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 An interesting journey on Metru Nui
Kokua aviatrix
Posted: Aug 23 2011, 01:58 PM

Group: Moderators
Posts: 1,887
Member No.: 2
Joined: 30-June 09

It had been several months since our adventure on Mata Nui and having tired Wotzit out chasing his ball, I was just finishing the backstitch on a cross-stitch of Aikane, while he snored flat out on his beanbag. Suddenly my hand felt like it had been plunged into a bucket of ice, and my comment of surprise woke Wotzit, who looked at me then went back to sleep.
Peering at my hand I saw that the symbol had turned from slightly darker than my skin tone to a strange silvery colour, then the sensation passed but the colour remained. While looking at it wondering what it could mean, a strange lethargy came over me and I couldn't prevent my eyes from closing.


Slowly, Sherrie became aware of someone saying "...that she'll wake soon, how's Wotzit doing?"
"Macku, Jaller and Hewkii are keeping him amused Turaga." came the reply, I opened my eyes to see Turaga Nokama and Hahli watching me and I was lent against the side of a canoe.
"Turaga, Hahli, how did we get here?" I asked with surprise, "You and Wotzit were lying here sleeping when we landed." she replied.
Then Hahli piped up "That image of Toa Aikane is very realistic."
"Thanks, I had fun stitching it." I smiled before glancing around as I realised that it wasn't on my lap, "It's alright sister, I've got it." Aikane's 'voice' reached me as I stood up and looked around, I realised that we weren't on Mata Nui, but had awoken on Metru Nui.

Nokama and I walked over to the Toa and the rest of the Turaga while Hahli went to help her friends keep my mad mutt occupied, "Just where on Metru Nui are we Nokama?" I asked, "We landed at Ta-metru and were quite surprised to see you both here." she replied.
When we reached the Toa, Aikane handed the cross stitch to Kopaka, then turned and caught me up in a bear hug as the others gathered round to greet me, "We were starting to think you would sleep the day away." Takanuva said smiling, as Aikane put me down. "What brought you here this time?" asked Vakama, "This I think." I said, showing everyone my hand, the symbol shimmering silver in the light.

As I moved my hand round, the symbol suddenly brightened then dimmed, puzzled I moved my hand back to where the glow was brightest and felt a pull in that direction, "Er Turaga, is the Great Temple over there?"
"Yes it is, are you alright?" she replied, watching the human closely, "I feel like I'm being.....er called to it." I said looking perplexed. Gali looked closely at my hand "When did the symbol appear?" she enquired, "When I returned to my world, only then it wasn't silver." I replied, "That happened just before we were brought back here.

While the Turaga started to discuss the quickest and easiest way to the Great Temple, Sherrie looked to see what Wotzit was doing. And smiled when she found that he was curled up against Hahli having a nap resting. Then Kopaka came over and handed back the cross-stitch, "Nice work." he said with a smile, "Thank you." Sherrie replied with a grin. Then she looked over at Aikane "Could you take care of it as I haven't anywhere to keep it safe?" she asked, "I'd love to. " she replied, accepting the cross-stitch as Sherrie offered it to her and placed it with her quarter-staff.

Tahu came over from where the Turaga had been quietly talking, "Vakama thinks the best way to the Great Temple is to paddle closer and then walk the rest of the way." He told us.
So as the Turaga rejoined us, we all headed back towards the canoes and Onua explained to me that as they were all going to be coming to Metru Nui the Toa and Turaga thought it might be a good idea to have a look round and make sure there were no nasty surprises lurking around before the matoran came back. After getting the canoes back into the water and a little shuffling around we got settled, Wotzit was fascinated and kept looking over the side, so I kept a firm hold of him just in case he wanted to go for a swim.
As the canoes moved round Ta-metru the Great Temple came into view, "Whoa!" gasped Aikane, Lewa, Hahli and Sherrie, before commenting that it looked stunning, even with the damage it had sustained.


