Build LEGO MOCs on your mobile browser!

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Build LEGO MOCs on your mobile browser!

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30 Jan 2014, 06:42 #1 ... -of-legos/

If you use Google Chrome a whole lot, you'll probably notice there is an app out there for you to build virtual LEGO creations on your web browser (it works on any browser, not just chrome). Well, that same app is translated onto your smartphone mobile browser! (again, you don't need chrome browser to run it).

I just find it cool, because now I can finally sync up all my virtual LEGO creations on my Nexus 7, on my Opera browser, on my Google+ account. Then continue where I left off on my school's computer, if I ever want to take a break from studies. If I ever have any free time this semester, I'll try to post a decent virtual LEGO Chrome MOC on MoD.

I'm guessing Google's next Android build is going to be Android 5.0 LEGO addition. Wouldn't that be awesome?