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 A Universe devided, The war that enveloped all the universe
Posted: Jun 21 2010, 09:29 AM

Zarayna Sigur Foireann

Group: Members
Posts: 14
Member No.: 22
Joined: 12-August 09


A universe divided

The war that spread over the entire world

All this and more, in...

user posted image

* * * * *


It started so small. The Vortixx were charging far too much for their goods, and making the mistake of trying to swindle the Dark Hunters. Angered, The Shadowed One sent several dozen Dark hunters to ‘punish’ those involved.
Punish meaning killing, butchering, and torturing the unfortunate Vortixx involved.

Angered, Roodaka—the ruler of Xia—sent a message to the brotherhood of Makuta asking for aid. In response Miserix sent his lieutenant Teridax and a small army of Rahkshi and Visorak to settle this. Once he arrived, Teridax sternly reprimanded the Vortixx and then went about capturing any Dark hunters he could find. Angered even more by the brotherhood of Makuta’s interference The Shadowed one declared war on both Xia and Destral allied with Stelt while forcing the Skakdi warlords of Zakaz to side with him and Destral was teleported in next to Xia.

For a while war waged between the Steltian-Xian-Makuta alliance (Calling themselves The Hand of Justice) and the Zakaz-Odina alliance (Called The Alliance) with Nynrah and Artakha staying strictly neutral while the northern continent sided with the Makuta and the Southern continent sided with the Dark Hunters. War waged back and forth with almost no gain and much loss of lives.

All islands except for Artakha, Nynra, Metru-Nui, and Daxia were drawn into this now-massive war. Then a army of Dark hunters invaded Metru-Nui. Turaga Dume in desperation called for aid from the Makuta, who agreed to send aid in exchange for Metru-Nui joining them. In retaliation The Shadowed one forcefully took over Nynrah and enslaved the Nynrah ghosts as his weapon-smiths.

Using the technology and skill of those unfortunate Matoran, a gaseous virus was created with the power to drain the powers of those that inhaled it temporarily. Using this they began winning battle after battle against the powerless Hand forces. Terror reigned everywhere in Hand controlled territory as this virus rendered the mightiest helpless. Working twenty-four hour days, the Makuta managed to concocted an antidote to the virus. However the Dark hunters stole it out of Destral itself and hid it deep within the great Dark hunter fortress of Odina.

And this is where you come in. Will you side with the Alliance and seek to destroy the world? Or will you fight for justice and peace by joining the hand. You decide.

You are entering a world torn by war and strife, every battleground is littered with hundreds of bodies. The loss of lives, homes and freedom is having a disastrous effect on the Matoran Universe.

The Matoran Universe


Hand of Justice:

Metru Nui: The city of Metru Nui is advanced, dotted with Matoran Homes and crisscrossed with Chutes, the main form of transportation on Metru Nui which Matoran travel through. The city is divided into seven districts: Ta-Metru, Le-Metru, Ko-Metru, Ga-Metru, Po-Metru, Onu-Metru, and the Coliseum.

Ta-Metru: The Fire region of Metru Nui, where weapons, Kanohi, and Kanoka are forged. The Great Furnace is also located in Ta-Metru. Ta-Metru is home to the Ta-Matoran.
Ga-Metru: The Water region of Metru Nui, and the site of the Great Temple. Ga-Metru is home to the Ga-Matoran who are generally students and Teachers.
Ko-Metru: The Ice region of Metru Nui, and the site of the Knowledge Towers. Ko-Metru is home to the Ko-Matoran.
Onu-Metru: The Earth region of Metru Nui, and the site of the Archives. Onu-Metru is home to the Onu-Matoran.
Po-Metru: The Stone region of Metru Nui, and the center of goods manufacturing. Po-Metru is home to the Po-Matoran.
Le-Metru: The Air region of Metru Nui, and the center of the Metru Nui transportation facilities. Le-Metru is home to the Le-Matoran.
Coliseum: The center of Metru Nui, the Coliseum dominates over Metru Nui.

Destral: Destral is The main base for he Brotherhood of Makuta.
An enormous fortress is located on Destral which contains workshops, laboratories, armories, prison cells, interrogation chambers, living quarters for the Makuta, and a library of forbidden knowledge. It also contains a large amount of Energized Protodermis for the Brotherhood's various experiments. The fortress itself is huge, covering most of the island, except a portion of the southern tip.

Xia: Xia is a very inhospitable realm. The island is completely environmentally devastated, with every inch of the island not taken up by the Mountain covered in factories, warehouses, docks, and other buildings. There are no houses in Xia; all inhabitants sleep near their posts, in case they are needed for an unexpected order. The only water source is a small, dirty stream that winds around the Mountain and passes through many factories on its course. The pollution is awful; the only clean air on the island is said to exist at the top of a large peak named "The Mountain".

