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 Lost to Time, Sequel to "No Room for Heroes."
Posted: May 28 2011, 07:39 PM

Toa of Psychics

Group: Members
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This is the sequel to "No Room for Heroes" and if you want to understand most of the things that happen in this story, you'll need to read it first. Yeah, I make you WORK for your intertainment. And this first part only functions as a prolouge really, but who needs a preface AND a prolouge? So enjoy! Please!


Toa Vakama loaded the last of the matoran onto the transport device. He climbed in next to Matau and the two took off for the island of Mata Nui. They never noticed the presence of two great warriors watching them. Their eyes followed the toa until they passed through a large crack in the pool of energized protodermis.

"Looks like it's just you and me now." Said the dark armored warrior.

"Yep. I guess it's time to get to work." Replied another, who wore green and purple armor. He seemed to be radiating some kind of pulses that hurt your head to even look like. "So, how do we find the Great Beings? They haven't shown their faces in the universe for ages now."

"Exactly." replied the one in darker armor. "They were in this universe, a long time ago." There was a pause.

"I still don't get it." the other warrior replied. "How does that solve our problems?"

"That doesn't." he replied. Then he pointed at the sea of protodermis. "But that does."

The Order of the Great Beings was in havoc. This wasn't supposed to happen. This wasn't what the Great Beings had prophecied! So, why was it happening? Although the order wasn't actually composed of Great Beings, but one of their species of creations, they occasionally got direct instructions from the Great Beings, and so they considered themselves to be prophets. Their leader, Haxxin was in a very bad mood. Not only had the accursed accidental Toa Hazdrix and treaterous Mulcar escaped, but they had mutated him into a... monster. His physical form had changed, he was even bigger than before, and more carnal. He could see other's thoughts, and hear them. Some didn't think well of him. He could manipulate electricity, and he even sometimes growled! The stupid kanoka disk fired by the stupid toa! Not only that, but Mulcar had disguised both of their presences, making them unditectible in the universe. He had to find them. Someone would know.Captian Tuyak.

Capitain Tuyak was responsible for training Mulcar before he went rouge and was where he usually was when he needed to think. In his study. He reclined in a chair made of Visorak pinchers. He had a few ideas where Mulcar would be and what he would be looking for. Or, who he would be looking for. Would he tell Haxxin? And why did Mulcar care for this Hazdrix so much? Did he really have such a sense of duty and loyalty? No, he couldn't. Or could he? He sensed Haxxin's presence. He turned around and prepared his best lie.

"I am not diving into that." Toa Hazdrix said to Mulcar who was still pointing at the protodermis. "It could... mutate me or something!"

Mulcar sighed. "No, this protodermis is totally safe. It's what's in the protodermis that matters."

"What's in there?"

"A mask. And not just any mask. This is a legendary mask that must be handled with utmost care. It's small, golden, and really sticks out so GO!" said Mulcar, pushing Hazdrix into the protodermis.

The protodermis was cold. Really cold. Hazdrix swam down and down and down. Finally, he saw a glint of gold, the mask! He willed himself lower and lower until he grasped the mask. It was strangely warm in his hands.He swam up to the top. "What exactly does this thing do anyway?" asked a cold wet Toa Hazdrix.

"You'll see." said Mulcar.

"I'm really getting tired of that." Hazdrix replied.

"Just put on the mask." Hazdrix did as he was told and slipped it on. It seemed to melt into his personal mask, the mask of split personalities. "Alright, now summon it." Hazdrix did as he was instructed. "Now, this is one of the most powerful masks ever created. It controls time. As for how it works, I'm not sure. But at least try to take us back about 10,000 years." Hazdrix closed his eyes and tried communicating with the mask.

Um... hello? Mask? Hi there, I'm Toa Hazdri- he was cut off by a voice that came from the depths of his soul.


Will I succeed?


Take me to the time of the Great Beings, when they were in this universe!


Mulcar had grabbed the unconcious form of Toa Hazdrix after he tried communicating with the mask. Hazdrix's eyes flashed open and he grabbed Mulcar. Things went black and white...

