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Reading Order
Perfect soldiers (Ria's story)
Six Kingdoms (standalone backstory. As yet unposted)
Heroes of the Swarms (standalone backstory. As yet unposted)
Through the Eyes of a Matoran Now with paragraph breaks! Yay!
Thunder (The post-in-progress)Also with paragraph breaks. You demanding Iro, you...
Darkness in the Wasteland (tie-in with the second half of "Thunder." Also in progress.)
Purpose and Identity (may be revamped)
Tempest of Shadow (may be revamped)
Antidermis (will be revamped)
[name undecided] (further sequel for Takal and Nuara's line. As yet unposted)

Takal, Avak and RIA
After the End
(Both were replaced by "Thunder" and "Darkness in the Wasteland." If you really want to read these pieces of junk, I can PM them.)
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The basis of travel in the alternate universe in which my stories are set is the blimp, the vehicle of choice for Metru Nuian cargo transport. Kanoka technology has considerably decreased the necessary size of the dirigable section (levitato-bag), and it now only needs to have five times the volume of the useable passenger bays, though the Kanoka are so tightly packed that any subtle damage is prone to knock them from the skies, and shattering a large number at one causes a chain reaction throughout the dirigable which is near enough the rate of an explosion, though nowhere near as violent. The cabin itself is oval-based, and large enough to seat upwards of thirty beings, though it is unlikely that it could take off under these conditions.
The Karzahni gunship, along with the Light of Sona Nui have the disks built into their structure, and have no need for the typical blimp-shape, though the Karzahni is designed similarly simply for aesthetic reasons. Though both are much larger than a blimp, the maximum number of occupants is around two hundred, which still leaves most areas onboard feeling empty. This is so that even if the vehicles lose sections of plating, then can remain airborne. Both the Karzahni and Light of Sona Nui can hold three smaller blimps within their own cargo hold, though only if the blimps remain weightless.

Midak weapons absorb light from their surroundings, or the being carrying them. Within the confines of Mata Nui, this works as normal, but on Bara Magna they have a tendancy to clog with small airborne crystals mistaken by the filters as light energy. With repeated attempts at firing under such circumstances, the weapon will eventually feed its own internal components into itself, turning the charging mechanism into a lethal explosive device. A 'light' Midak can be found on the mechanical arms of the Zahnok breed of Bohrok, whereas a 'heavy' one refers to the usual variant, the Skyblaster.