Northern continent: The Northern Continent is the largest northernmost land mass in the Matoran Universe. It is located somewhere south of Metru Nui, but mainly north of other landmasses. The continent contains many Matoran settlements.
Jutting out of the southeast side of the continent is the Tren Krom Peninsula, a hazardous territory. There are large cliff faces lined with razor sharp spikes, acid falls, volcanic mountains, and dangerous Rahi. Despite the deadly environment, the peninsula is populated by a number of Matoran settlements, with several different types of Matoran tribes coexisting.

Karzahni: Karzahni is contained within its own dome, and is connected to the dome that houses Metru Nui by a series of mountain ranges, a large stone gateway, and a short peninsula jutting into the dome. The gateway includes a built-in barrier that bars beings bearing the elemental power of Light.
The location itself is very strange. The ground screams at every step. Other land features include volcanoes that spew burning ice and waterfalls that are made out of dust rather than water. If a Matoran is too lazy and sits down, the rock which the Matoran sits upon will turn the Matoran into a statue.

The Alliance:

Zakaz: Zakaz is barren with sparse vegetation, including spiked dagger plants. Fortresses are built everywhere but are usually destroyed shortly after, leaving behind large amounts of rubble. In the center of the island is a great lake. This is the only location on the island which the Skakdi will not fight over each other, as it is the only source of water available; it has been declared a no-fighting zone.
Non-mobile Nektann defense towers have been placed at strategic points all over the island to shoot down any Airships that get close; this reinforces the Brotherhood's no-travel orders forbidding any approach to Zakaz.
Several fortresses have been established by various Skakdi warlords, and most if not all are in ruins and are left unstable by the constant attacks on them. The fortresses have no dungeons, or anything to confine prisoners, mostly because keeping a Skakdi as a prisoner is futile, as they would only talk in exchange for freedom. The Skakdi keep their Tahtorak mounts in pens near the fortresses.
Nektann has situated his fortress near the Zakaz coastline.

Odina: Odina is surrounded by huge cliffs, with a single pathway which leads down to Nidhiki Beach. Most of the island's southern barrens are covered by the Odina Fortress and training ground, along with many other facilities. The northern section is mountainous, and mostly uninhabited.

Nynrah: Details about this island's geography are scarce, but there is a steep cliff on the island. The island has a number of villages, although only one of them is occupied by the Nynrah Ghosts. In the Matoran village is an armory which once housed the prototype Zamor Launchers, though these were later stolen. The island also has a beach, where the Order fought against the Brotherhood.

Southern Continent: The continent is described to be huge and lit with Lightstones. It is also, like Metru Nui, situated in a dome and at the same level. However, it is located to the far south of Karzahni and Metru Nui. Voya Nui is located in the central area of the Continent.
A series of caves runs underneath the surface of the continent and in the roof of Karda Nui that are home to the Av-Matoran. Some Av-Matoran left to colonize Karda Nui, but they went back to their homeland. At a later date, some Av-Matoran were taken from their homeland and scattered during the Time Slip.
There is also a lake in the central part of the continent with at least one Matoran-inhabited island. It was there that Vican lived before being transformed into a Shadow Matoran.
There is also an uninhabited valley that has intelligent grasses, which wrap themselves around intruders, strangle them, and then pull them underground.

Stelt: The island is a desolate place, mostly due to the ruling species envy; whenever one of them manages to build any kind of structure, his neighbors grow jealous and unite to tear it down. The only stable structures are coliseums which the inhabitants use for entertainment fights, and relatively unimportant dwellings, such as a trader's house or an inn.


Artakha: Artakha is a land of advanced technology and is filled with modern cities. Indeed, many other cities, such as Metru Nui, were based on Artakha's design. In the center of the island is an enormous Kanohi Hau. The rest of the geography is always changing, as Artakha can change it to look however he pleases by using a mechanism on the island. Artakha was damaged during the Great Cataclysm, but was repaired very quickly.
One consistent feature on the island is a fortress in the center where Artakha himself resides. Even the fortress, however, can change its appearance to suit its owner's fancy.

Daxia: To an outsider, Daxia would appear less attractive then it does to an Order of Mata Nui member. The island is blisteringly hot throughout the year, and has no obvious source of water. However, Daxia has many tiny streams flowing down its mountains which can turn into underground lakes, and the high temperatures creates flora unique to Daxia. One such example is a large type of oil secreting tree that can be found near water.

The forces of good and evil that will shape the world.

