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 Welcome to Haludox Islands, The Right Arm of Mata Nui
Toa Takua
Posted: May 31 2010, 10:32 PM

Group: Members
Posts: 6
Member No.: 55
Joined: 28-November 09

Positioned at the right arm of the world is a mystical, haunted place. Few within the universe have ever ventured to these islands, and those who live there have ever ventured outside. Three mountain islands point up towards the sky, and a rainforest covers much of the foothills of the mountains. Natural bridges connect the three mountains, and the Matoran have built their villages well around the mountains. The Matoran here are not native to this land, for no Matoran ever came into existence here. These Matoran came here from the Southern Continent, and were misshapen beings that were in terrible states of repair but bore weapons to compensate. They discovered these islands long ago and made their homes here, giving the islands the name "Haludox", which means in their language, "Lofty Haven".

The Matoran built many villages around the slopes of the mountains, in order to use the terrain of the islands to their advantage. For the Haludox Islands are filled with dangerous Rahi at every side. Rock Lions prowl the underbelly of the islands, Nui-Kopen constantly pester Matoran from their large hives, and a variety of other fierce Rahi make their abodes around the slopes.

The islands of Haludox are half the size of Metru Nui, and is the site of two small cities, none as large as Metru Nui, and three villages. The cities of Valhu Nui and Nethru Nui, are the most important sites on Haludox.

Valhu Nui - Chief City of Haludox, situated at the top of the three mountains. In the middle of the city is a grand edifice that serves more than just a temple, that which contains a Toa Suva within its halls. There is a great archive hall where there's records of a great many things of the Matoran Universe. There are records of every Rahi in the Universe, maps of every island and landmass within, recorded accounts of Dark Hunter sightings and missions, recorded histories, the names of known members of the Brotherhood of Makuta and their suspected associates, and most important of all, access to a large machine that enables only those with the power of Toa to tap into and access the Codrex, with the ability to stop the storm enclosing the Codrex. Within the temple, Ko-Matoran and Ce-Matoran work to divine the secrets of the Universe and read the will of Mata Nui. All their discoveries are recorded and some of the most important divinations are kept within the Well of Knowledge, where Knowledge Crystals are grown, and then shipped off to Metru Nui and other cities where Knowledge Towers could be required. Thus, it can be said that Valhu Nui is the wealth of knowledge in the Matoran Universe.

Nethru Nui - A great city in the caverns underneath the Haludox Islands. The Matoran who dwell there work toward the sustaining of a geothermal power source that maintains power for every city on the islands. The caverns of Haludox are most inhospitable volcanic territory. The air further into the deeper mines is thick with hot volcanic gases and the stench of brimstone. The ground deeper blow is extremely hot to the touch, and the water is acidic. Magma flows through channels and is farmed and directed through geothermal cores. Matoran within the city develop breathing and sustenant technology to keep the miners and workers safe from the hostile conditions.

Former Toa Team
There was once a team of twelve Toa who presided over the Haludox Islands, who were said to be fierce warriors and wise heroes. However, they did not always agree with each other, and their conflicts led to much strife in Haludox. They realized their true brotherhood and unity when the armies of the League of Six Kingdoms came to Haludox many millennia ago. Several of their fellow Toa fell, and several more were killed by Dark Hunters and associates of the Brotherhood of Makuta, until all that was left were the two Toa of Fire and Ice, who were believed to have been killed by a Makuta himself. These twelve Toa were given honorary memorials, and it is said that their spirits can be found in respective shrines built to them all over Haludox. There names are immortalized in the records:

* Flegethix, Toa of Fire
* Lethma, Toa of Water
* Cerbrii, Toa of Earth
* Syphox, Toa of Stone
* Radamek, Toa of Air
* Cothida, Toa of Ice
* Proseli, Toa of Lightning
* Tantai, Toa of Magnetism
* Achran, Toa of Plasma
* Ixir, Toa of Gravity
* Phodek, Toa of Plant Life
* Pluto, Toa of Iron

The Brotherhood of Makuta
The Makuta had their own involvement in Haludox, a secret to all. When the Brotherhood came under the leadership of Makuta Teridax, servants of the Brotherhood seized Valhu Nui and fortified it, building their own fortress over the chief city to guard the knowledge within and keep it in their hands. With the outbreak of their war with the Dark Hunters, the fortress was left in the hands of Tartarox, the Brotherhood's sentinel at Haludox, who then eventually left after a time.

Over the course of Haludox's long history, there have been three Turaga who have presided over the islands. After the deaths of the last two, the last one, a wandering Turaga named Berok, established a religion on Haludox, a religion to dedicate faith in the Great Beings, that should the Universe come to an end, all who begged forgiveness to Mata Nui and honored his chosen savior would be saved. This religion only the very wise amongst the Matoran did not understand, and looked to their divinations in their doubts. But regardless, the matter was resolved when Berok departed Haludox with Tartarox, and thus Haludox is without a Turaga. So, the wise Matoran gathered their people to elect their own council to set policy and guide the Matoran on Haludox toward the intent for greater good.

This post has been edited by Toa Takua on May 31 2010, 10:37 PM
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