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[color=0000CD] Prologue
"Thank you, Kory. Let him in."
There was a click and a hiss as the computer opened the elevator door. Standing there was the last person she wanted to see: Xymn Xybras.
The president and creator of the Purpose stepped into her lab, followed by three heavily armed guards. His white robes indicated his importance not nearly as much as an air of superiority that seemed to settle in every room he resided in, for however short a time.
He was the kind of man who could make a battle veteran sick to his stomach just by glancing at him.
Jaide quickly slid an old blueprint over the several pages of data she had been examining.
"Can I help you sir?" She asked in a plastic manner.
Xymn stared scornfully at the piles of chaotic formulas and data sheets tat were scattered seemingly randomly about the room.
"It seems you have been...busy." He ignored her question.
Rightfully irritated, Jaide spoke blandly, "I'm just doing my job sir. Can I help you?"
He turned to stare at her, the look on his face telling her he was examining everything about her as if searching for some sign of the mockery she so desperately wished to express.
"Can you? I have come to see if you are prepared. The Announcement is in two days time. Do you have the Projects? Are the Processes prepared?"
"Yes, sir. All of the Processes are fully prepared, and only Project Jaide has yet to be perfected. It should be fully prepared and ready for deployment by...mm...tomorrow night." Jade inaudibly caught her breath, praying that Xymn wasn't quite as good at detecting lies as was rumored of him. His eyes continued boring into her skull, a faint glimpse of an all-too-knowing-smile briefly touching his lips.
"Isn't that cutting it a bit close, Professor? I really would take no pleasure n having to deploy the...Consequences."
"I don't believe that will be necessary, sir. I only have to perfect the programming, which should be completed by tomorrow morning, then running the final diagnostics should only take a few hours."
She refused to take her eyes off of him, although knowing by the tenseness of Xymn's guards that at least the first part of her statement had been a bit too straightforward for her own good.
Xymn continued to eye her carefully.
"Good. Now if you will excuse me, I have to see to Professor Akalan."
He turned around and stepped back onto the elevator, his robes flowing behind him. One of the guards punched a button, and the closed
Jaide let out her breath and gritted her teeth in an attempt to keep from screaming. Oh, how much she felt like physically assaulting someone right now: preferably someone with the initials XX. She knew Professor Akalan would handle him better than she had, but that didn't mean she wanted Xymn antagonizing her husband's temper. The thought of Akalan made her smile. A photograph slid out from the pages. As she picked it up, a tear slid down her cheek. It was a picture of her holding a baby, Akalan smiling, his arms wrapped around her and the baby.
"Phaiara..." she whispered, sliding to the floor, now sobbing uncontrollably.
"Oh, my baby girl...my little fairy.” She remembered calling Phaiara her little fairy, because of the resemblance to the old word “fae”. “I'm so sorry...I wish I could have prevented this...I wish I could have given you a better life...I made the mistake of letting him steal you from me once, but I'm going to give you the chance at life that I already failed at...I just wish we could be there to share it with you."
Jaide stood up slowly, and made an attempt to dry her face. When that failed, she took to the old-fashioned water faucet, which helped to refresh and calm her, while removing any traces of tears.
She walked to Kory's control panel, and sent a holo-call request to Akalan. She waited 10 minutes before a life-sized image of her husband appeared in front of her.
His face lit up, and he visibly relaxed.
"Hey, honey." She said in an attempt to seem no more than a stressed out 35-year-old scientist.
"Hi! Man, I really needed to see a friendly face. Xymn just left."
"Yeah, he stopped by me first. Hey, could you possibly straighten your tie a bit? It's kind of bugging me."
Silence. There was no trace of cheerfulness on Akalan's face now. His image flickered briefly as he left his computer. Jaide bit her lip, dreading what she was about to do. Akalan returned a few seconds later. He tapped the console three times, and on the third tap, they simultaneously squeezed the buttons they were holding in the palm of their hands. A high-pitched beep was the only visible result.
"Jaide, what's wrong? It's been 5 years since we had to use the surveillance jammers."
"I know, but this is important. I've made my decision, and you can't change my mind. I'm not asking you to take part either, but I'm going to set Phaiara free.
Akalan went pale. "Oh my gosh, how are you going to do that? Do you realize the Consequences?"