-The Hand of Justice

Brotherhood of Makuta:
The Brotherhood of Makuta is a powerful faction organized by the Great Spirit Mata Nui, tasked with carrying out his will and maintaining order in the Matoran Universe. Their forces consist of Rahkshi, Visorak, and Exo-Toa and are led by Makuta.

Highland warriors: A group of fierce warriors from the Northern continent. They are composed mainly of Toa and Matoran.

Metru Nui:

Metru Nui Armed Forces: The ground force of the army of Metru Nui. They are composed of Matoran and a scattering of Toa and are armed mainly with disk launchers and melee weapons.

Metru Nui Royal Air Force: The air force of Metru Nui. This part of the army is composed of airships with Cordak blasters and Kanoka disk launchers manned by Matoran only.

Metru Nui Navy: The navel force of the city of Metru Nui. This faction is composed of Matoran and Toa both from the northern continent and Metru Nui

Xian warriors: While Xians rarely act as warriors, their advanced technology make them formidable opponents. This faction is composed mainly of female Vortixx.

-The Alliance-

Dark Hunters: The Dark Hunters are a band of mercenaries and bounty hunters under the command of a single leader known only as the Shadowed One. They are composed of a mix of many species.

Southern Warriors: A force of Matoran and Toa from Voya Nui and the surrounding areas. They have their own navy and air force, both similar to Metru Nui forces in design.

United Skakdi Army: An army of Skakdi basically. Though they are rough uncouth savages they are also among the most formidable forces is the Hand. This faction is composed completely of Skakdi.

Steltian Warlords: A faction composed of the elite Steltians in command of the air force and navy, with the laborer class the ground force


Toa: The Toa are the heroes of the Matoran Universe. They are tall, powerful beings that have Elemental Powers and a Kanohi. Toa also carry "Toa Tools", which aid in the channeling of their Elemental Powers.

Matoran: Matoran are the main inhabitants of the Matoran Universe and the chosen race of the Great Spirit Mata Nui. They are about four feet tall and cannot access mask powers or elemental power.

Vortixx: Vortixx are tall, lean and black armored beings with sharp claws. They can be cruel, manipulative and intelligent.
The Vortixx are entirely uninterested in ruling factions, or influencing the outcomes of events. They are only interested in their payment, and receiving the greatest profit as a result of their actions. Vortixx have access to elemental shadow power.

Skakdi: The Skakdi are the short-tempered and violent natives of the island of Zakaz, created by the Great Spirit Mata Nui.
All Skakdi possess an organic spine that runs from the back of the head, down the arms, and down the back. They also have sharp claws and large teeth which seem to make a sinister smile or scowl. All Skakdi also have Elemental Powers, but can only be accessed by combining them with that of another Skakdi. Their vision powers include abilities such as laser vision, heat vision, and impact vision.

Note: Descriptions of characters, locations, and species are from are from Bioniclesector01 wikipedia.

Staff-Controlled characters:

The Alliance:

Name: The Shadowed One
Appearance: Here
Gender: Male
Species: Unknown
Title: Leader of the Dark Hunters
Faction: Dark hunters
Weapons: Staff of Protodermis
Powers: Disintegrator eyebeams, madness Rhotuka
Personality: The Shadowed One is a very charismatic leader, but also quick to anger. He is also a very prideful being, and refuses to let his honor be slandered by his enemies. He enjoys pairing foes or very different Dark Hunters together, both for character building and his personal fun. His real name is shrouded in mystery, and those who knew it would not reveal it so as not to incur the Shadowed One's anger.

Name: Nektann
Appearance: Here
Gender: Male
Species: Skakdi
Title: Skakdi Warlord
Faction: United Skakdi Army
Weapons: Crescent Scythe
Powers: Water,
Personality: Nektann is brutal, crude and given to violence at times.

The Hand of Justice:

Name: Lhikan
Gender: Male
Species: Toa
Appearance: Here
Title: General of the Metru Nui armed forces.
Faction: Metru Nui Armed forces
Weapons: twin fire greatswords
Powers: Fire, Shielding
Personality: Lhikan has been shown to be a very wise and selfless hero, He is also known for his patience and his caution has been remarked upon by many of his own team.

Name: Turaga Dume
Gender: Male
Species: Turaga
Appearance: Here
Title: Ruler of Metru Nui
Faction: Metru Nui Armed forces
Weapons: Firestaff
Powers: Weak elemental fire, Regeneration.
Personality: Dume is somewhat stubborn and does not interact with the Matoran of Metru Nui much.