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If you let the flame die, then BIONICLE is over. There is no hope. Keep it burning. Use it as a beacon...
Posted: May 31 2011, 02:10 PM

Toa of Psychics

Group: Members
Posts: 86
Member No.: 179
Joined: 19-May 11


Toa Hazdrix and Mulcar couldn't believe their eyes. After Hazdrix had put on the Mask of Time, he passed out. Mulcar grabbed him, but Hazdrix had somehow come back to concioussness and then... everything stopped. The sea of protodermis stopped moving. Wild flying rahi froze in the skies. The color was drained from the world around them. Time had seemingly stopped. And then it began to move again, but differently. Everything was going backwards. And really fast. So fast, you couldn't tell what was happening. Everything became a gray blur...

Hazdrix's face was pressed into a pile of dirt. Not to mention something VERY heavy was on top of him. He turned around to see Mulcar, sprwaled on the top of his body, unconious. He activated his mask and split into two warriors. They lifted Mulcar up and placed him gently on the ground. After recombining, Toa Hazdrix sat down too. What a ride! The Mask of Time was a seriously powerful tool.

TIME TRAVEL COMPLETED, MASK POWER DRAINED BY 25%. The Mask of Time spoke in Hazdrix's mind. He still wasn't used to a mask that could communicate with him. Mulcar woke up.

"Incredible..." he said. "It really works."

Hazdrix removed the mask and looked at it. There was a crack in it. That can't be good..."Yes." Hazdrix replied. "Mulcar, what was the Great Cataclysm?" Mulcar's countenance darkened.

"I suppose a full explanation is in order. You see, right now is the past. We are located on the giant planet Spherus Magna. One day from now, an energy inside the planet called "energized protodermis" will cause the planet to split into three parts. One containing the planet's water, one containing the jungle, and the largets containing the dried out dirt and sand. Before that however, the Mata Nui robot will be launched. Metru Nui is part of the gigantic Mata Nui, get it?"

"I suppose. So, did I live on the jungle planet."

"Yes, Bota Magna."

"Oh... and so why was Metru Nui located on Aqua Magna, which is the water planet I assume?"

"Yes. Because a rebellious Makuta will eventually cause Mata Nui to crash... but that's not our problem now. Our problem is finding the Great Beings. Which should be much easier since their probably putting their on finishing touches on the robot... now!" Mulcar gestured to a very very VERY large robot above them.

"I guess that's our destination." Hazdrix said.

"Come on, I know a way in." Hazdrix followed Mulcar to the foot of the Mata Nui robot. There was a large open door. They stepped into a small room. Mulcar closed the door and placed his hand on one of the walls. The room began to move. An elevator. "The Great Beings will probably be in the Mata Nui chamber. If we're ever going to find them, it'll be there."

"And then what do we do?"

"We change the future. As dangerous as that sounds, it's the only way. They told us to use you as a last resort and last resort only. However, they didn't tell us what to do if the problem you were needed for magically fixed itself." There was a pause.

"Why are you doing this for me?" Hazdrix asked. He had wanted to ask that for many days now. Mulcar suddenly found his feet to be very interesting.

"Because, it's my fault. I gave you the toa stone, I caused all of this."

"It was necessary, brother. All is forgiven. But, we have a mission now, and I know there must be something in it for you."

Mulcar looked up. "I have to know who I really am. I can't explain it, but there's something I just have to know!" Mulcar had said it so desparately that Hazdrix felt very sorry for him.

"Do they know?"

"Yes. They made me, I can remember it. But why? Capitain always told me that I was recruited off the streets..."

Hazdrix felt it wasn't his place to ask anymore questions. Their destinies lead here. The door opened and the two stepped into the Mata Nui Chamber.

"That's not possible!" spat Haxxin. "The Vahi CANNOT be used for time travel!"

"I know, my lord." trembled an Order of the Great Beings member. "But they did! The mask used a huge amount of energy, it destroyed a whole section of Ga-Metr-

"SILENCE! If what you say is true, then the Vahi may be on the verge of self destruction. In theory it is impossible for that to happen. But, if the Vahi were to tap into the toa's own energies..."

"Then who knows what it can do?"

"I do." said a voice from the shadows.

Tynik, the Great Being looked to his left to see what looked like two toa walking his way. "Greetings. Do you need assistance?"

The one who wore green armor answered. "Answers. We need answers."

The Great Being's eyes widened. "Are you... the prototype?"

"You could call me that. Or, you could call me by my name. Toa Hazdrix."