The Bohrok that appear in my stories are, for the most part, those under the command of Ria, and are what is known as 'Fohrok' in the conventional universe. Stronger, larger and more intelligent than the Mangai Bohrok, they are a roughly equal match for rahkshii, though a few have proved that they can stand up to enemies tougher still, though this is for the most point a minority. Namely Zahnok 01.
Here I will list the most important components in the Bohrok, or those that differ from the Mangai forms.
Krana: These Krana are almost entirely inorganic, and function similarly to Kanohi. Removing this will have no adverse affect on the Bohrok, though it will put it at a disadvantage to its peers who have the benefits of a Krana power.
Shields: The shields of these Bohrok fold back into vambraces for the most part, and are almost all non-elemental. Lehvok (the Lehvak counterpart) are unique in having access to either vacuum or acid, and can request that their shields be exchanged for the other version if they so choose.
Memory Unit: Essentially a backup unit which records the user Bohrok's memories and personality. Bohrok can carry two at once, though only one is connected the the user. This is to ensure that sensitive data can be passed on to the necessary persons even if the Bohrok itself cannot travel with it, or is destroyed.
Zahnok: the leader class. The Zahnok Kal (currently RIA AKA Zahnok 00) can command any other Bohrok, regardless of its previous orders. Besides this, there were six other Zahnok: one to represent each 'elemental class' of Bohrok except Gahlak. The Lehvok had two Zahnoks owing to their vast numbers. Notable members of the Zahnok class include Ria and Zahnok 01 (Bottom left).
Gahlak: The secretive, stealthy Gahlak tend to work alone, though usually a small group will be involved in their operations, splitting apart for both tactical reasons and personal preferance. It is unusual but not unheard of for Gahlak to intergrate with teams of other Bohrok. Their armour has been adapted for aquatic operations as well as those on land, giving them a slightly different stance. 'Kal' may have looked like this in Gahlak form. Due to their adeptness, veteran Gahlak are usually promoted to Tahnak or even Kal.
Lehvok: Common, standard units usually trained in piloting and vehicle use for greater adaptability. They don't fight with the skill of the other variants, but those who survive usually learn from those around them. Few become promoted to Tahnak. The Bohrok naming himself 'Tahnak' was once a Lehvok prior to his promotion.
Nuhvak: Paired with Pahrak, these make up the majority of Bohrok strike teams, and are generally the best at hand-to-hand combat, though they are also armed with protopellet machine gun shields. These, too, often make the jump to Tahnak. Suhrak was a Nuhvak, although he had no difficulties in taking the commands of Jahrok, a Bohrok he frequently worked alongside.
Pahrak: Pahrak generally find themselves carrying large amounts of explosive ordinance, and are rare during Takal's experiances, as they were all but wiped out by both Dark Hunters and Barraki owing to their ill-suited combat abilities. Only those with incredible mental functions survive more than a few battles, and almost none become Tahnak. Jahrok was one of the few successful Pahrak, and was initially listed as the possible first Pahrak Kal, though he was killed before he could recieve his armour refit.
Kohrok: Brilliant tacticians, trailblazers and leaders, the Kohrok frequently find themselves at the head of Bohrok deployments when Kal and Tahnak are unavailable. Armed with the most deadly of Bohrok shields and additional weaponry to counterract their poor combat skills, they are still unable to last longer than a few minutes against species a Gahlak, Nuhvok, Lehvok or Tahnak would consider an equal. No Kohrak have ever been mentioned by name in my storyline, though a few will be present in "Heroes of the Swarms."
Armour systems
Basic: The standard armour equipped for the majority of the Bohrok. Seen in the pics above.
Juggernaught: A shortlived Gahlak variant. They were too slow and cumbersome to use in ordinary combat, and production ceased only days after it had begun. Featured several design aspects similar to its precursors, the 'Sentinel' (right) and the 'Sornak,' both of which were sanctioned long before the Sona Nuian Bohrok were first activated.
Tahnak: An advanced Bohrok refit with flamethrowers replacing the shields. Bohrok who had proven themselves to be greater than their peers were awarded this for their efforts. Magma launchers were added more recently as a homage to the Zahnok's 'light' Midaks.
Kal: A seperate refit for Bohrok who were adept for their kind, but lacked the range of skills necessary to become a Tahnak. The standard Bohrok armour was replaced with unpainted protosteel, though unfortunately not all weaponry was compatable with this upgrade, so Kal sometimes had the drawback of being unable to use weapons that their inferiors could.
Bohrok III: Rolkoz' coined name for the gigantic suits of armour into which Zahnok 01, RIA, Jahrok, 'Kal', Tahnak and Suhrak were implanted. The armour was designed to be impenetrable, and the weapons were all one-offs.

Bohrok Precursors
Before the Bohrok, Ria attempted to create two other robotical soldiers to combat the Barraki.
Sornak: Incredibly destructive quadrapeds with a pair of Cordak blasters on its back, a tail capable of launching stunning blasts. Shortly after their creation, the twenty or so Sornak went on a rampage due to a poorly worded command, and refused to accept corrections. All twenty were imprisoned beneath Toa Metru, and it is presumed they are in a calm state as they have no beings to target.
Sentinel: The Matoran word for Sentinel is 'Bo-,' which probably explained where Ria found his inspiration for these beings. Slightly taller than a Toa, the few Sentinels that were created did their tasks without disobedience or unnecessary loss of life. None were killed in combat, and they helped achieve a number of victories before the Order became involved, claiming them to be unsafe owing to their predecessor. Their production was sanctioned, and all twelve were taken to Daxia, where eleven were taken apart for the technology inside, though one was kept together to serve as a template if they ever became 'legal' again.

I'll post MOC links tomorrow, as well as hopefully locations.
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Okay... MOC links.

