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 The Order of the Saikus
Posted: Jun 12 2011, 08:01 AM

The guy who can't think of a member title

Group: Members
Posts: 97
Member No.: 175
Joined: 9-May 11

After reading some of the epics here on Mask of Destiny, I decided that maybe I could write my own. So I did. Heres the first chaper of my epic; The Order of the Saikus.

Review topic here.

Chapter 1
There is an ancient legend here in this city. There is a legend, of an ancient order, a group of vigilantes, working in the shadows for the greater good. The legend claims that they are more silent than the moon passing overhead, faster than a flash of lightning and more deadly than the Makuta themselves. They strike without warning, and before anyone can even notice, they disappear into the shadows. They call themselves the Saikus, meaning silence in the ancient Matoran language. Some say they are killers. Some say they are heroes. Some deny their existence completely. But one thing is for certain. Never be put in the path of a member of the Saikus, for if you do, rest assured, you won’t come out of it a happier being.

Hava Nui. A place that was once a peaceful city, smaller than most, but big to be called a city. The Matoran there lived a good life, their Toa protecting and watching over them. They lived free of worry, they could go where the wanted, said what they wanted and were free to do whatever they wished. But then all that changed. A Turaga stepped up and took the power, and has turned it into a place where no one may speak if it objects to the Turaga’s views, where everyone must work a strict 12 hour work day and if you slacked off, the Turaga’s army of corrupted Toa soldiers will take you to who knows where. The Turaga, named Kofo, was corrupt, completely driven for power and money. He cared nothing for the people he ruled over. In fact, it wasn’t even intended for him to become a Toa in the first place.

Before all this happened, The Toa of Hava Nui carved a Toa Stone and was going to give it the most deserving choice of Matoran, but Kofo, spying from the rooftops, saw the opportunity and took it. While the Toa at the foot of a cliff in the desert, on his way to give the Toa Stone to the destined Matoran, Kofo was waiting up on the cliff, waiting for the right moment. When the Toa passed under, he pushed a boulder down below and crushed him. Kofo just pried the stone from the Fire Toa’s cold, dead hands. The rest is common knowledge. So now, Turaga Kofo rules Hava Nui with an iron fist. It is a dystopia, the one place where no one wants to live. The night is haunted by thieves and killers, and the day is ruled by Kofo’s army of savages. He says that all of this is for a better city, but the city is worse than it’s ever been.

Tapja was sprinting for his life across the main metropolis of the city. He knew of the danger coming from wandering around in the city at sunset, for curfew was beginning and no one was around. No one to protect him.
“Karzanhi!” he muttered under his breath. “Stupid chute. Why did it have to break down right when I needed it? Kofo will have my head!” He sprinted across the alley ways of the buildings, some made of protodermis, some made of wood. For a moment, Tapja thought that he was going to make it. His house was right around the corner and across the small plaza! But as soon as he turned the corner, he crashed into a Toa Soldier.

“Whoa!” he jeered. “Where do you think you’re going?”
“Uhm,” Tapja gasped. “Home.”
“According to the curfew, you should’ve been home half an hour ago.” He grabbed Tapja’s throat with his armored hand. “It looks like me and my friends will have to beat the rules back into you.”

He chuckled as 3 more Toa emerged from the shadows. They were Toa of the brute kind, heavily armored and equipped with heavy weapons, and Tapja knew that they weren’t going to go soft on him.

The leader of the pack smirked as he raised his weapon for a strike. Tapja simply cowered in a corner. Right when the colossal figure was about to let the weapon fall, he froze. His eyes were wide and in shock, and then he dropped to the ground, and the others followed suit. Four small daggers, each lodged in their backs, was the cause of this. Tapja slowly and nervously stood up to find who saved him, and what he found was a silhouette of a figure perched upon a building, with the moon as his backdrop, and a dagger in hand.

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Must the show go on?
Posted: Jun 12 2011, 06:15 PM

The guy who can't think of a member title

Group: Members
Posts: 97
Member No.: 175
Joined: 9-May 11

Chapter 2
“You…You killed them! You just went and...Mata Nui...” gasped Tapja in amazement. He always saw the Toa Soldiers as invincible warriors who can’t be stopped, but this Matoran brought each of them to the ground with just a couple of throwing knives. “Who are you?” He spluttered out.

No answer. The figure perched up high just watched Tapja, is if he was analyzing him. “Answer me!” the small Matoran of stone yelled, getting frustrated. Again more silence. Tapja realized that the being wouldn't answer to him so he decided to walk home while he still could. “Well…goodbye then.” Tapja called, as he turned to walk away, but was stopped by a voice from up high. “Wait.” said the mysterious being. He had somehow dropped down to the ground without a sound, and now Tapja could see his physical features. He was a Matoran, with a Mask of Strength, but his mask was partially covered be the hood of his cloak. He looked like he went fought through a thousand wars and he had strange brown markings on his black armor. He was also wearing some kind of belt, holding a number of different weapons. His voice was gravelly and quiet, but still somehow commanding, making you feel that you should listen to what he has to say. “I have been watching you for a while, Tapja.” He slowly took steps towards the other Matoran. “And I need your help.”

“Help for what?” Tapja asked slowly.
The Matoran closed his eyes, and said; “There is a legend of a secret organization in this city. A secret organization that no one can see, hear, or touch. Have you heard of this legend?”
Tapja stared, confused. “You mean…the Saikus?”
“Yes...Yes, the Saikus. What do you think of their existence?”
“I think that it’s a story to scare gullible Matoran. Nothing like the Saikus could exist. It’s too strange, too unlikely.”
“Then I have a revelation that will probably shock you.” The Matoran said as he pulled out his hand. There, on the back of his hand, was a mark that Tapja had only seen in storybooks. The mark of the-
“Saikus.” He whispered, staring at the symbol on his hand. “You’re a Saikus…”
“But…why? Why are you telling me this? I thought you said that you were part of a secret order. Why are you just going around telling people that you’re a Saikus?”
The Saikus lowered his hand. “I am not just going around, telling anyone this. I am telling you this, because I want you to help me.”
A blast of fear hit Tapja at that moment. A killer is asking him to join him! This was impossible. But it seemed that Tapja had no choice.
“You’ll kill me if I refuse, won’t you?” Tapja asked, fearing the reply.
“Kill you? Of course not! The Saikus do not kill the innocent. There would be no purpose. We avoid killing, for killing is the art of Karzanhi himself. No, I aim for a more worthy target.”
Tapja looked up. “Kofo?”
“Of course.”

Tapja pondered the Saikus’ offer. Kofo needed to be stopped, that was obvious. Joining the Saikus would open up an avenue for the achievement of that goal. But, of course, the chances of survival are low. One false step and Tapja would be killed on the spot by the Toa Soldiers. It was a very difficult decision.
Tapja pondered for a few minutes. The Saikus simply watched.
“Have you decided?” said the Saikus after a few minutes. “Will you join me and fight Kofo?” said the Saikus.
Tapja looked up with a determined look in his eye.


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Must the show go on?
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