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Matoran Dictionary

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This is something that I've wanted to do for a while, so here it is.

Matoran Dictionary.

Currently existing words within pre-published fan works and official BIONICLE Canon:

Toa- Hero
Matoran- Villager
Hau- Shield
Kaukau- Water Breath
Turaga- Elder
Nui- Spirit
Sona- Sorrow(You might have to correct me on this one Takal)
Saikus- Silence
Pakari- Strength
Kanohi- Mask
Ruru- Translate
Av- Light
Le- Air
Ue- Electricity
Ga- Water
Onu- Earth
Piraka- Obscene term for a criminal
Fe- Spirit of the Mind

This is what I have right now. Some of the Masks(Actually a lot of them) I missed. Some of these are rough translations, like Fe. Nui could theoretically have more then one meaning. This is a work in progress, and I'll try to get all of the terms that exist within the official Canon, however, if you could help with adding words from Fan-Fics that you know of, it would help a lot. I obviously need to do a bit more research when I've got the time.

@Takal: You'll also have to tell me what Waru means.
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Cool! Now I know this could be impossible, but the Le-Matoran has their own vocab, and I know it would be crazy to put all that down. I think there were 100 sample words in one of the Bionicle Official Guide books.