Name: Teridax
Appearance: Here
Gender: Male
Species: Makuta
Faction: Brotherhood of Makuta
Weapons: Staff of Darkness
Abilities: Unknown
Powers: the forty-two Kraata powers, Telepathy, Shadow
Personality: Teridax had a very diverse personality, ranging from an arbitrarily fierce enforcer to a cunning mastermind. He was sociopathic, arrogant, proud, and narcissistic, desiring praise and devotion and becoming jealous when others got it. Teridax had proven to be an excellent strategist, planning for every eventuality, including setbacks. Teridax could also lie easily, and could trick others into helping him.

Name: Roodaka
Appearance: Here
Gender: Female
Species: Vortixx
Faction: Xian warriors
Weapons: Catcher claws, Rhotuka
Abilities: Roodaka has enormous strength, being able to tear a buried Troller out of the ground.
Powers: Mutation spinners, Shadow.
Personality: Roodaka is extremely duplicitous, acting out of her desire to be in the best position possible in any situation. Unlike other Vortixx, she is not motivated solely by profit and survival, but instead has grand aspirations of ruling. She is incredibly manipulative and persuasive, able to effectively convince others into playing parts in her plans, while disguising her true motives.


Once you understand how this RPG work you may create a profile using the sheet below. Only three character per player. and non-crucial NPCs are allowed to be used freely, though anything beyond that realm should be run by me(Or another staff member) for approval. Post your profile in the profile topic. You must wait for your profile to be approved before posting in this RPG

Name: Please no 'Toabob3' or 'Tahuthetoa11382' Make your own name. It's fun.
Appearance: Give a picture or a description (Something like this: Zarayna is a tall, burnt orange and gunmetal Toa of iron.)
Gender: Male? Female?
Species: Toa? Matoran? What? Titans MUST be run by me or another staff member for approval.
Faction: Any of the Factions named above, none or neutral.
Weapons: What weapon does you character carry? Or is he/she unarmed
Abilities: Is your character fast? Agile? Strong? Stuff like that goes here.
Powers: What elemental/Mask/other power does you character have?
Personality: What's you character like? Say it here
Bio: Where's your character from? What's his/her background?

Here's the blank sheet:



RPing here is going to be a little different here then in other RPGs. In the discussion topic I will have a list of missions for each division of each faction. You start out in command of one squad of ten ground troupes or one airship. Army generals will be created and approved by staff.

1. Obey all rules.
2. Have fun, Don’t sit in a fort all day. Go out on a limp, take risks. Liven up the RPG if you want to.
3. All BZP and BZPRPG rules apply.
4. No godmodding. What is godmodding? I think this sums what it is up.

Godmoding is a collection of numerous offenses that all deal with unrealistic roleplaying. With an open-ended sandbox RPG like this one, it's very easy to find yourself falling into godmod trap with your character. This, however, is most certainly not allowed and can ruin the RPG for everyone else. While it should be obvious which rules are broken in each instance, when godmod happens it might be so blatant. There are indeed many forms of godmodding, but we have listed here only the top three types:
Invincibility: Your character and another player's character are fighting. If your character is either not taking hits or taking hits and having them not affect your character are both prime examples of invincibility and is the most well-known form of godmode (see Teflon and Logic sections above). This is not allowed under any circumstances as it is definitely not realistic role-playing.
Puppet master: Alright, same example as above. However, in your posts, you are taking control of your opponent's character and forcing them to take hits they might have dodged or perhaps act in a way that is out of character for them. This is "puppeteering" or acting as a "puppet master". This is godmodding and it happens quite a bit. Obtain permission from your opponent if you are going to do something like this.
Going super-saiyan: You are fighting an opponent that is vastly stronger and more experienced than you. He is beating the living daylights out of you. So what do you do? Rather than taking your defeat like a man or beating a retreat, you pull some sort of super-power-beam out of your butt. This is frowned upon though not outright banned if PERMISSION IS GRANTED FROM BOTH THE OPPONENT AND A GM. In some forms, yes, it is god-modding but if there you obtain permission and there is a price to be paid, go for it.

5. No overuse of Comedy, violence, or romance.
6. The victor of a fight is determined by good RPing. If a fight goes unresolved long enough, then a Staffie will step in to resolve the situation.
7. Use IC and OOC.
8. The role playing topic is for role playing, so if you see a flaw in someone’s post and you want to point it out, post in the discussion topic unless you’re already making a post in the role-playing topic.
9. In regards to the official canon, BionicleSector01 overrules BZPower and has the final say.


Zarayna: Game Leader and head staffie.


Special thanks to:

City of Steam
A Midnight’s Requiem: Night Everlasting

For some of the format of this RPG.

Cherixon and Thorin Oakenshield

For their willingness to help and their suggestions that have greatly improved this RPG.


This post has been edited by zarayna on Jun 21 2010, 03:09 PM
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