Retro News: July 11-20 2006
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Im not sure how Mark's " and ' remain untouched in his articles, clearly something had a hic more
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 16 Years And Counting
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Thank you everyone. This may not be a milestone like last year's 15th anniversary, but being able to cele more
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 Free Piggy Bank Set With $75.00 USD Purchase
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At least when you break it open you can put it back together again afterwards.
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 LEGO Rebrick SuperBots Contest
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I might try entering one of my tanks, but Im certain even if it got noticed by the judges it would b more
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 Happy Fourth Of July!
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My neighbors seem to have a tradition of using strictly fireworks that are not legal in this jurisdiction.
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 Retro News: July 1-10 2006
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Quite a few stories for this one, several reviews, sightings of Umbra and Vezon/Fenrahk.
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 London Bus Arriving August 1st
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I think I like the purple set from the Harry Potter series better. This is a BIT bigger though.
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 More LEGO Game Sales
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When I bought LEGO Worlds in early access, I think it was 14.99, so this is not a bad deal. I think its also more
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 Retro News: June 21-30 2006
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The Inika had some nice parts, but they kind of heralded a decline in character design. The Mahri Nui stu more
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 New Ninjago Set Pictures
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The tank looks too expensive for 80 bucks, but I am very interested in some of the parts. I wonder why the more
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