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Frozen Synapse

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18 Sep 2013, 01:49 #1

Might be a little to late, but has anyone ever heard of the game, Frozen Synapse before? Link:
It is out for iOS and Android devices too. (Costs about $5)

I recently got into that game on my Nexus 7, and I would have to say it is pretty fun. It is like chess. Abstract and turn-based, set in a cyber-punk world. Some people compare it to X-COM. But I don't really think so, because there are no RPG elements. It just relies on pure tactical-abstract skill! A lot better than X-COM: Enemy Unknown in my opinion. Lol! I think RPG elements makes the game slower than it needs to be and balancing issues occur.

The multiplayer is a lot of fun, and no one has to be on at the same time when players are planning out their moves. So it is pretty much one of those email-notification games. When your opponent finishes their move, the game sends you an email.
Frozen Synapse's only flaw is when you face random players online, 80% of the time your opponent will back out of a game if they feel like they are loosing or just don't like finishing it period. Which blows. It is only fun if you play it with people you know! :]

The game really transitions well for mobile too! Although, I never played the PC version of that game, yet.

If anyone has the game for PC or Android/iOS, let me know so we'll create a game together! :D