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Solek-Toa of Shadows
Posted: May 28 2011, 10:23 AM

Toa of Shadows

Group: Members
Posts: 873
Member No.: 134
Joined: 13-November 10

Chapter One: Recieving Unwanted Gifts
(Link to review thread)

Eyes in the darkness followed the movements of four Toa, seeing them, it moved back into the shadows, waiting for it’s move. The Toa nearby began to speak, and it listened closely.
“Where’s Kilteros? He called us to be here.” The Toa who spoke was one of the Stone Toa. Often very impatient.
“Hah!” Laughed another.
“You could never tell what fire spitters are thinking. Their brains are so cooked from being around fire that much. I mean, lavasurfing? You couldn’t get any crazier than that. Right Helec? …Helec?” Looking around for his fellow Toa, he saw no one.
“Hey guys, this isn’t very funny.” He started to slowly back up.
“Guys please, if this is a joke, you’ve got me.” Continuing to back up, he froze when a cold, sharp object pricked his back.
“Oh, I get it. You’re going to pretend you’ve all died, the pretend that what killed you is going to kill me right?” He turned around, and what he saw, made him scream.

Gavla was called for a meeting, or as she thought of it, a court. “Our scouts have scoured the borders for the Toa that’s missing, and do you know what we found?” Gavla had already gone through this before.
“No, I don’t.” She said that she didn’t, but she knew, and also knew that everyone knew that she did as well. She only said no (a bit too mechanically perhaps…) only because it gave those who were chastising her a sense of superiority, so that they didn’t chew her out for being smart mouthed.
“We found the bodies of four Toa, we searched for the fifth, but he seems to be missing. This isn’t the first time this is happened, and by far, it’s not the tenth either. I’m starting to think that you are perhaps, working with the enemy, and destroying an possible opposition that could possibly arise.” This was a new one to her, before it has always been about how she was supposed to be responsible about the Toa she led and taught.
“Believe me, if I were to do that, I would have started with you first, not a bunch of rookies that was thrust into my face, and left for me to deal with. This would have hopefully scared those around her enough to shut up.
“Yes, you could do that, but then they would find out about it sooner or later.” No such luck. She didn’t have to follow the finger he pointed to know that he was talking about the civilians and the rest of the population of New Metru-Nui.
“No, I know Tuyet and Icarax clear enough to know that they would take out those in a position of power first. So be glad it’s not me, because I would’ve done that, and destroyed the rest of the city within a day.” It was a bluff, she was capable of it, but it wasn’t the question of ability, it was the question of moral.
“Yes, you could, but what if that took the fun out of it? What if you wanted to do us in all slowly? What if, and I dare say it because it’s most likely true, what if you decided to go against orders, and reverse the process in which who you’re supposed to kill?” This was getting out of hand.
“You know the Toa code prohibits me to…”
“Yes, but do you follow the Toa code?” Cutting her off irritated her.
“Yes, but maybe that’s about to change in a few minutes.” She wanted this to end as soon as possible. “Was that a threat? As powerful as you are, you’re just one being, I have the rest of Metru-Nui under my command.” She was now sorely tempted to punch his face in, but any further provocation could have angered the council, and the Turaga in front of her could have gone through with the threat he uttered. She sighed, and got up to leave.
“Were are you going? We’re not finished yet!”
“As far as I’m concerned, we are.” She walked through the doors.

