"Discovery" For PSVR On Sale

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"Discovery" For PSVR On Sale

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Jan 22 2018, 06:23 AM #1

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I really wish they'd just put Minecraft VR on the PS4. I just hope it's worth 5 bucks as is.


The sale is over now but it's for the best I think. There is some novelty to Discovery but its not much more than a visual knock off of Minecraft. It does a few of it's own things, like lighting and wires that attach to the sides of blocks. I found building o be slow and irritating , even though it's all "creative". The lack of noises when you place blocks, especially when youve played Minecraft for years, makes the game feel hallow. I found no settings to adjust the VR mode movement, so walking is painfully slow, even when you factor in that it has a teleport system for getting around. It also lacks move controller support.
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