Landing the canoes on a beach in Ga-metru, we all paused to let Nokama have a little time to herself as it had been a while since she last walked there. Then we started to make our way up to the metru, thought there was damage to the buildings it was still a beautiful place and we paused to look at what was left of a fountain.
As we walked towards the causeway that led to the Great Temple, I heard Nuju say something to Matoro who then translated, "Turaga Nuju's wondering what’s happened to your hair?"
"I was going somewhere and changed the colour for fun." I replied grinning, Nuju said something else and Matoro translated with a grin "It's certainly different and Nuju says with it that colour it's easy to see you're Aikane's sister."

A puzzled frown crossed Sherrie's face and she pulled the scrunchy out for a better look at her hair, before exclaiming with delight that it wasn't red any more, it was violet.
Retying my hair I wondered if it had been this colour when our friends found us, Aikane must have heard what I was thinking as she said something to Gali and they paused to let Nuju, Matoro and I catch up, while the others carried on.
"Yes it was." Aikane silently said as we all resumed walking, "Oh wow," I replied, "That's so neat!"
Skirting round the damaged areas we reached the entrance of the Temple; the pull on my hand was feeling stronger. We entered with the Turaga leading the way and they headed to where the Toa Suva was, as we approached it they were stunned to see it had been partially damaged by a fallen pillar, yet as we looked closer Whenua exclaimed "Someone has tried to repair it."

While we stood there, examining the partially repaired Suva, a rustling noise suddenly came from behind us. Spinning round the Toa pulled out their weapons then Tahu said, "Come out and let us see you." There was no reply then the noise came again and a Vahki moved into view, it had no weapons that we could see and was an off bronze/blackish colour. It moved towards us, then Tahu said, "That's far enough." it paused, came forwards a few more steps then stopped.
Matau glanced curiously at Vakama "Is it me or is that one not so tall-big?"

As they started talking about it while the Toa listened while keeping one eye on the Vahki, Sherrie got the feeling that she should go and show it her symbol marked hand. The compulsion was so strong that she'd walked over to the Vahki before anyone noticed. When she reached it she realised that it was roughly the same height as her, around 5 feet tall.

"Sherrie, what in Mata Nui's name are you doing?" Onua exclaimed, having just noticed where she'd gone. I held my hand out showing the symbol to the Vahki who looked at it then back at me, and to everyone’s surprise nodded, and held its hand out.
As Sherrie touched its hand the symbol blazed so brightly that she was temporarily blinded and would have lost her balance if the Vahki hadn't caught her elbow and supported her. After blinking several times she was able to see again.
To everyone’s amazement the Vahki had changed colour and was now light gold/violet. It also looked less mechanical and more like a living creature, it looked at itself and we heard it say, "Thank you," then he looked over to the equally stunned Toa and Turaga "It's been a long time, hasn't it Vakama?"

"What!!!" the others exclaimed as Vakama walked over to where the Vahki and I were standing, "What do you mean?" he asked, looking puzzled.
"I first saw you when you met at the Toa Suva." the Vahki replied "But we didn't see you when we were here." said Nokama as the rest of the Turaga came over followed by the Toa.
"You weren't meant to, as you had Toa Stones I knew you were supposed to be here."
"Why didn't you let us see you?" Onewa asked.

"When I was made, Turaga Dume told me that I had two duties, one to watch over the prophecies under the Temple and the second to stay hidden and only show myself to true Turaga. As a time would come when the prophecies would have to be protected and if anyone else knew about me the prophecies could be endangered."
He then sighed, "I found out what Turaga Dume meant about true Turaga, as one who looked and sounded like him came here once, but when I went to greet him I found I was frozen in place which is what happened if I tried to show myself to anyone but the true Turaga Dume." "So how are you able to move-talk now?" asked Matau.
The Vahki leaned his head to one side thinking then said, "There are true Turaga in the temple again," he paused then continued, "And there might be something about what's happened in the prophecies.”

