Retro News: November 11-20 2006
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Kind of interesting I wound up liking Bionicle Heroes on the DS, and in some ways more than the Xbox more
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 "Discovery" Aims To Fill The Minecraft VR Gap On
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Im not sure how I feel playing a minecraft clone. I know if Minecraft DID get a more
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 Big LEGO Games Sale On Playstation
Posted by Imatron - 11-8-17 04:26 - 2 comments
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I think this is the best price Ive seen on LEGO Worlds yet. Im debating grabbing it now or wait more
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 Free 25-In-One Set With $99 Purchase
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Looks like a good sized set to get with a 99 dollar purchase. Too bad it ends before the Nutcrack more
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 Retro News: November 1-10 2006
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I don't think Mark ever got tired of that pun. This is also coming up on the anniversary of the wi more
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 Moana Translated Into Maori
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I feel like some companies could learn from this. Sega announced Phantasy Star Online 2 for the US mar more
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 Hot Wheels Adds LEGO Compatible Building Elements
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Im not big on mixing building brands, especially when they are clones of LEGO bra more
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 Happy Halloween!
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I've been tempted to go to the LEGO store and grab a bunch of bricks from the pickAbrick wall to hand out in s more
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 LEGO Worlds Tittle Update 3 Out, New DLC
Posted by Imatron - 10-27-17 01:37 - 2 comments
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Im still not liking the paid DLC, but the wall/house building additions seem very helpfull. more
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 Retro News: October 21-31 2006
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I was not a big fan of Umbra's design, I wonder if it was the result of being a Walmart exclusive. more
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