Older stuff
Takal V2, Makuta Takal, Original Nuara, the Nuarahk (which will be axed if I ever rewrite 'Purpose and Identity') and the Exo-Toa (Likewise)
Bohrok in original form (as well as sentinel)
Newer stuff. Which is ultimately far better
Zahnok 01, RIA and Tahnak (Zahnok 01 lacks a few recent upgrades as seen in a later topic)
Uber-Vahki. On its way to becoming a character.
Suhrak, Jahrok and 'Kal'
Novex, Hennam, Matoran Takal and Nuara, Cehra, Kural, Toa Empire Universe Axonn, Matoran of Sona Nui (at least two are going to become storyline characters), the Destral Cycle Mk: II and my take on Mata Nui and Tuyet
Takal V4
Nuara V2

Steve Rage


Basic biology
Ria and I lean slightly towards the biological side of things when it comes to characters - they bleed, they heal and consuming foodstuffs gives them more energy than simple energy sources (though several characters such as Takal dispute this). They are still, on the whole, mechanical, and almost all their components can be synthesized, though they are far more biomechanical than the conventional ones, and far more easily driven by their emotions (though in the case of Zahnok 01, this is a software glitch).

Edit: pronunciation added. Bear in mind that I don't stress 'h' much.
Toa Takal

Toa Takal is one of my three protagonists, and the Toa of Thunder (a rahkshi-like element similar to Lightning, except avoiding the pitfall of their all-female society). He wears a tweaked version of the Kanohi Kiril, the Kiril Avkra: it allows for cellular and limited armour regeneration at the expense of a temporary lack in strength, though as a Matoran he wore a Jutlin for the majority of his life. The Kiril Avkra doesn't glow evenly when active - only certain areas, such as ventilation holes. He was trained as a lightstone worker as a Matoran, and the skill has not left him as a Toa. Takal's white/gold armour is considerably lighter and thinner than those of the average Toa, though the addition of forearm blades and shin spikes more than makes up for this shortcoming. He has no natural Toa tools, though his signature weapon is his thunderspear, a harpoon-like weapon which has the ability to split the head into three separate prongs via a trigger on the handle. It had a dead-man's switch, but this was removed for versatility. He also occasionally uses a lighstone-launching pistol (later refitted to hold magazines, then upgraded entirely into a rifle), as well as making use of rahkshi staffs, which he is particularly proficient with.
Takal was deeply affected by the deaths of his friends and allies on Waru Av at the hands of Mutran and his creatures, and has committed himself to protecting the last of them, and his only surviving friend from that time: Nuara. He frequently refers to her as his motive and purpose, though this does distract him from the bigger picture. Although sceptical from time to time, he does his best to raise the spirits of those around him, overcoming personal fear for the better of others. This does put him at a disadvantage when he's on his own, where he doubts his choices and actions.
Status: alive and well

Edit: Tool now acquired from other means, rifle now fires any suitable material (though Takal always uses lightstones considering the nature of his foes) Hits a little harder now at the cost of being pretty bad with thunder generated from his own body, but still adept with other sources such as lighting storms

Toa Nuara

Short-tempered, violent and narrow-minded, Nuara fits the mindset for her element dangerously well. Her control of plasma is noticeably less than Takal's is of thunder, though this is down to focus, not ability. She wears a powerless Kaukau 'gifted' to her by Karzahni, though it has been mechanically refitted to filter harmful airborne and waterborne particles. Her tan-silver armour is irrepairably faded, dented and scarred, though she refuses to accept a replacement set. The damage was caused during her imprisonment within Karzahni's realm by unknown means, and will not heal naturally or with the use of Takal's Kiril Avkra, unlike the wounds to her body which healed soon after. She lacks the ability to generate plasma from nothing, and instead has to superheat her environment before she can utilise it. The easiest medium is the air closest to her, though heating this results in superficial burns. Her mask's visor automatically polarises upon the generation of plasma as well as on contact with harmful substances, and her mouthpiece seals up to allow the filter to work, muffling the sound of her voice. She wields a plasma haliberd which she obtained from the armoury on Sona Nui, its unpainted shaft closely matching her armour's colours.
She is deeply scarred by her experiences, and is paranoid, delusional and mildly psychotic as a result, though under stress she is known to crack, succumbing to her fears. However, outside of such situations, she shows a love for nature and is deceptively well-meaning and caring, though her trust and respect is hard-gained. Although she'd never admit it, she prefers to work in groups, particularly the groups with Takal or Zahnok, her closest friends, in them. She is the second of my protagonists. She was, for a time (ie. all of 'Thunder') overly modest about her abilities, persuading herself that her performance is inferior to those around her.
Status: alive and well (or as well as is possible while being Nuara)