"Will we be able to see these prophecies?" asked Whenua with interest as the Vahki began leading us towards the wall of the Temple, "Yes Turaga." he replied. "I've been wondering why you weren't affected when Makuta drained the power from the city." said Nuju via Matoro, "I was fortunate enough to be down beneath the Temple checking the prophecies, as there had been a strong tremor not long before and as there is no power supply down there, there was nothing for him to drain." The Vahki looked very relived as he said that.

I glanced up at the stairs where Hahli and the others had been watching while keeping Wotzit calm, he had now settled down, rested his head over the edge and was watching us.
The rays of the setting sun were showing through some of the windows dotted around the Temple, the Vahki looked up at the angle of the rays, "Night will fall soon, would you like to wait until tomorrow as the prophecies are best seen by daylight?" he asked, looking at Whenua, "They have been safe for over a thousand years, I can wait a few more hours." Whenua replied with a smile.

Wotzit came down the stairs followed by Hahli and friends and immediately came over to check out the Vahki who looked surprised. "I've never seen a rahi like him before and any I saw after Makuta trashed Metru Nui were more interested in avoiding the Vahki squads and the Visorak." He said as Wotzit jumped up and wrapped his paws over the Vahki’s arm to let him rub his chest.
"Well Wotzit's always been very friendly," I said then giggled, "I've even seen him try to make friends with a tiger!"
"A what?" enquired Matau "It's similar to a Muaka." I explained, Matau looked at Wotzit, who's still getting his chest rubbed.
"Just when you think-guess he can't get any more strange-odd...." Matau started to say then started laughing, it didn't take long before we were all joining in. Then we settled down and carried on talking, the Vahki was starting to explain why the Visorak hadn't done any lasting damage to the Temple when I nodded off.

Woke up with Wotzit nudging me, "Get off nut-head!" I muttered rubbing my eyes, then I looked round to see what the others were doing.
The Toa, Nokama, Whenua, Matau and the Vahki were still asleep, while Vakama, Nuju, Onewa and the matoran were quietly talking, Macku glanced up "Morning." she said then nudged Hahli who stopped writing, looked up and grinned as I came to sit beside her, "Morning everyone." I replied.
Daylight was just starting to break so I asked Vakama if it would be alright to take Wotzit for a quick walk, "Yes," he nodded "Jaller and Hewkii can go with you."
So we headed up the stairs with Wotzit racing ahead. The sky was clear, the stars still visible and there was a slight cool breeze blowing.

While Wotzit ran off his energy, Hewkii, Jaller and I watched the stars slowly growing dim when our attention was caught by one star shimmering close to the horizon.
It was brighter than normal for a star so close to where the sun was going to come up and had a violet tint to it.
Then as we watched it gave a flash and vanished below the horizon, "That was strange, I've not seen any star do that before," Hewkii said still looking curiously at the horizon "Have you or Sherrie? " he asked us, "No I've never seen a star act like that before." Jaller replied as I added "Me neither, I think we should get Wotzit then tell the Turaga."
That ended up being easier said than done as Wotzit led us on a merry chase around part of Ga-metru, then back towards the Temple. He then raced inside closely followed by Jaller as Hewkii stopped beside me while we both got our breath back.

"Ye gods, that dog of mine's a little maniac!!!" I wheezed, "Are you alright?" Hewkii asked looking worried "Yes thanks, it'll pass." I replied with a small grin as Pohatu came out and over to us.
"We're nearly ready to go and look at the prophecies, Turaga Vakama had a vision and says that you should come too Sherrie." he said as he stopped beside us, "What's that crazy dog of mine doing?" I asked as we headed back to the Temple.
Pohatu laughed, "He came tearing back in then flopped down panting like mad and Jaller's also getting his breath back."
While we headed down the stairs to join up with the others, Nokama was chatting with Hahli and Macku then they went and sat beside Jaller and Wotzit.
"Hewkii," said Onewa, "We would like you and the other matoran to keep Wotzit here, as after his entrance this morning, the Vahki thinks it may not be a good idea for him to come."
"Yes Turaga," he said, "See you later Sherrie." Hewkii added as he went to join his friends. "Don't let him drive you too crazy, if he gets too daft then ignore him, he'll get the hint then." I called to Hewkii, who glanced round and nodded.

