Pohatu, Uniter of Stone

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Pohatu, Uniter of Stone

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Whuddup? Baxor here, reviewing the 71306 Pohatu, Uniter of Stone.


Stats: 71306 Pohatu, Uniter of Stone contains 90 pieces. Normally I would tell you how much money he costs selectively in USD, however, I decided to be a be a bit more helpful and provide you a money chart giving you the prices in not only USD, but also Canadian Dollars, Pounds, and Euros. If you like it (and I like it), it will become mainstream for my reviews. Also, let me know if you find it helpful, or have another currency you would find it helpful for me to add. I do these reviews to be helpful to you, the buyer, so whatever I can do to help you more I will try to do.

Price Chart

USD: $15
Canadian Dollars: $18
Pounds: £10
Euros: €13

He has a silver/desert brown Mask of Stone, and a trans-yellow/gold Gold Mask of Stone. He also has a cool weapon featuring old-style BIONICLE® chains (as seen on Hewkii Mahri). And, hanging from that chain is (drumroll, please) . . . an original Pohatu boulder!!! (WHAAAAT?)

Elements: This set is definitely worth it for the parts. A healthy mix of silver, trans-yellow, and desert brown HF armour pieces gives this model the perfect Pohatu appearance. He has a couple of Bohrok eyes attached to his arms, and a couple of silver/trans-yellow Shard Armour pieces. He includes the classic BIONICLE attachable chain links, which have seen a glorious return this year. The obligatory Shard-Sword in a desert brown is used for the weapon. Lastly, he has the two unique masks and his unique, Nuva-symbol-bearing chest-plate is there. As always, a healthy assortment of small TECHNIC® parts are included.

Aesthetics: My central issue with this model is an issue of proportions. This is unfortunate because his arms are actually about perfect as far as proportions go, but the legs make that unnoticeable. The issue with the legs is their breadth. Between the HF armour and the broad Shard Amour pieces used as knees, the legs look awkwardly large, and two-dimensional. Also, particularly because of the breadth of the Shard Armour piece, the feet look kind of small.

Now, here are the bright and good parts of this model. First, though I think that all of the masks of this year are really cool, I think Pohatu's sticks out. It took me ages to find out why, but I realize now that part of the reason that I like this mask so much is because the bullet-like shape (by design or not), hearkens back to Pohatu Mata's mask. Besides that, silver and desert brown work great together.

Mask Comparative

Colours are the highlight of this model. Somehow the blend of silver, trans-yellow, and desert brown works impeccably. Something about it just works. The one tiny flaw, yet again, has to do with the knees.


As you should be able to see, the trans-yellow on top of the desert brown doesn't work too well. Otherwise, colours are good.

My favourite part of the aesthetics, however, is actually the awesome weapon. Something just is awesome about the boulder-flail and spear. When I look at the weapon, it is just so clear to me how the weapon would be used, and it fits Pohatu perfectly. Despite its similarities to Gali's weapon, I think it works better, because it just looks like something Pohatu would use, something requiring both raw strength and skill.


New Elements: None for this one. See my review on Gali, Uniter of Water, Lewa, Uniter of Jungle, and Ikir, Creature of Fire, for info on the new pieces in this model. They are the Shard-Sword, Shard Armour, and Torso piece.

Cool Stuff: The DohGear torso and mask ejection system are all for this model.

My Opinion: In my opinion, Pohatu's Master version was the most colossal set fail LEGO has had in years relative to BIONICLE. It's good to see that his Uniter version didn't carry that over. While I like all of the Uniters, Pohatu is a particular favourite. Between the classic System boulder and great colour scheme, the only thing which could use some changes is the broad proportions in the legs. I love the armour on his arm, and the (yet again) clever use of Bohrok eyes. His weapons is pretty boss, and I love that this year has seen the return of the classic BIONICLE chain.

Rating: 3/4. If you collect, this is a good one to get. The synthesis of System elements and BIONICLE elements looks really good, and it works well together. Proportions are off, particularly along the legs, so that looks awkward. Otherwise though, colours are blended almost perfectly.

Please remember to post your comments, as well as any suggested sections that I should add. Till next time, this is Baxor signing off!
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