Radiak walked through the doors and saw Gavla with her face in her hands. He put a hand on her shoulder, startling her.
“Again?” he asked. She looked tired, but then again, he couldn't blame her.
“Yes, again.” She replied.
“Really? So, who did you kill this time?”
“Not you too.”
“What? Did someone else come up with that joke?”
“Oh, it’s a joke, how funny.” Sarcasm, a good sign.
“Yes, a joke, the things that you seem to lack.” It seemed to be the wrong thing to say, because Gavla sighed and looked away.
“It’s times like these that I wish Solek was still around.”
“Which one? The old, overenthusiastic, Toa-crazed Solek? Or the new, bitter and resentful Solek that just so happens to be dead? Oh wait, their both dead, never mind.” This got a chuckle out of her.
“Either, but preferably both being the first.”
“What? The overenthusiastic one? The one that used to annoy you all the time?
“Was that the wrong thing to say? Okay fine, I would prefer that the bitter and resentful Solek was still around then.” A joke, she’s definitely in a better mood.
“You know, the longer I was around that Solek, the more he reminded me about you.”
“I was that bad?”
“No, he was worse.” Laughter, she’s out of her depressed state completely now. Time to give her the news.
“They’ve decided to give you another chance, and by that, a new Toa team.” Gavla’s face suddenly turned dark.
“Again? Every Toa team I’ve worked with has either died or disappeared. I don’t think this is a coincidence.”
“You’re just paranoid now.”
“Solek was paranoid, and it saved his life many times over.”
“Oh, the old it worked for Solek so it should work for me argument eh? How about this, find a shadow leech and let it suck the light out of you, it worked for Solek right?”
“I get your point.”
"Do you? Or are you trying to get me to stop.”
“I think I’m trying to get you to stop.”
“Yes, well, you should go see you’re new team before they kill each other.”

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Honestly, I couldn't care less about what you or anyone else things, I'm just going to kill you becaue you're starting to annoy me.- Xerus, Toa of Shadows
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Solek-Toa of Shadows
Posted: Jan 2 2012, 12:21 AM

Toa of Shadows

Group: Members
Posts: 873
Member No.: 134
Joined: 13-November 10

A lone figure panted, looking over his shoulder every few seconds to see if his pursuers were chasing after him. His hopes were that they wouldn’t follow him, because this was an abandoned Vorox cave, but his pursuers shouldn’t know that because the heavy scent still lingered. Why are they after me? I’ve never even met them before. His pursuers were strange beings, reptilian, but much like the newcomers that he’s seen while on lookout over various outcroppings that overlooked most of the world he lived in. Unfortunately, it was on one of these lookouts that he got into this trouble. These new beings possessed dangerous power, and it was all he could do to even avoid them. He heard footsteps echo throughout the cavern, and he certainly knew that they weren’t his. So much for hoping that they wouldn’t come after me. He ducked into a nearby conveniently located cave, ran and behind a large rock. A sudden burst of flame flew overhead, narrowly missing him. well, at least they don’t know exactly were I am, from what I’ve seen, they’re pretty good shots.[i/] He waited until they walked past the cave, and moved further into it. He wasn’t chancing going out, there were four of them when he got a good look at the newcomers, but he only heard two when they ran past. It would have been a safe bet that they posted two at the valley entrance to make sure he didn’t pull any stunts. [i]Hopefully this cave has an exit, I don’t want to be trapped here, and they’re going to find out that the valley has a dead end at any time now. After a few moments of running, to his dismay, he reached a dead end. “NO!! Why!!” he shouted, not particularly caring that his pursuers might hear him, they were going to chase him down anyways, may as well speed up the inevitable. But he noticed that this part of the cave was well lit, which was odd, the rest of the cave was pitch black. He saw a statue next to him, and it held a not so stone like sword, and a golden mask. In fact, the sword doesn’t seem to be made of any particularly familiar material. “Oh well, might as well go down fighting, I’m pretty handy with a sword anyways.” He tried prying the sword out of the stone hand, hoping to be able to respect the memory of the person who made this, but when it wouldn’t budge, he tore it out of its hand. After all, he needed it more than the statue did. Take the mask An eerie voice echoed throughout the cave, causing him to turn around, thinking that it was his pursuers. Seeing that they were still very far behind, he turned back to the statue. He pondered, then reached out for the mask, at least it would provide further protection. He placed it over his face, and a sudden onslaught of energy strikes him like a punch to the stomach. He drops to the floor convulses in pain, and finally falls still. I can’t move! I can’t even speak! After a while of waiting, his pursuers came into view. “Nothing, just a dead body.” One of them hissed. “The others probably found him.” The other replied. what are they talking about, I’m right here! he thought, when what felt like a kick knocked into his head and he fell unconscious.