Pohatu and I went with Onewa over to the rest of the Turaga, Toa and the Vahki, then we followed him as he led us towards what looked like a wall until he slid part of it over to show some stairs leading down under the Temple.
It would have been awkward but who ever built the Temple had cleverly put slits into the walls that caught and refracted the light, at the first open area we came to, the Vahki explained, "This is where I stayed when not checking on the prophecies or having a peek upstairs, they are down that passage way and past the centre of the Temple."

While we followed the Vahki through the narrow passage, Lewa behind me muttering that he didn't go much on enclosed spaces and the Vahki replying there wasn't far to go. We were passing a carving of the Great Spirit when there was a sudden flash of light and when we could see again, Gali, Aikane and I found ourselves in an area of intense light.

After the flash had faded Tahu was the first to realise that we were missing, turning to the Vahki he growled, "Where are our sisters?" as he backed the Vahki against the wall. "I don't know that's never happened before." he replied looking worried, "Wait Tahu," said Vakama as he moved between them, "Their disappearance happened for a reason," he paused then continued, "They will return."

Looking around at where we were, Aikane gasped, "I know this place, this is where I first woke up!" she sat down suddenly looking rather shocked.
Gali and I glanced worriedly at each other, then I knelt beside her and hugged her, "Don't worry sister, we're with you."
Then we became aware of a soft ringing sound like small bells chiming softly growing louder, Aikane then stood up and moved forwards a few paces, Gali and I looked at each other then we moved to stand either side of Aikane, glancing up at her I realised she was unaware of us.
We then also felt the gentle but persistent compulsion to look forwards, as a sense of peace surrounded us.
A strong, calm and gentle voice spoke "Welcome daughter." and some of the light changed colour as a pair of intensely blue eyes appeared.
The eyes looked at us, then the voice spoke again "Gali, your love and empathy will always keep the Toa united.
Sherrie, your sense of duty to others shows you have the heart of a Toa; it will always guide you to the right path.
Aikane, do not worry, you are finding your destiny, keep walking the path you're on Daughter."

Then the light grew even brighter and seemed to wrap itself around us, we then heard Mata Nui whisper, "Join your right hands together."
As we did we moved to form a triangle and the light grew to a blinding intensity then vanished as we found ourselves back with the others at the end of the passage.

"Sisters are you alright?" asked Lewa as they gathered round us, "What happened?" said Tahu who was still glaring at the Vahki; he looked very relived that we'd returned. Gali, Aikane and I looked at each other "Sisters how are we going to explain?" I suddenly heard Gali think, "I'm not sure, how do I tell our friends and brothers that I've met my father?" Aikane replied, then I added, "I can hear both of you," they looked surprised as I continued, "Why don't we tell them some of what he said?"
There was a moments pause then Gali turned towards the others, "We were called by the Great Spirit." then she paused and glanced at Aikane when she added, "He has strengthened my sisters telepathic ability." and then she told them part of what he had said to each of us.
When she got to the bit he'd said to Sherrie, the human started blushing again.
Then Aikane looked at me and grinned, "I knew you could turn pink, but didn't know you could turn red too!" I looked at her then dissolved into fits of giggles "Not very often!" I replied when everyone's laughter eased.

Insane? Me? How dare you make such an assumption!...whadda mean, eating a entire bag of malteasers in one go is bad for your mental health??
Kokua aviatrix
Posted: Sep 1 2011, 01:49 PM

Group: Moderators
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Joined: 30-June 09

Moving back towards the center of the underside of the Temple, Nokama came and walked beside me, "Did anything else happen when you were called?" she quietly asked, I thought for a few moments then smiled and replied, "If anything did I'm not able to remember yet."
Aikane and Gali were being asked the same thing by Matau and Whenua and their answers were similar to mine.
The centre of the underside of the Temple made us pause for a good look, the walls were covered in carvings of Toa, Hagah, Metru, Hordika, Mata, Nuva and others, Aikane and Takanuva were also there, Nokama shuddered as she looked at the Hordika carvings.
"That brings back unpleasant memories." she muttered, quickly moving to look at the rest of the carvings, the rest of the Turaga had given those carvings barely a glance before moving to look at the other Toa carvings.

