Lewa Uniter of Aiiii......JUNGLE!!

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Lewa Uniter of Aiiii......JUNGLE!!

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Yo, yo Piraka! Baxor here, reviewing the 71305 Lewa, Uniter of Jungle (Air! It's Air Mata-Nui curse it!).


Stats: 71305 Lewa, Uniter of Jungle* costs $15 USD and contains 79 pieces (ironically, the exact same number his Master version had). He comes with a Golden Mask of Jungle (Gold & Trans-lime-green), and a normal Mask of Jungle in Mata Green with Silver. He contains two new green Elemental Shard-Sword pieces, and some interesting yellow axles

*DISCLAIMER: I am a fan of BIONICLE® back to Gen 1. I knew the green guys as Toa of Air for years, and still, even two years into Gen 2, I refer to Lewa as the Toa of Air (and when they call his mask the Mask of Jungle, it still surprises me). The point of my saying this is, despite the fact that I do careful edits of these reviews, it may accidentally slip out that I call the Mask of Jungle the Mask of Air, or that I call Lewa the Uniter of Air. This isn't intentional, and I hope it doesn't confuse you if anything like this slips through.

Elements: Woot! Woot! Lewa has some elemental shard-swords in Mata Green, some trans-green/silver Shard-Armour, a silver-coloured unique printed chest-plate (all of the Toa have one), featuring, as usual, his Nuva symbol from Gen 1 (is this a reference I see before me?). He also has some interesting yellow-coloured axles. While I don't really MoC much (I'm not terribly good at it), I think that this piece is interesting. From a colour scheme point, it works well, but otherwise is simply a curio. He contains several silver Vorox armour pieces. As usual, there are quite a few Bohrok eyes. This set contains 8 of them trans-lime-green. Happy birthday. It contains two of those large Ninjago® swords in silver as well. I admit that I like the partial integration of System pieces in these newer sets.

Besides that, there are a healthy assortment of pieces in colours like dark grey, silver, and Mata Green. That's about it, though.

Aesthetics: The other day, in preparation for this review, I picked up Lewa, stuck him down on my kitchen table, and took my thirty minute lunch break. I started to look for things I didn't like aesthetically, mostly in the area of colour, but in the area of construction as well. I literally spent all thirty minutes doing that, and was so surprised to find out that, not only did I not have any obvious complaints with Lewa, but that it took a lot of work and cynicism to find any problems at all. I have narrowed the issues down to a single one, and will deal with it first.

Arm Attachment

The only, yes, only issue have with Lewa is a minor one at best. It is his arm attachment, which I think makes aesthetics slightly less satisfying. Honestly, though, it's hardly noticeable. It's nice to be surprised sometimes, eh?

One thing I really like about Lewa is his unorthodox attachments for knees and shoulders. They are both attached by axles to tradition socket piece (you know, the ones they used to use as hands? Yep, those ones). It is, as noted, rather unorthodox, but it actually looks really good. I can't say I have any issues with it.

I have another thing which I'll point out relative to appearance. I can't say it's an issue, though it doesn't stick out in a very good way. This has to do with the fact that, as shown below, the Shard-Armour pieces stick up semi-awkwardly. Like I said, personally it's not that big of an issue, just something I've noticed.

Shard Armour

Literally, colours are perfect. The grey, even though it's out of place, still works with the silver and green. The silver works especially well with green, and I love the addition of yellow, even though it's very easy to miss.

It's just a really beautiful model. Kudos to LEGO©, and my personal Kudos to the guy that made it. I will say that, while it is a fairly perfect model, it doesn't exactly stick out as a grand piece of LEGO engineering. Onua, on the other hand, not only has great aesthetics, but also says, “I am awesome!” Lewa has the same great aesthetics, but they're presented in a simpler way.

New Elements: See my review on Ikir, Creature of Fire , for information on the Elemental Shard-Sword, and my review of Gali, Toa of Water , for info on the two-piece torso. Oddly, I'm just noticing that I have yet to do anything on the Shard-Armour piece, so I'll do that now.

The Shard-Armour piece (that's what I call it. Not sure of the official name, but feel free to correct me)**.

Shard Armour (Again)

This is an awesome addition to the Hero Factory® armour Compatible pieces. Like the Protector Pieces, it fits on Hero Factory armour, but looks tons better. While the Protector Piece looks quite robotic (not in a bad way, mind you; I really like the Protector Piece), this one seems very elemental. I love the combination of a trans-color and either silver or gold on these pieces. I think it works particularly well on Lewa, because silver is a fairly recent addition to his colour (well, if you consider 2008 recent; in BIONICLE history it is). I think it works especially well with Mata Green, too.

**Also, due to a variety of issues, the first review I did which feature Onua's Uniter version did not have a New Elements sections. Instead it had a best and worst element section. I have since changed that section (obviously), but I may have missed talking about some of the new elements, as is made evident above. If it happens that I don't discuss a certain piece, or accidentally miss one (unlikely, but definitely possible), please tell me, as I really do want to talk about these pieces.

Cool Stuff: The usual DohGear, but that's basically all. The mask ejection system is there, but I figure that's old news.

My Opinion: I must admit that Lewa taught me something about Hero Factory armour pieces. They actually look very good in moderation. Now that they aren't coating the model, not only do I not mind them, but I think they work well. I figure that, eventually (as they did with Throwbot/Slizers to BIONICLE, and BIONICLE to Hero Factory), these pieces will disappear entirely, but, at least for this season, LEGO has found a happy medium between Hero Factory and BIONICLE pieces.

Lewa has a good sleek look which I like, and his mask completes that look well. Much like his 2015 figure, he looks good, and doesn't really have any bad points. Unlike his 2015 figure, his colours work great and his mask ejection system actually works*** (yay!)

*** For those of you who didn't get Lewa's Master version, his mask ejection system didn't work properly. This was for a combination of reasons. First, his gear box was higher than the other Toa's, and because of the long membrain spine of 2015, the membrain couldn't be pressed down all of the way.

Rating: I really didn't ever think I'd say this, but 4/4. I think this set it one of the best, particularly in the area of colour, but also in proportions, pieces, basically everything. The only thing even slightly bothersome to me is the arm attachment, but even that I don't find a much issue with (unlike many Uniters, I don't see it as having the potential to be structurally unsound).

Please remember to post your comments, as well as any suggested sections that I should add. Till next time, this is Baxor signing off!
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