The Great Being faltered. And then pulled out a notepad, flippipnd violently through it. "But... how did you become a toa?"

"A last resort, as I understand. Anyway, I come from the future-"

"Really? How? Is it part of you're unique toa-agori coding?"

"No. The mask of time. It brought me back here. Anyway, I have been scentenced to death by your "order" just because I exist!"

"The order... they would do something like that. They can't respect our silence and do nothing. I will put in a good word for you. Here." The Great Being wrote something down and then sealed it in a small box with a strange symbol on it. "Give this to them, it will convence them of your innocence."

"Think you. And, my friend has some words for you." Mulcar stepped forward.

The Great Being suddenly became very serious. "So, the ghost returns..."

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user posted image
If you let the flame die, then BIONICLE is over. There is no hope. Keep it burning. Use it as a beacon...
Posted: Jun 8 2011, 04:15 PM

Toa of Psychics

Group: Members
Posts: 86
Member No.: 179
Joined: 19-May 11


The Great Being stared at Mulcar with eyes as cold as ice. Mulcar became uneasy, but he had to know. Ghost? What did this guy mean?

"Do you not remember?" asked the Great Being. "Or are you too from the future?"

Mulcar swallowed. "I am from the future. I belonged to your order, before I had to leave. I know nothing of my past, who I really am. And from your reaction to my presence, you know a good bit."

The Great Being's eyes suddenly became very interested in his feet. "We will talk in private." he responded. "Later. But first, I have some questions for Hazdrix..."

"No! I came this far, and I'm not giving up now!" Mulcar bellowed at the Great Being.

The Great Being faltered. "Fine. As you wish. You know your name, don't you?"

"Yes. Mulcar."

"You're missing something. I believe there was a 'Toa of Spirits' in there when we created you."

Mulcar had to sit down.

Haxxin stared at the figure he had invited here. He looked a little strange, slumped over in a way that couldn't be comfortable, and Haxxin could hear him taking shallow breaths, as if it was a genuine struggle. Not that Haxxin looked any better. He still wasn't used to his new beastly form given to him by the accursed Toa Hazdrix. But, he still had to focus on his guest.

"So... you say you know about how the Vahi could travel in time?" Haxxin said, to break the ice.

"Yes. The Vahi is a mysterious mask indeed, forged not too long ago. At least, for the second time." replied the visitor.

"What? What do you mean?"

"I mean that this is the second time a Vahi has been crafted. And, by it's nature CANNOT travel through time."

"Yes, yes. I know this."

"Then, do you know of the Vahi's chosen weilders?" there was a very uncomfortable silence. The guest smiled. "The Vahi has chosen weilders that it can tap into to totally manipulate the flow of time. Not that this isn't very difficult. It causes huge strain on the Vahi and can damage it, possibly fatally."

"So, they're trapped there?" asked an excited Haxxin.

"Unless they find the first Vahi." came the reply.

"Mulcar, Toa of Spirits. Created on Spherus Magna. Commisioned to team Toa Haksii, otherwise known as the first toa team. Never arrived, presumed dead." read The Great Being off of a holographic scroll.

"You mean to tell me... that I'm a toa?" asked a shocked Mulcar.

"Yes. You control spirits. Instant teleportation, possesion of minds, temporary invisiblilty, etc."

Mulcar shook his head. "Why? Why didn't they tell me?" He sat there for a while. Then he stood up. "If this is my destiny, then I accept it." he turned to Hazdrix.
"Use that mask and take us back."

"About that..." started Hazdrix.


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If you let the flame die, then BIONICLE is over. There is no hope. Keep it burning. Use it as a beacon...
Posted: Jun 13 2011, 12:50 PM

Toa of Psychics

Group: Members
Posts: 86
Member No.: 179
Joined: 19-May 11


Toa Mulcar shook his head. "You mean to tell me that we can't go back? Why didn't you mention this before?"

Hazdrix shrugged. "Don't get your mask crooked, there's another way out of this. Apparently, there's another Vahi somewhere in here. We just need to find it."

"That's right." the Great Being chimed in. "There is another Vahi, I helped come up with it's blueprints. And your one looks like it couldn't go forward another minuite without self destruct. However, if you were to find the other Vahi, you could use it to take you forward into your present and replace the other, therefore not disrupting the flow of time."