"Who did these carvings?" mused Onewa while he closely examined the Toa Mata one of Pohatu, as the Vahki wandered over to him, "I've no idea, Turaga Dume once said that they had been here since the Temple was built."
Vakama was gazing at the carving of Toa Lhikan when I walked over to him, we stood there awhile then he looked at me and smiled saying "We'd better rejoin the others."
Turning to join them I paused then looked towards the doorway that led to where the prophecies were, "Sherrie what is it?" Aikane enquired as she turned from the discussion she was having with Lewa to look over at me.
If she said anything else I never heard her as I stood there, then I closed my eyes as if to blink and heard the Great Spirit whisper, "Relax."
Aikane and Lewa were talking about the carvings of the Toa Metru, "They look almost like..." Aikane started to say then suddenly turned to watch Sherrie as she stood looking towards the doorway.

"Shadow-sis, what's up with Sherrie?" Lewa said peering over her shoulder "I'm not sure." she replied, as the human turned around, by now everyone was watching her.
When Sherrie’s eyes opened a gasp of surprise echoed round the chamber, as they were now intense blue and the voice Gali, Aikane and she heard earlier spoke through her, "Only the Turaga may read what's written."
There was a stunned silence then Sherrie blinked and looked around bewildered. "What just happened?" I asked puzzled, Vakama took my right hand and turned it palm up; the light from the symbol was now bright enough to shine onto the ceiling.

"Mata Nui." He said as he started to lead me over to Aikane and Lewa, I suddenly felt extremely dizzy and stumbled, "Whoa, easy Sherrie!" Takanuva said catching me, he looked at Vakama, "We'll keep an eye on her." The fiery Turaga nodded and joined the rest now standing by the doorway with the Vahki.
"Take care." Tahu said as they walked through into where the prophecies were. Takanuva helped me sit against the wall, as Aikane and Gali came over, then Gali sat beside me and put her arm round my shoulders.
"You ok?" She asked giving me a hug, "Yes thank you, I'm just dizzy it'll pass." I replied quietly.
As we sat there I realised that was the second time the Great Spirit had spoken through me.

After making sure Sherrie would be alright, the rest of the Toa went back to examining the carvings.
Gali stayed beside me and we watched the sunlight moving across the walls, after sometime had passed I said, "Gali I'm getting stiff, I'm gonna have to move." "
Alright." she said with a nod as she stood and then gave me a hand up, the dizzy spell had passed so we went over to have a look at the carvings.
Aikane and Pohatu looked round as we stopped beside them, "Feeling better?" Pohatu asked as I glanced up at him and Aikane, "Yes thank you." I smiled then I looked round to see what the others were doing.
Tahu, Onua and Kopaka were over by the carvings of the other Toa having a healthy debate about the ones they couldn’t recognise and Takanuva was watching Lewa who was walking on his hands, as he flipped back onto his feet Lewa said "Now you attempt-try it brother, it's fun."

Aikane noticed where I was looking "He's been trying to teach Takanuva to walk on his hands for the past two weeks." she giggled, as Takanuva succeeded in standing on his hands, then as we watched he managed to go forwards a few steps before losing his balance. "Getting better." Pohatu grinned as he helped Takanuva up, we then headed over to where Tahu and the others were, they were still deep in conversation about the carvings so we sat nearby and waited for them to finish.
As we waited Gali and Lewa looked over to the door as the light was starting to fade, then the others and I also looked over as we could hear the Turaga quietly talking.

