Elements in storyline

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Elements in storyline

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13 Feb 2010, 02:49 #1

Should there be more elements?

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This is my first topic, so I might have put this in the wrong place or something...
Anyway, what do you think about adding more elements. Do you think we have too much or should make them more "complete" now that the storyline is all we have?

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14 Feb 2010, 00:50 #2

I vote no. I don't think there should be more elements. The 6 traditional elements should remain. Its more to the traditional Bionicle storyline that way.

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14 Feb 2010, 02:17 #3

There are several official elements that are not part of the basic six, like Sonics, light,... is shadow one? Id say for our own stories, why not expand upon the elements if it suits the story well or builds an interesting character. The LEGO Company did find strong support for keeping the six original elements as the key formula though, much like how the power rangers kept the same colors through each itteration, and maybe added one or two.
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The there is that blasted element "Psionics"...
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16 Feb 2010, 03:11 #5

Nope, the first ones are the best in my opinion.
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16 Feb 2010, 14:30 #6

No... There's enough without made-up elements.

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17 Feb 2010, 11:59 #7

I voted no, because I'm confused as it is xD
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18 Feb 2010, 03:28 #8

It makes sense that there are multiple elements to others, besides matoran. Because they are bad guys. Like the bohrok. That makes sense. But when those non traditional elements move to matoran. It doesn't seem right.
That is why still I am debating if Av-Matoran should be even part of the group. They started to started to introduce Av-Matoran in 2008.

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Elements embody the "basic parts" of nature. So far, we have the classic Fire (heat), Air, Earth and Water, as well as stone and ice (cold). Then there's Lightning (electricity), Sonics (sound), Plasma (ionized gas, fourth state of matter), Gravity, Light (and its "opposite", Shadow), Psionics (mind), Magnetism, Plant Life and Iron (metal).

Greg says Stone would have controlled Sand if it had been thought of from the beginning. So at this point, what is there left to label as an element? Psionics is already pushing it because it has been stated to break with the standard formula: you cannot absorb Psionic energy like you can the other elements. There is nothing more we can say is both a "force of nature" and a concept that you can create and destroy.

Lava? Just a mix of Fire and Earth/Stone. Glass? Same mix, and it sound silly. Crystal? Arguably falls under Stone, and its effects could most likely be replicated via Stone (hardness) and Ice (reflective surfaces). Void/Ether/Emptiness? Doesn't technically exist, and can't really be incorporated anywhere. "Energy?" Not even a specific element, seems very much like light.

So yeah, if someone can come up with a decent idea for a new element I'd be surprised.
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Kind of. I want to see a element of life, death, and time.
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22 Nov 2011, 18:28 #11

I voted no. there are plenty of elements as is, and i can't think of any other good elements to add.

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I vote NO. I say LEGO particurly ruined the elements tradtion with Hero Factory.
Besides, whats better then good old down-to-earth elements? Still, I think electricty would be SWEET!
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whay do you need more?
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Shadrahk @ Nov 10 2011, 01:32 PM wrote: Kind of. I want to see a element of life, death, and time.
Actually, there are three legendary powers (elements)


Each has its own mask too!

I mean TOA IGNIKA is a Toa of Life.
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