This post has been edited by Solek-Toa of Shadows on Jan 2 2012, 12:26 AM

Honestly, I couldn't care less about what you or anyone else things, I'm just going to kill you becaue you're starting to annoy me.- Xerus, Toa of Shadows
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Solek-Toa of Shadows
Posted: Jan 28 2012, 01:06 AM

Toa of Shadows

Group: Members
Posts: 873
Member No.: 134
Joined: 13-November 10

Chaos greeted Gavla as she entered the arena. The entire stadium was in shambles, and the force of the elemental energies flying around nearly knocked her over. The floor and walls of the arena was covered with black scorch stains and ice sheets and icebergs, and sections of the floor and walls were either jutting out, or were destroyed, leaving gaping holes in them. Wind blew all around, and debris flew everywhere, forcing Gavla to duck every now and then. The scene before her was even more shocking… The new Toa team given to her was not only not novices, but they were absolutely savage.
“I thought that they were giving me a new Toa team?” Chided Gavla.
“Yeah, I forgot to mention, they decided to give you Toa that other teams didn’t want and complained to the council about. They know about your strict regime, and hope that you could succeed in tempering these Toa where others have failed. In other words, they were desperate.” Radiak replied, his eyes rueful.
“But hey, if push comes to shove, at least you could give them a good washing out.”
“I plan on doing that anyways. So, what started it?”
“Well, according to the secretary, that one right there, the Toa of Stone? Got impatient waiting for you, and started complaining. The Toa of Ice over there got annoyed, and told him to shut up. They got into an argument, that the Toa of Fire tried to break up, but the Toa of Air told him to forget it, and said that most fire types were all pin-headed morons anyways. This resulted in the Toa of Fire upset, and he tossed a fireball. That pretty much set up the whole scenario you see before you now.”
“So, what kind of people am I working with?”
“The Toa of Fire is Arax, he has a mild temper, but sometimes he flares like a volcano. That unstable temper is really why he’s on this team. The Toa of Air is Leetu, he’s, shall I say, irritating. He finds a way to contradict anything and anyone, and insults anything anybody does wrong, and always blaming it on their element or sector. The council tried to place him an a team made solely of Air Toa, but it ended in disaster, as Air Toa are often irresponsible, and this team was even more so. The project was terminated, and he was sent to you. The Ice Toa, Kojos, had problems following orders, and disliked whatever decision his leader made or announced. Helnus, the Stone Toa, is stubborn, deliberately lazy when asked to do something, and ungrateful, other words aren’t needed to describe him. You have your work cut out for you with this bunch, I doubt that even you can handle them.”
“No? Well, just watch and learn, maybe you’ll stuff those words somewhere else when the day is over.” Gavla threw an arc of water, slamming it into all four Toa.
“Are the four of you quite done beating each other into non-existence?” All four groaned, and attempted to pick themselves up.
“Who in the Great Spirit’s freaking name are you?” Asked Leetu. Gavla smirked.
“Who I am? Your current team leader.” This seemed to be the wrong thing to say, because Leetu burst into fits of violent laughter.
“Y-y-you?! You’re going to be our team leader? Your joking right?! A Toa of Water! Since when have those been team leaders? I can’t imagine one of you waterlogged water types leading anything anywhere, in fact, I can just see it!” Leetu burst into more fits of laughter.
“I hate to agree with this arrogant piece of Rahi dung, but I fail see how a Toa of Water is leadership materiel. Water Toa are used as field and health support, and lack any offensive means.” Kojos interjected.
“Never thought I’d agree with an Air Toa, but sure. Water Toa aren’t fighting materiel or leading material. Get back in line.” Helnus remarked. Arax didn’t respond, but he shifted nervously, betraying how he felt about Gavla leading. In her mind, she smiled looking forward to what she was about to do the these four, but decided to put a scowl on her face.
“Really? If that’s how you feel, then your first task should be easy shouldn’t it?” She waited for more snide remarks, and sure enough, she received them.
“Heh, so what do you want us to do oh great leader? Shall we bring you the freshest water in Aqua Magna? We all know how it’s the freshest body of water on this planet currently.” Leetu said with a sneer. Gavla decided that she should begin lesson one with him, and that she was going to enjoy every second of it.
“No, you're all going to attack me at once, and you're try to subdue me."

Honestly, I couldn't care less about what you or anyone else things, I'm just going to kill you becaue you're starting to annoy me.- Xerus, Toa of Shadows
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