Vanilla RPG, and everyone pretty much knows the general basis of the Bionicle storyline, anyone can become the game master. We will take turns every week or two, so he/she can progress the storyline further, and throw in their own little twists if they wish. If all goes well, I am hoping that we can spend in long detail on the Mata Nui storyline (2001-2003) before we move onto the Metru Nui storyline (2004-2005).
Players can give their own turn of events within their own character, but just like in D&D, the Game Master can add challenges to the player to overcome. Please be realistic about it, don’t take abuse of its power. Everyone can alter the game master’s decisions, just remember though the Game Master is like the judge of what goes and such. Don’t feel overwhelmed looking over other players characters. You can make a general consensus to move the story along.
Example: “The snake jumped out of his hiding place and choking the matoran to death. He had to think up a way to get rid of the snake before he ran out of air.”
Bad Example: “While Toa Lewa was chilling out with his friends in Kini Nui, his ‘spidy senses’ were tingling and that he had to save the matoran from choking to death from a snake, across the island. Immediately he ‘teleported’ to save the matoran from such harm.”

Game Enhancement:
Feel free to give the game a couple of touches. It is all about having fun. Create MOCs, drawings, fake journal entries (for side-stories), etc to enhance the gameplay. You don’t have to be the Game Master to add your MOC as part of the storyline.


Please feel free to add/modify the rules. I want this to be a fun community based RPG that everyone has control over. I will start the first couple of scenarios to get this game going.

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My Character Sheet:
I will be playing as Matoro of course. You know his bio. I don't need to go over it. :P

Character Creation Characters:
Jalok (Jay-Lock) - Jalok wears the Miru. He is a Ta-Matoran. His Primary color is red, and secondary color is dark red.
Bio: Jalok is hot-headed if things doesn't go his way. Fear gets to him if he doesn't know what to do in certain situations, and sometimes over-reacting. Like one time he slipped on some spilled lava when lava farming, and broke his foot. He was over-exaggerating that he can see the light and that he couldn't breathe. A little immature at that.
He is also willing to stick forth of his plan, even though in the middle of it he doesn't think it would be a good idea. Sometimes someone needs to snap him out of it, even though it is obvious he knows that he might get killed in doing something he shouldn't be doing. Many matoran sees that he is immature and timid, Jalok somewhat knows his weakness and figures that a fortunate turn of events would help him get rid of his unfortunate behavior.

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Game Master: Takua went forth on his adventure finding the 6 Toa stones...elsewhere matoran are driven back to their villages from Makuta's Rahi preventing anyone to get in contact with each other. So communication was rare.

Jalok woke up late yet again, for his lava farming job. He doesn't like it all, but it is income that he uses to trade in for common necessities. Especially to buy some of his favorite Ice Berries from Ko-Koro. The Ko-Koro trading caravan comes into Ta-Koro every so rarely often whenever Rahi activity is low.

Jalok dragged himself off from bed and got his tools to prepare for work. Just the other day, he was assigned to job shadow with someone to clean the south-bend of Ta-Koro."It beats lava-farming" he thought. "But what is the point of cleaning everything again if they are going to be packed up with ashes eveyday anyway?" He then sighed and walked out the door.

It was late afteroon in Ko-Koro, and Matoro was free from assisting Nuju for the day. Nuju said something about that he needs to be alone, because of something about the forecomings of 6 Toa? What are Toa? But he didn't bother to question. It felt like it had been a long day for him, just standing right by Nuju's side still as a pole for the whole morning. He needed to move around.
The sky was clear, and the sun beaming down reflecting against the icy igloos of the Ko-Koran's homes. It felt like a good day to bird.