"But won't removing the Vahi from this time distupt the flow? Is it not needed?" asked Mulcar.

The Great Being winked. "Well, that's for you to find out. You came here looking for answers, did you not?" He then turned to Hazdrix. "By the way, how did you know of the second Vahi? It is one of our best kept secrets."

Toa Hazdrix tapped his Vahi. "I guess that this thing can communicate with me. It told me about it not too long ago, I think while you were telling Mulcar of his Toa life. It's as if we have a..."

"Psychic connection?" asked the Great Being. "That would make sense, seeing that you are the Toa of 'Psychics' and you would be able to create a mental link previously unavailable between yourself and the spirit of the mask."

Hazdrix nodded. "That must be it. Maybe it can direct me to this time's Vahi."

"Or, I can. The Vahi lies deep within the Mata Nui robot. It will be hard to get there, and I have a feeling you two won't be the only ones competing for it's possession. But, if you use your intellect ad skills, you'll come into possession of that mask in no time. I promise."

None of them were aware of a pair of eyes watching them. They closed in, scanned them. PREY SIGHETED, DEPLOY? The electronic message flowed into the air. Seconds later the reply came. NO. LET THEM GET CLOSE... THEN TAKE THEM OUT. THEY MUST NOT OBTAIN THE VAHI. The pair of eyes blinked. COPY. INITIATE STALK....

Toa Hazdrix and Toa Mulcar set out of the Mata Nui chamber and headed back to the elevator.

"Well, at least we get the gist of where the second Vahi is." Tried Hazdrix.

"Yeah... 'deep within the Mata Nui robot.' That's very specific." replied a bitter Mulcar.

"What's wrong, brother?" asked Hazdrix. "Why are you so cross lately? Do you not want to be a Toa?"

Mulcar sighed. "I guess I'm just not used to it." he said. "I've always felt that I was... I don't know..."

"I understand." said Hazdrix, putting a hand on Mulcar's shoulder. "But we need to stay strong. Together, we can find this mask, get back to the present, and set things straight with the Order. Isn't that what you want?"

Mulcar looked ahead. "I don't even know anymore." The elevator reached it's destination.

Haxxin stared into the gray, unrevealing eyes of the visitor. "How do we know they won't find the other Vahi and return?" Haxxin asked. "And how do you know any of this?"

Te visitor smiled. "Oh please Haxxin, you mistake me for a wandering fool. I know more than you could ever imagine. Call me Thetas, the All-Knowing. I have many arms in many times. The toa will not get the mask. My men will see to that."

Haxxin smiled. "This, my friend," he said. "is the start of a beautiful friendship."

The Toa stepped off of the elevator and into Metru Nui. Matoran were busy working and going about there daily buisness. Hazdrix and Mulcar walked through the crowd. Matoran stopped to stare up in awe.

"We're quite the celebrities." said Mulcar.

"Indeed." replied Hazdrix. "The Matoran seem to worship us!" They continued to walk through the streets of Ga-Metru, stopping occasionally to check anything that looked suspicious. "So where's the deepest place in Metru Nui?" asked Hazdrix.

Toa Mulcar chuckled. "Onu-Metru. The Archives. I have a good feeling we'll find something there."

"Wait, are the archives even in excistance yet?" asked Hazdrix.

"Yes, but they're very small, and have almost nothing in them. Which means it shouldn't be hard to find what it is we search for."

Toa Hazdrix noticed someone in the crowd. "Brother, do you see that?" Mulcar nodded. Another Toa. It stood in the middle of the crowd, staring at them. "What do you suppose we do?" asked Hazdrix.

"We mind our manners." said Mulcar, stepping forward to aknowledge the Toa's presence. Automatically, he seized his head. He fell to the ground.

Hazdrix stared at the Toa. A Toa of Psionics! he realized. And she was attacking Mulcar! He quickly focused his own powers above Mulcar, forming a protective shield. She stared back at him.

"Who are you?" she spat.

"Hazdrix, Toa of Psychics. And the one you assaulted is Mulcar, Toa of Spirits." The other Toa immediately ceased her attack.

"You mean, the one who didn't make it?" she asked.

"Not true!" said Mulcar from the ground. "I"m right here." Matoran were starting to stare. Hazdrix nodded.

"We need to talk, but not here. Follow us. They darted into the shadows.



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