Gali, Uniter of Water

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Gali, Uniter of Water

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Well, it's been a long time coming. The others are still in the works, but between school ending, and the fact that I'm trying to finish up the first draft of a book before Summer, I won't have them coming out until mid to late Summer. Rest assured, they will all be done before the Summer wave of sets comes out, and by then, I hope to make them in time to be of help to you guys.

Hello all! Baxor here, reviewing the 71307 Gali, Uniter of Water.

Stats: 71307 Gali, Uniter of Water costs $15 USD and contains 87 piece(ironically, the sam number as her Master version.) It comes with the Gold Uniter Mask of Water(that's gold and Trans-Metru-blue), a normal Mask of water, and some sort of weird/Über cool spear weapon.

Elements: This is a dream-element set. Gali is completely worth the buy for no other reason than the elements. It contains a bunch of Hero Factory® armour pieces, half in trans-metru blue, and the other half in Turquoise. However, the best part about the model is this piece:

This piece, called Shell 2 came out around 2009 (maybe before, but I first remember seeing it on the Vorox). It was used on several sets, the Glatorian Skrall and Vorox particularly. It wasn't on any of the Legends or Stars to my knowledge, and never really appeared in the theme again. It reappeared for the first release of Hero Factory in several different colours. It was used in several villains, and then, when LEGO© completely changed the element style, it yet again disappeared.

When I got the LEGO Magazine® and saw the piece, I recognized it. I wondered why the sudden appearance of it in the theme, because LEGO treated it like a new piece. I thought that it was perhaps a slight modification of the older piece, but had to wait a while to check, as the only sets that I had with the piece were in the Hero Factory box in my attic. However, when I pulled it down, I found that the piece was the exact same element. Honestly, the proliferation of this element among the Toa Uniters is still a mystery to me.

All of that aside, though, I am still excited about the fact that they made this piece in orange. It is such a rarity for LEGO to make good orange coloured pieces (I am choosing to ignore the Hero Factory sets which were orange), for BIONICLE®.

I love the turquoise pieces, because, since Gali Nuva, there haven't really been that many Ga-Toa who use the turquoise piece. Pretty much from Nokama upward, all of the Toa and enemies use a darker form of blue. I am slightly disappointed, however, that they had to be Hero Factory armour as opposed to something more useful like limbs.

The contains one Elemental Shard-Sword piece, which is rather disappointing when you realize Akida has diddly-squat (none at all). This becomes even more disappointing when you realize that, while there is only one in the Water sets, Kopaka is actually the one who has another piece of the same colour. This annoys me, because, while LEGO was willing to create new pieces for all of the sets (except the Earth element, which has been short-handed yet again), they decided to copy the Shard-Sword piece for Gali and Kopaka. Honestly, this is really probably for the better(my opinions and complaints don't often reflect reality), because the only other blue colour option was Metru-blue, which wouldn't have worked well with the set, but I digress.

Aesthetics: This model uses asymmetry, and while I can't say it's the best use I've ever seen, it is fairly good. In general, I think all of the Toa look very good, and Gali is no exception, however, unlike Kopaka and Onua, the Uniter of Water just doesn't stick out in the way that the other two do. Having never been much of a fan of Hero Factory armour pieces, particularly bare ones, I don't exactly love the look of her legs, but, mostly because of the orange piece on her arm, I think the arms look good.

The colour scheme is one of the best of this year, only seconded by (yet again), Onua or Kopaka. First, I'll go through why I like it, then I'll say why it's not quite as good as the others'.

For pros, I must say that the trans-Metru-blue and turquoise elements work together wonderfully. I am extraordinarily happy that LEGO has (apparently), decided to add orange to the colour scheme. This kind of reminds me of coral (Mata-Nui knows why), and gives her a more mystical appearance.