As they came back into the centre of the Temple I noticed the Vahki was looking a little stunned and bewildered, and silently commented, "Sisters do you think he's alright?"
They glanced at the Vahki then at me, "Maybe he was right about there being something in the prophecies." Gali replied just as Aikane added, "You could be right sister."
Tahu walked over to the Turaga who looked exhausted, Vakama although nearly asleep on his feet said, "Let us rejoin the matoran and Wotzit as we will need sometime to discuss what we have read."
Tahu nodded and followed them back towards the passage that led back to the Temple, and the rest of us tagged on behind. The walk back was quiet and when we passed the carving of the Great Spirit there was a lull in the conversation that was going on.

When we started up the stairway we couldn't hear anything from above "It's very still-quiet." commented Lewa "Do you think Wotzit has tired himself out again?" Pohatu asked me "It's possible or he's done something really daft," I replied then added, "I hope it's not the latter!"
The Vahki pushed the panel over to let everyone out and we found that while we'd been away Hahli and the others had done a little more tidying up of the rubble around the Temple.
Wotzit was sparked out by a very small and carefully watched fire, Hewkii was sitting beside Wotzit and when he saw us coming over stood up and said "Jaller took Hahli and Macku outside to see if they can spot that strange star."

Tahu said "Aikane, Kopaka could you see how they're doing?" They nodded and started towards the stairs, "Wait for me sister, I'd like to see if I can see it again." Sherrie called after she’d helped Vakama settle by the fire, and then hurried to catch up.

Reaching the entrance we could see Jaller, Hahli and Macku gazing up at the sky which was getting darker by the minute, then Jaller pointed, "Look there it is and it seems brighter."
We moved to join them and saw that it was definitely brighter than when we'd first spotted it.
"That's odd." I said, "Most strange." Kopaka commented nodding, we watched for several minutes then we heard one of the others approaching and were surprised to see that it was the Vahki joining us.

He was looking around with great interest "I've never been outside before," he commented when he reached us, and then added, "It's amazing!"
We watched the stars for a while longer then went back inside, all the Turaga were fast asleep and the fire had sunk to glowing embers.
On rejoining Tahu and the others Kopaka told him about the star, Tahu nodded "We'll find out what Vakama thinks in the morning."

As the light from the fire faded everyone settled, though it had been one of the strangest days of my life I just couldn't get to sleep. So when the others had finally fallen asleep, I carefully made my way back to the Temple entrance and sat there watching the stars wheeling through the sky.

After a while I fell into a light doze, which deepened, to a very odd dream, I was with the others in Po-metru and we were looking for something or someone. I woke suddenly feeling a little cold so moved back inside a bit, but not so far that the stars were hidden from view, then I drifted off to sleep again.


Sherrie roused slightly as she felt someone lifting her up and dimly heard someone else saying, "That's a deep-sleep!"
"You're not kidding." came the reply as she drifted back into dreamless sleep.
When Sherrie finally woke the morning was half over and Lewa was looking at what was left of a statue, then he glanced round and smiled when he saw she was awake. "Come on Sherrie, we have to quick-speed to meet the others."

I stood up and we headed up the stairs "Hmm, there aren't any gukko to wind-fly," Lewa mused as we left the Temple. Then he grinned, crouched down and said, "Put your arms round my neck and grip-hold tight."
Once certain that he was ready, he pulled out his Air-katana, ran towards the edge of the causeway and jumped over before catching the breeze and swinging round towards the centre of Metru Nui. It's possible that my scream of shock/surprise was heard the other side of the city as we soared over the partially ruined buildings of Ga-metru, then Lewa spotted the others and we landed just ahead of them.
As the lanky green Toa put me down he chuckled while we waited for them, "That's the biggest loud-shout I've ever heard."
"Sorry," I giggled, "It's because I was surprised, that was an awesome flight!"


