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This is Kini Nui

Kini-Nui operating system was created and installed by the Great Beings during their construction of the Great Spirit's planetary exploration system. The main function of its spires is to be sensors for Mata Nui, informing him of surface events while he was observing a planet. Another function is to allow residents of the Matoran Universe safe passage to his exterior if needed, through a passageway covered by the Suva Kaita. Kini-Nui was retracted each time when the Great Spirit left a planet and extended each time when he landed.

When the Great Cataclysm caused the accidental deployment of the Great Spirit's camouflage system, the spires of Kini-Nui were deployed, piercing through the center of the newly-formed island of Mata Nui. Makuta Teridax had inadvertently constructed his Mangaia lair near the Kini-Nui mechanism. This allowed the lair to be accessed through the Suva Kaita.

The Amaja-Nui and other architecturally decorative elements of temple were built shortly after the Toa Metru and Matoran of Metru Nui came to the island. The exterior of Kini-Nui consisted of two distinct regions, an upper area that contained the Suva Kaita and a lower area that consisted of the Amaja-Nui. As part of its design, the Turaga made it so that only the assembled Makoki Stone could open the entrance to the tunnel underneath the Suva Kaita. For most of its history since then, it was used mainly by the Turaga to hold meetings and to recount legends, such as The Legend of Mata Nui.

Shortly before the arrival of the Toa Mata, the wandering Av-Matoran Takua traveled around Mata Nui completing various quests. In the process he gathered the six Toa Stones the Toa Metru had created, and was told by the Turaga to arrange them in Kini-Nui. When he did this, an enormous beam of energy was released into the sky, which blasted Takua away from the temple, erasing his memory in the process, and summoned the Toa Mata's Toa Canisters to the island.

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