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 Retro News: September 11-20 2006
Posted by Imatron - 09-14-17 03:42 - 0 comments
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I still have my Xbox 360 icon set to the Matoro image from the Bionicle Heroes pack. I really hate h more
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 Select Year 2 Dimensions Figures On Sale
Posted by Imatron - 09-14-17 03:04 - 0 comments
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Between Skylanders and Dimensions, I think Skylanders makes better use of the figures and more
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 Free Ninjago Mech Dragon With 35$ Purchase
Posted by Imatron - 09-14-17 02:52 - 0 comments
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Ill take this over the cave people figures. Also has more mixel joints than most mixel f more
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 LEGO Worlds Now On Switch Console
Posted by Imatron - 09-5-17 23:45 - 0 comments
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Im curious if it has any optimization for the touch controls in portable mode, and how well it ru more
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 Retro News: September 1-10 2006
Posted by Imatron - 09-3-17 03:40 - 0 comments
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Too bad some of the contest entries can't be seen because Majhost is down. Im glad Brickshelf is more
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 If The Last Millennium Falcon Wasnt Big Enough...
Posted by Imatron - 09-1-17 02:51 - 0 comments
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Well, technically its the same size according to a video I watched after writing the more
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 BrickFair Virginia 2017 Pictures
Posted by Imatron - 08-28-17 01:21 - 0 comments
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I'd like to give a big thanks to Chris for photographing as much of the event as he could, and more
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 Retro News: August 21-30 2006
Posted by Imatron - 08-24-17 03:59 - 0 comments
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At least I know whats breaking the ' marks and etc in the articles now, the server update is incompatible with a certain version of the more
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 Walmart Discounting Select Star Wars CCBS Sets
Posted by Imatron - 08-24-17 03:43 - 0 comments
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One of my friends who DID get the K-2SOs at his location made some kind of multi hea more
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 Winter Village Station Coming October 1st
Posted by Imatron - 08-23-17 01:05 - 0 comments
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I cant help but think this is not an 80 dollar set, but there must be some value I don more
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