Hero Factory, Invasion From Below

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Hero Factory, Invasion From Below

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19 Feb 2014, 16:21 #1

I'm wondering what everyones thoughts are on the new models. I didn't get any of the larger creatures, my attention was on the mechs because they have a good number of parts I like.

So far I'm very dissapointed in the Preston Stormer freeze much, bad design and choice of other parts, I'd rather have bought two Rocka stealth machines. I also got the larger much, I forget its name, but I love the parts it comes with and the turntable which let's it rotate its entire upper body around, though I think it could have used a ball joint and a socket to hold it in place at the location you adjust it's rotation to. I do hope the mini turntable becomes commonplace, seems very useful for both motorized creations and mechanism MOCs.

I do like the capture pods quite a bit, they are pretty sturdy, and when both halves are attached, they click shut. They might even make perfect collectible cases for some of your smaller rare masks, but sadly are not quite large enough for a good number of larger/newer collectibles. Wish I could order them in mass though, they are perfect for a number of ideas I want to build.

I like the spider beasts, they manage to be cute and the jumping function is much better than the visoraks, but I can't get them to jump forward, instead they flip up about a foot in the air from the launch position, I must be doing something wrong. Ive been trying to find more and more ways to attach obsurdly oversized weapons to their backs, including the zamor cannons.
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