Ketar, Creature of Stone

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Ketar, Creature of Stone

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Hello all! Baxor here, reviewing the 71301 Ketar, Creature of Stone, A.K.A., the HIBACHI CHEF!!!!(Read the Cool Stuff section to see why)


Stats: 71301 Ketar, Creature of Stone costs $10 USD, and contains 80 pieces. It comes with a Shadow Trap(the best, in my opinion), the new #6150664 Elemental Shard-Sword piece (in sandy-brown), and lastly, a gear mechanism.

Elements: Booyah! Uniter piece in the most manly colour ever: gunmetal-grey. It is rather arbitrary, because Pohatu's is a normal silver piece. Also, oddly, Umarak also has a gunmetal-grey Uniter piece, which makes even less sense, given that he's supposed join up with Uxar, Creature of Air. Well, that's LegoLogic* for you.

This contains two Elemental Shard-Swords in desert brown, some Elemental Shard-Plates in silver/trans-yellow, the Vorox armour, which I highlighted in my Gali, Uniter of Water review:

Vorox Armour

It contains a fair assortment of TECHNIC® parts in light-grey, dark grey, and even some in ginger-bread brown(pardon both the food-based colour and alliteration). There are onto a few ball-socket system pieces, all of which are trans-yellow, and some [FIND NUMBER-BROWN PIECES](not really sure what they're called, they were on Lewa's Master version and the Lord of Skull Spiders).

Tail Armour

That's pretty much it besides the creature head. If you're into TECHNIC parts, it's worth the buy for the piece, but otherwise it's not that unique.

*LegoLogic(Baxor Lexicon): Not logical at all.

Aesthetics: I do quite like the aesthetics of this model, though it is perhaps the strangest in appearance of all the creatures. Most of these bare some form of resemblance to some animal(In Revenge of the Skull Spiders, Ryder Windham tries to pass it off as a scorpion), Ketar doesn't really resemble anything at all. I will repeat this: Ketar looks Über cool, but he also looks really strange.

As far as colour scheme, I have the same complaint as I did on Ikir: central concentration of TECHNIC pieces. There's just too many TECHNIC pieces in common sight. However, because this creature leans over and does not have bare ball-and-socket joints, it looks a great deal better. In general, it does a pretty good job with colour scheme, though those TECHNIC pieces still irk me.

I have an issue with the fact that Ketar doesn't really have a hand, only sword-arms and feet-legs(that should be Chutespeak, but it's true).

Aesthetically, this one looks great attached to Pohatu, and all in all, it makes Pohatu look like a soldier, with Ketar's head as his helmet. Probably my 3rd favourite, though as I've said, all of them are pretty good. The fact that Ketar's 'hands/arms', can't balance in a parallel manner(as shown below), makes it look a bit odd.


I think that this model, particularly around the hand/arms, both distributes colour, and does proportions very well, specifically in combination with the Creature Head. The fact that the colours (trans-yellow and silver), and all the same in that particular area really helps.

New Elements: None for this one, sorry. See my review of Ikir, Creature of Fire, for the discussion of these elements.

Cool Stuff: I'm struggling to call this one a DohGear, because it at least he can be a Hibachi chef. Basically, his arms move up and down, like a professional Hibachi chef's knives. See picture below:

Hibachi Blades

So, if he can't protect himself from a Shadow Trap, can't look amazing when attached to Pohatu, and generally can't grasp things due to lack of opposable appendages, then at least he has a future in cooking.

A problem with the gear mech. that I've found is that, when attached to Pohatu, the tail, due to its size, continues to struggle with finding a good balance. So, the hand/arm pieces will shift back and forth, which, though it may not annoy everyone, rather annoys me.

My Opinion: In conclusion, this model does colour scheme better than most of the other Creatures(it's just barely outclassed by Terak, who gets an advantage due to the fact that the TECHNIC grey is already in his colour scheme). I think that it looks a bit weird as far as shape, but still pretty cool.

Still not sure about what I think of him in combination with Pohatu, but in general I don't think its great. The fact that the hand/arms twist back and forth annoys me greatly.

Rating: This is a solid 3/4. I think that this is good for Techinic parts, but not much else. The lack of desert-coloured parts is disenchanting, because, like most of the Creatures, it is a majority of TECHNIC parts. So, if you do a lot of TECHNIC work, this is worth it for the pieces. There is only one truly unique piece in this model, being the. Appearance is cool, but strange.

Please remember to post your comments, as well as any suggested sections that I should add. Till next time, this is Baxor signing off!
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