The Works Of Spencer Rollins
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While I like his BIONICLE work, my favorites may be his Evangelion MOCs, Unit 01 in particular.
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 Retro News: May 21-31 2006
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Ill have to look up if we ever got that LEGO Land in Kansas. There needs to be one within 20 minutes drivi more
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 Got Xbox Live? Get LEGOŽ Star Wars For Free
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I haven't played the original LEGO Star Wars games, my friends all looked more
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 Happy May The Fourth!
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I would buy a K-2S0 figure just to pose him exactly as pictured in the display case somewhere in my room, but more
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 Retro News: May 1-10 2006
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Bionicle Heroes was an interesting game, though it was too bad that most versions of the game sacrificed o more
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 LEGOŽ Palooza This Weekend!
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I hope to have pictures of all the creations from the event this year. I've been hearing about some more
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 Bulk Sale Discount For RLUG Members
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its a good deal if you need bricks or whatever oddball parts they come up with, but "BIONI more
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 Retro News: April 20-30 2006
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I really wish the links for the PSP stands were still working, but Im sure a google search will bring up more
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 Happy Easter!
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Yay for free chocolate and heavily discounted Easter themed candy tomorrow ^__^
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 BrickUniverse Raleigh 2017 MOCs
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