Edit: Tool now from Waru Bazarin

[No image available]
Toa of sonics, Toa Vano displays the physical traits of a Hordika, though his mind is unaffected. One of his hands is clublike, with a spinner launcher in the palm. He rarely uses his element, though displays a great amount of control over it when he does. He was originally a Toa of Waru Bazarin, though fled when the Visorak attempted to destroy his team, faced with certain death or completion of his Hordika transformation otherwise. He wears a Miru, though rarely uses that, either, preferring bladed weapons or his spinner launcher, though he would never turn down the offer of a Midak. Vano's moral strength surpasses the Toa norm, as he views this as a way to prove his control over his Hordika appearance, and disprove the assumptions of others.
Status: alive and well

[No image available]
Being mute, for reasons neither she nor Vano is willing to expose, Toa Amana displays her emotions via her actions, and is surprisingly lighthearted, though whether or not this is an act has not been revealed. She, like Vano, sports Hordika-like traits, and is far more accustomed to the use of her spinners or clawed hand than her brother, and actively uses precise, powerful jets of water to achieve her goals, and is able to form small solid objects out of it, though a lack of concentration will result in their collapse. She doesn't care much for who runs the operation of her Toa team, so long as they know what they're doing. She prefers to work in the support role rather than at the forefront, though shows little hesitation when it's her turn to take control of a situation.
Status: Alive and well

[No image available]
A hotheaded, reckless young Toa, Thero controls the element of fire, although he frequently resorts to brute force - aided in no small part by his pakari. Toa Maveric took a liking to Thero for reasons no one else can fathom, though perhaps it is the element they share in common. Thero specialises in the irritation of others, and draws both friends and enemies into a rage in order to expose weaknesses, which he notes to aid him in future battles and duels. He wears a gauntlet physically connected to both his hand and mask, allowing him to utilise both strength and fire in tandem. His armour is orange-black, an apparent replacement for his old gear.
Status: Alive and irritating


Once de-facto leader of the Toa Xia, Maveric spends the majority of his time in semi-retirement, training rookie Toa on his home island of Toa Metru (the city of Toa. The island's actual name has long since passed out of the memory and/or useage.). While a master of many weapons, Maveric favours a pair of flaming blades, as well as the short staff displaying his membership of the Toa team he once led. He wears faded red armour with gold highlights, and a golden Hau (he claims to have set the trend, and does in fact predate Tahu by a few hundred years.). Despite his sage-like reputation, he is a known practical joker, and takes pride in outwitting those who set out to pester him or his staff at their own games.
Status: Alive and well

Edit: His real name is now Tarthus, and his nickname is now spelled right.


For Ria's referance, really, 'cause he might want to mention him during 'Perfect Soldiers.'
Toa Nathek is a Toa of iron, and considers himself to be Maveric's right-hand-man. Clad almost entirely in gleaming black and gunmetal armour, Nathek sets out to make the Toa known by simply being, hoping that physical presence will be enough to put Matoran's minds at rest, and cut crime. Amongst his team, and other peacekeeping beings, he is remarkably laid-back and distant, taking in little of the world around him and treating news with a degree of scepticism. However, he cares little for the beings he fights, or his environment, so long as injury to innocent or allied beings is minimal. He wields a pair of sickles, as well as his Toa Xia staff. His kanohi, in the shape of a noble mask of night vision is in fact a mask of stealth.
Status: Turaga

Edit: Now a mask of momentum, his tools are interchangeable owing to his nature


A Toa of stone, and Maveric's most trusted friend and accomplace. He prefers to get in the thick of it, and uses a sonic weapon not dissimilar to a shotgun as opposed to a conventional Toa Tool. He is practically unreadable, and displays his emotions only to his team, showing the outer face of a fearless hero. Though pretty much the same underneath, he does have his doubts about his team's disregard for the Toa code, and while he will not hesitate to kill while the stakes are high, he prefers to incapacitate. He was killed by Mantax's actions, bringing down the building he was investigating while on a solo mission to discover the source of the Barraki's arms during the early years of the League of six Kingdoms. His death shook Nathek and Maveric greatly, and they both became far warier from then on.
Status: Dead at time of 'Thunder,' alive 'till near the end of 'Perfect Soldiers' (if my timeframe's right)

[No image available]
Handpicked as Pharos' replacement by the Toa Xia's official leader (Helryx), Heyana was met with an unfair bias by Maveric, who treated her with a degree of coldness despite her record as a team player and small arms expert. Maveric later regretted these actions, feeling that he had no right to judge her simply on the Toa she was replacing, and near the end of the war, the two were almost as close as Pharos and Maveric had been. (later events are spoilers for 'Six Kingdoms,' and Ria won't need them - Maveric should still be pretty cold towards Heyana at this point. Ria, could you keep mention of Heyana to a minimum - after all, Maveric's team were working almost independantly of Ria at this point, and worked mainly on Xia. Besides, Maveric and Nathek would probably not want to talk about Pharos' death.
Status: Spoiler

Edit: Heyana is now totally different and amazing and everything ever. Also, for once, a genuinely nice female character with no disabiliies or anything. Had to happen sometime. Also the team get on as well with her as they do with anyone else.