"Yes. I'm going to erase Protocol 32, and I've set a timer on her container. Nothing can get in or out until it goes off."
"How long are you going to set it for?"
Jaide paused, afraid he would refuse to let her.
"450 years." She muttered, her voice cracking with nervousness.
Akalan just stared. "No. You can't be serious! Why?"
"Because this time and place is not good enough for her. Her body alone should preserve her until then, but with the container, she is guaranteed safety until 2500. When it opens, she will be a 10-year-old orphan with amnesia. There will be no chance of anyone being able to find her by activating Protocol 32. No one will even be able to detect her...condition...because I've spent the last 3 weeks creating an implant that will entirely cloak it. Someone will take her in and she'll get a chance to live her life--the chance we never got."
"I...I don't know...I can't stop you, but I don't want to lose you! We were supposed to live our lives together!" Akalan had tears streaming down his face now.
"With the world Xymn is about to create, I don't think we'd have much of a life to live."
Akalan paused, considering her comment. "If you're going, then we'll go together. I'm not about to let you sacrifice yourself for our daughter while I stand on the sidelines."
Jaide let out a quiet sob. "Oh, Akalan. I love you so much. I wish we could grow old together."
"I love you too. More than you'll know."
Suddenly there was a banging on her elevator door. A guard shouted for her to open it.
"Oh, Akalan! They must have changed the surveillance frequency! The disablers didn't work. I have guards at my door." She looked back at the holo-projector, and to her horror, she saw not Akalan, but Zymn Zybras, smiling triumphantly. He pointed towards her husband, surrounded by guards, all weapons trained on him. Akalan's face was a fearful mix of unmasked hatred and contempt.
"Take Akalan to Jaide's lab. It will be so much more fun and romantic to watch them die in each other's arms." The holograph dissipated, and Jaide screamed.
"Kory! Put the lab into emergency lockdown, now!"
"Override code JIEAKALFAE450. Initiate emergency lockdown!"
The lights dimmed, and there was a loud creak as the airtight emergency locks in the doors sealed. Jaide frantically searched the lab for something she could use to stop this nightmare. She was choking with fear, but the only thing she could think of was, "Get Phaiara out of here!" In a burst of seething anger, she decided to release all of the Projects.
"I refuse to allow a monster to take control of innocent..." She hesitated to use the word "people".
Jaide ran to Kory’s control panel, and started typing instructions into the computer. She reproduced the code that deleted Process 32, and programmed it into all of the Akalan subjects. Then she copied the random personality program, and made the mental restraints for all Jaide subjects. All this took place in 3 minutes.
The banging on the door had stopped, and Jaide paused. She listened and heard a small, indistinct beeping sound. She started, and ran towards the far side of the room, taking cover behind the capsules that held the Projects just as an explosion rocked the room.
Jaide peeked her head out from behind the capsules. The door was blackened and melted, burning papers were scattered on the floor, several chemicals were spattered on the walls, and Kory’s control panel was in shreds, with wires sticking out of the screen.
Two guards now stood at the door, and two more dragged Akalan in. He wasn’t resisting, but the look on his face could have melted lead.
Behind Akalan followed Xymn Xybras, accompanied by five more guards. The guards dragged Akalan into a chair and chained him to the desk.
As they were doing this, Jaide pulled herself back behind the capsules, and slowly got to her feet, making as little noise as possible. She made one desperate leap at the eject button. Her hand connected, and there was a muffled alarm. Kory’s muffled and distorted voice came over the speakers.
“EJECTION SEQUENCE INITIATING. EJECTING CONTAINER 1.” There was a whoosh, and the floor beneath the container dropped out, the container falling into space. Jaide gasped. When she had been recruited, she had had no idea where she was being taken; that information was classified, in the event of a traitor.
The vacuum of space sucked the air out of her lungs, which felt like a punch in the gut. She buckled over in pain, groping for the switch that closed the door. her sight was getting fuzzy from her lack of oxygen, but she managed to reach the switch that closed the shaft, and by chance, brush over the auto-eject button The last thing she saw was guards heading towards her, but even the blackness that enveloped her could not block Xymn's scream of fury, the gunshot, or the sudden look of pain, shock and sadness on her husband's face. Even that faded to a deathly pale blankness, as did her own consciousness. [/color]
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