The cons would be that the colours stick out. The orange and turquoise say to you, “LOOK AT ME!!! I'M HERE!!!” On the other hand, my two favourites, Kopaka and Onua, have a great colour scheme, but their elements don't stick out. They look good, but their well-played colours are passively visible, neither sticking out, nor looking bad. A good colour scheme will fade into the background while still looking good, and Gali's just doesn't quite hit the mark.

I also think the placement of the silver/trans-turquoise shard piece is not the wisest. The silver is a slightly different shade than that of the chest-plate, and is far enough from the feet to stick out. Also, the trans-turquoise part of the element is the only element of that colour in the model, so its kind of lonely.

This is a gripe I've got with several of the 2016 sets, but I notice I particularly in Gali and Kopaka: over-sized thighs. Yes, everyone wants muscular legs, but the lack of thickness on the lower legs and the . Honestly, this is more of an issue on Kopaka than anyone else, but Gali was only saved by her Asymmetry.

I also have a bit of an issue with the upper left shoulder plate. I can't quite articulate why, but something about it looks awkward. I think that part of it is the angle of the piece, because you have to twist is backwards slightly in order to get it to correctly cover the shoulder. When you do that, it covers the shoulder correctly, but then its angle looks strange. Pardon the bad articulation there, but as I said, I don't quite know why I don't care for it, only that I don't.

Another pro would be that her weapon looks sweet. It seems to me like a bit of a copy of Pohatu's, but the general design of the weapon is good enough that I'm willing to let it slide. I think that the spinny, tri-bladed thing at the end of the weapon looks sweet, also.

My last aesthetic comment is about the concentration of silver near the hands. Between Gali's silver hands and the posterior concentration of silver on her weapon, it just looks like she decided to dip her hands in silver paint. The gunmetal-grey piece at the bottom helps to ward off the effect a little, but not enough I think.

New Elements: Just one, but I haven't really gone over it yet. That would be the new GG/B 2-piece Torso(That's Gunmetal-Grey/black). I really like this piece, I must admit, and it's definitely better than the 2015, Hero Factory recycle torsos which left us with *gasp* bare ball-and-socket joints. This piece is actually two pieces: a gun-metal grey hip piece, and a black back piece. I was interested/surprised/unhappy at the fact that these pieces connect in the same way as the stud pieces. Here is a picture of the pieces together. Unfortunately, I didn't have the fore-sight to think about the fact that you, my readers, would want to see the disconnected piece. Given that I have built all of the sets containing this piece, I'll just have to make you wait on those pics till summer or next January. As it is, here is the connected piece:

I admit that I like the connection, however, the fact that they don't disconnect is a bit of an issue. However, it generally looks cool, so I'm willing to let the issue slide.

Cool Stuff: Beyond the obvious DohGear, there is actually something fairly cool about this model. When I saw the pictures of Gali in the LEGO Magazine, I saw the spinning blade on the end of her spear. When I looked at it, it didn't interest me much, because I thought it was just connected by one of those circular/cylindrical pieces. I've forgotten the name, unfortunately, but I'll see about finding out. Anyway, it is actually connected by another piece, an actual Axel, which allows you to spin it. If you spin it with your hand/finger, it doesn't work wonderfully, but you can actually blow on it and it will spin pretty fast.

My Opinion: As is the case with all of the 2016 Toa, I think that this is a good set. Leg proportions are a personal issue with this model, but between the weapon, mask, and orange armour, this is a good set. I wouldn't recommend it to everyone, but for collectors and especially MoC'ers, this is worth the buy. Honestly, if you're into MoC'ing this set is probably worth the pieces more than any other set of January 2016, because it contains a healthy sampling of all the new pieces and also the orange pieces.

Rating: I rate Gali, Uniter of water between 2/4 and 3/4. I feel like this is a good set to buy for the pieces, particularly the orange ones, but that her proportions are rather strange, particularly around the upper legs.

Please remember to post your comments, as well as any suggested sections that I should add. Till next time, this is Baxor signing off!
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