End of JtO or 2015 Legend video?

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End of JtO or 2015 Legend video?

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Which version of the Ekimu/Makuta story did you like better?

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The Legend webisode at the beginning of 2015 portrayed the construction and end of the Mask of Ultimate Power differently from the end of JtO. Differences included [spoilers!]:

-Makuta's fate (er, he's trapped in the shadow realm, not exactly asleep)
-The Mask of Ultimate Power wasn't specified as destroyed in the 2015 webisodes, and implied to be in one piece
-The city in the 2015 webisodes where the mask knocking took place was specified to be in the city of the mask makers that the Toa found Ekimu and fought Skull grinder in, not some other city.

Of course, all of those things are probably fakeouts or blurs due to the fact that the first was a Legend, and the second was a straight retelling with all of the facts. But which did you like better?

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And the city was labelled to be 'Capitol City', a place in Po-Koto, in the 2nd graphic novel.

Anyhow, from a storytelling perspective I think JTO got the goods. It had at least three minutes in which to tell the story, in addition to that smashing animation style. That said, in context there were a lot of plot-holes to the scene ...

Still, while I heavily lean towards JTO (heavily enough to give it my vote), I do quite like the Legend video itself, and IMO it's the best piece of the animations as a whole. Not that the animations were terrrible, but neither were they sterling silver.
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