Overall Gen 2 Discussion

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Overall Gen 2 Discussion

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07 May 2016, 20:37 #1

I wanted to open up a general discussion topic for Gen 2. I feel like we haven't talked much about the plot or sets.

You guys start the conversation, and I'll join in with my opinion later. For now, I'll tell you that I rate it 7-8/10.

Let the opinion-spreading begin!!
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09 May 2016, 16:14 #2

I feel like the current batch with the twisting torsos are in some ways a downgrade from their previous forms. I liked how the first batch of the gen2 sets were a bit of a cross between their Toa and Toa Nuva forms of the first generation, with dual function tools. They were kind of shout out to the original fans of the series.

I like that each of the second batch of generation 2s have a fairly unique construction, and a new mechanism, but it feels like they lost some of their uniqueness in tools and play features to accommodate the twisting mechanism. I also feel like the construction on several characters were half baked and not sturdy enough for the kind of play you would expect from an action figure, particularly the weak construction on Kopaka.

I do like the direction with the crystaline armor and fused masks, but at the same time, I feel like they didn't use it well enough, and the lack of more mask colors for custom creations is detrimental to the creative community. I miss the mask packs, and kind of wish you could buy those in random packages again, or perhaps each Toa could have a Suva set that comes with each of the masks in their personal colors and a stand to store them all on.
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