Did Star Wars CCBS Kill BIONICLE?

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Did Star Wars CCBS Kill BIONICLE?

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Let's talk about it. Do you think LEGO prioritizing their Star Wars CCBS lead to them neglecting their original CCBS property? Did BIONICLE having to compete w/ Star Wars CCBS end up ending the line?

Or would BIONICLE G2 still have come to an early end whether or not Star Wars CCBS was a thing?

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I think it's unlikely that competition with Star Wars was responsible.

Back when Generation 1 was new, the usual lifespan of a Lego product line was one year. A few themes reappeared a few times, like multi-generation dynasties. Bionicle was different. It ran continuously for ten years, putting out twice as many sets each year as the ordinary lines, its single lifespan lasting longer than most dynasties. Unlike Star Wars, Harry Potter, and other licensed content, it wasn't being driven by a popular brand that was also releasing new stuff.

We'd often wonder how long it would keep going, and Lego employees were quite clear: Bionicle will end when the sets stop selling. And they were right.

It's the same story with Generation 2. They brought it back to see if it would sell sets. They killed it when it didn't. If it had turned a profit, they would have kept it going, Star Wars or no Star Wars.

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I think I agree with TakuaE3, though I might add that I think something was missing in set design for G2 to sell well in our current time, something to set it apart from just being a CCBS action figure, but I don't think Star Wars drowned it out. I would debate that most of the audience moved on, with age over the course of 10 years as they started their own families and were getting into college/jobs. The newer generation just hadn't caught on to the G2 stuff.

When I think about this, I usually ask myself what I would have thought of the G2 toa if they had them years ago, side by side with the original toa. I would have probably picked the G2 toa over the originals.
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