Hahli was half awake when she became aware of an odd sniffing noise by her mask and opened her eyes to be greeted by a close up of Wotzit's nose. "Aaaahhhhhhhhh!" she yelped as Wotzit jumped back, then sat down wagging his tail madly.
"Whazzup." Onua said sitting up quickly still half asleep, "Sorry Toa, Wotzit was saying good morning." Hahli replied a little embarrassed, as the others started to wake up. "Oh right." Onua smiled stretching, everyone was gathering round where the fire had been when the Vahki frowned as he looked around, "Where's Sherrie?" he asked.
Aikane closed her eyes and called out, "Sister can you hear me?" then opened them again to glance at those watching her, "I can sense that she's nearby, but I'm not getting a reply." she said. "Kopaka can you see where she is?" Takanuva asked, Kopaka nodded and everyone watched as he methodically swept every inch of the Temple with his Akaku, then said, "Sherrie's up by the entrance, I think she's asleep."

"Lewa, Onua go and see if she's alright." said Tahu, watching as they headed quickly up the stairs and found me curled up just inside the doorway.
"Wake up Sherrie." Onua said gently shaking the human’s shoulder, but got no response "That's a deep-sleep." commented Lewa as Onua picked her up and they headed back downstairs.
"You're not kidding." Onua replied as they reached the others and Wotzit who were starting their way up the stairs, everyone met halfway and Gali carefully checked the human over.
"Looks like Sherrie's totally exhausted, best to let her sleep it off." she said.
"I'll wait-stay until she wakes then we can wind-fly and catch up quick-speed." Lewa said holding his arms out, Onua handed me to him and he carried me back to where the others had rested.

Approaching the entrance the Vahki looked a bit worried "Are you sure that it's alright that I'm now able to leave the Temple," he asked Vakama "What about the prophecies?" Vakama smiled "Yes it's alright, when we," he gestured to the rest of the Turaga, "were memorising them yesterday. I had a vision that showed you with us on the way to Po-metru"
The Vahki still looked a little concerned but nodded, "I'm still getting used to being able to move around freely." he admitted as they started walking over the causeway. Takanuva who'd moved over to walk beside him said "Don't worry, you'll get used to it." then Wotzit who had been sitting by the doorway, waiting for me, came charging up and started to jump around the matoran and Aikane, "Guess he thinks he's missing something." Tahu chuckled.

As they were walking through some broken carvings Aikane suddenly glanced back towards the Temple then laughed, "Sherrie's awake and they're on their way." just as the echo of "WHOAAAA!" reached everyone.
Then a speck came into view and steadily grew larger until Lewa and I could be seen clearly, when we landed just ahead of them and as they walked over to us they heard Sherrie giggle and say, "That was an awesome flight!"

While we carried on walking through Ga-metru Onewa explained what they were doing "We are seeing if the nearest causeway that joins with Po-metru is intact." He was about continue when I asked, "Who or what are we going to be searching for?"
Everyone looked surprised after I'd said that, "How did you know?" Nokama asked looking puzzled, so I explained what had happened after I'd finally fallen asleep. Whenua looked over at Vakama, "Visions in your sleep, that ever happen to you?" he asked curiously, Vakama shook his head, "No, never." he replied as we moved carefully around a badly leaning building.
Then Vakama chuckled, "It was bad enough when the visions first started!" Just then Wotzit came over to get his ears rubbed as we heard Hewkii call back to us "I think I can see the causeway."

We headed over to where he and the others were waiting and followed them round the edge of one of the wrecked schools, ahead of us, roughly a quarter of a mile, we could see a park like area leading up to the edge of the causeway.
As we walked towards it Tahu asked Lewa if he would scout ahead and see how stable the causeway was. Lewa nodded and was just about to fly off when he looked over at me, "Fancy another spirit-lift?" he said with a very large grin, "Thanks, but I think I'll ground-walk!" I replied laughing, Lewa then headed off to check the causeway and we headed for the park like area.
The area was littered with remains of broken statues, half demolished walls and fountains; we walked over to the remains of a low wall and carefully sat down to wait.

