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Le-Koro's location was chosen by Toa Matau to house the sleeping Le-Matoran population of Metru Nui. During the first journey of the Toa Metru to the island of Mata Nui, Matau conducted some exploring in the deep, swampy jungles of the island. Lost and uncomfortable down in the jungle swamps, Matau decided to build the village in the treetops. Le-Koro was constructed by the Le-Matoran, guided by Turaga Matau and utilizing materials from the Airships used in the Great Rescue.
Near the end of the Dark Time, Le-Koro was in the midst of onslaughts from a nearby nest of Nui-Rama wearing Makuta Teridax's Infected Kanohi. Many Le-Matoran had already been carried off by the swarm, and Toa Lewa's location at the time was unknown, leaving only the Gukko Force to defend the village.
Lewa arrives in Le-Koro to witness the enslavement of its population by the Bohrok.
Takua traveled to Le-Koro with the Onu-Matoran Taipu during this time. As they progressed to the village, a Nui-Rama carried Taipu off to the hive. The remaining Le-Matoran were quietly hiding in their treetop village huts when Takua arrived, but Takua's flute music told the Le-Matoran he was another Matoran. The Le-Matoran came down to great him, but before long, the Nui-Rama attacked the village again. The Le-Matoran pilot Kongu asked Takua to fly with him and be his disk-throwing second. Takua accepted, and the duo flew alongside other Gukko pilots, fighting all the way into the Rama hive. Inside the hive the team quickly found Turaga Matau, and most of the population of Le-Koro, forced to work for the Nui-Rama. Suddenly, Toa Lewa appeared and revealed himself to be wearing an infected Kanohi, and under control of Makuta Teridax. The Matoran of Le-Koro were then rescued by Toa Onua after he freed Lewa from the control of Teridax.
When the Bohrok swarms were first awakened, the Nuhvok attacked and overran Le-Koro. Matau, and most of the Le-Matoran were captured and given Krana in place of their Kanohi. As the slaves of the Bohrok queens, the Bahrag, they tricked Lewa and replaced his Golden Kanohi with a Krana. The treetop village itself was heavily damaged, and almost destroyed. Lewa and the population of Le-Koro were eventually freed of their Krana thanks to the efforts of Takua, Toa Onua, Nuparu, and his new creation, the Boxor, as well as the last free Le-Matoran, Tamaru and Kongu. Following the Bahrag's defeat by the Toa, the village of Le-Koro was repaired with the help of the reprogrammed Bohrok.
During the Kolhii Tournament, Le-Koro hosted the Le-Koro/Ga-Koro Kolhii game, which they lost. When the Rahkshi attacked later, the Matoran of Le-Koro soon got word that Ta-Koro had been destroyed, and told Toa Lewa of it through drum playing, and the Toa Nuva then told Jaller and Takua.
The village was deserted upon the rediscovery of Metru Nui, later destroyed by the reawakened Bohrok, and wiped from existence by Mata Nui's awakening.

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