The Turaga were telling the Toa, matoran, Vahki and Sherrie about Po-metru while she kept Wotzit amused by pretending to box his ears. Then she noticed that Nokama had moved away from the rest of the Turaga and was looking sorrowfully at some of the carving on one of the walls, I looked over at the Toa.
"Gali, could you ask Hahli and the others if they can keep Wotzit happy? I'm going to see if Nokama needs some silent company." I asked.
She glanced round, nodded and then tapped Macku on the shoulder and said something to her. Then Hahli and Macku came over to Wotzit and me, he was delighted and quickly settled down to get his tummy rubbed. "Thanks guys," I said then grinned "Give him a chance and you'll still be doing that when the sun sets."
As I walked towards Nokama I could hear Pohatu asking something about the Kikanalo.

On reaching Nokama I reached out to hold her hand, then after a few minutes I felt her squeeze my hand and sigh as she returned from where her memories had taken her.
Then we instinctively ducked as Lewa swooped overhead before landing by the others, "Shall we go and find out what Lewa saw or do you want to stay here for a little while longer?" I asked Nokama.
"Yes let's find out," she said then added, "Thank you for coming over."
Heading back to the others, Gali glanced over to us and nodded as we reached them, Lewa was waiting for us so that we could all find out what he'd seen.

Sitting on the wall we listened as Lewa told us that quite a bit of the causeway was relatively undamaged, but several areas had holes in them and one part had completely broken away leaving a fairly large gap between both sides of the causeway.
"Hmm, with our Miru Nuva we should be able to take everybody across that without too much trouble." Tahu said, "True, but I've never got the hang of levitation," commented Pohatu "and the thought of flying over water totally puts me off."
Then Aikane spoke up, having mulled over an idea, "If we get to the gap as the sun's setting then I might be able to solidify the shadow for us to walk across."
"Can you do that?" asked Takanuva intrigued, "It's possible," Aikane replied, "But it depends on which way the shadow falls."

"Er," said the Vahki "we won't really know which is the easier way until we reach the gap, will we?" he looked a bit embarrassed at speaking up until Kopaka nodded "True, shall we get started?" he asked, everyone agreed so we started towards the causeway. Nokama and I were walking with the matoran and Wotzit was following closely as we began the crossing to Po-metru, "Will he be safe?" Nokama asked as Wotzit had moved past us and was looking through one of the smaller holes in the causeway.
"He should be even if it doesn't look that way." Sherrie absently replied, now watching her dog closely. Wotzit glanced up, saw we were watching him then moved round the hole and started to have a sniff at some rubble before bouncing over to see what the others were doing.

It was roughly mid-afternoon when we got our first glimpse of the break in the causeway and as we reached the edge of it, I made sure that Wotzit was nowhere near it.
Takanuva, Aikane, Lewa and Kopaka went to check the distance while the rest of us waited.
They came back fairly soon, "We will have to use our Miru Nuva." said Kopaka as Aikane looked over to Pohatu, "There weren't any shadows to make solid." she explained.
"Don't worry brother, I won't let you fall." Gali said as Pohatu looked over towards Po-metru. The Toa first took the matoran across, then the Turaga and Vahki and finally Gali and Tahu helped Aikane across while Lewa insisted on carrying me over the gap. After several tries, Nuju ended up using his Matatu on lifting Wotzit as he wouldn't stop wriggling whenever Onua tried to pick him up.

The look on Wotzit's face was comical as he tried to find his footing in mid air and we were all chuckling by the time he reached the Po-metru side of the causeway. "We must quick-find you a Miru shadow-sister." Lewa commented as he set me down, "Yes it would be useful." she replied smiling at the lanky green Toa.
Wotzit went and nudged Nuju's hand gently then followed him as we continued on our way to Po-metru.
I moved over to join Onewa who was talking with Takanuva and Gali about how similar it looked to parts of Po-wahi and walked with them while listening with interest.
The sun had nearly set when we came across the remains of a assembler's village that wasn't as badly damaged as the others we'd seen and Aikane used the shadows to re-roof one of the huts.
Settling down for the night I wondered what the next few days would bring.

Insane? Me? How dare you make such an assumption!...whadda mean, eating a entire bag of malteasers in one go is bad for your mental health??
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