Although there are other Toa, either they are not active in 'Thunder,' are still Matoran, have not cropped up yet, or are canonical.


Zahnok Kal (RIA)
(ZAH-nock KAL (REE-ah))

Black/green armoured prototype Bohrok. RIA's mind is ruled by logic, and the only main emotion he feels by the programming variation used to give personality to the units is a rivalry with Zahnok 01, who - by a programming error - runs by morals and emotion. RIA was created to lead, and does so with vigour. He prefers to work as a Bohrok general than as Ria's bodyguard - his usual state - revelling in command. His shields are fitted with protopellet machine guns, as well as an electro rocket on each one. He has a light Midak on a mechanical arm folded into his back, but this was inactive until midway through 'Thunder,' as he was sucessful enough without it. [There is future information, but it contains spoilers for 'Heroes of the Swarms'] Still the leader of Ria's Bohrok, RIA fought amongst Ria's own team, to his concealed dismay. [spoilers for 'Thunder']
Status: Active

Zahnok 01 (Zahnok)
(ZAH-nock oh WON (ZAH-nock))

The second Bohrok to be activated, taking the appearance of a Kohrok. Zahnok's memory unit malfunctioned upon activation, and he was originally schedualed for a reprogramming until Maroo and Ria witnessed his combat skills. He was later sent on multiple high-priority missions either solo or in a small team of Lehvok, Tahnak, Kal or other high-end variants. [section is spoiler for 'Heroes of the Swarms'] During this time, Zahnok hijacked his own systems in order to gain access to his light Midak. With a new fuelling of hatred towards rahkshii-kind, Zahnok returned to active duty, fulfilling roles similar to the ones he had before. He led a series of small strike forces based from a preselected blimp loaned to him, the most notable being the attack on a Xian prison, witnessed by Takal.[continuation is spoilers.]
Status: Malfunctioning, Active

I'll fill more in later - Matoran, next.
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As a Matoran, Takal was fairly antisocial, and lacked interpersonal skills, though showed initiative and a protective nature, as well as feeling great remorse following the deaths of his friends and the destruction of the Ga-Village, regretting not getting to know them better, and not sticking his own neck out to defend them.
Status: Toa


Quiet and retiring, Nuara joined the group as she felt unable to sit back while Mutran slowly took control of the island of Waru Av. However, she didn't expect the changes to be as radical as they were, and found herself homeless and terrified as a result. Eventually severely injured, she was taken to Karzahni, where a failed escape attempt resulted in her detainment in the Makuta hive there, where by methods she refuses to explain, she was force-mutated into a Toa, through the course of a heavily traumatising experiance.
Status: Toa

Captain Duray

The Captain of the Ga-Sona Island guard (the guardforce of Sona Nui), Duray is unusually irresponsible for a Guard, and the reasons for his promotion is unknown. It is likely that his nature changes in troubling situations (Duray will return later in the series, where this will be explained)
Status: alive and well


(AYE, rah) [to use a Scottish pronunciation. Actually, Duray and Eira do sound pretty Scots/Irish, don't they?]
One of the Ga-Sona Guards, as well as a voluntary member of the Fort's elite guards. Eira represents Duray's polar opposite. Although talkative, she sticks fast to her duty, and rarely crosses the line for any reason. She has been noted as being particularly ruthless when fighting, and has killed in the past.
Status: alive and well

[No image available]
Hennam was Takal's boss at his Matoran workplace and is notably crass and unforgiving, as well as displaying a preferance for directness rather than tactical planning. He was beaten into unconsciousness by a rahkshii, and hence presumed dead and therefore abandoned by Takal and Tek. He was transformed into a mutant Toa by Mutran around the time Takal became a Toa himself.
Status: Toa

[No image available]
Takal didn't get to know Kuflat well, and later regretted this when the Matoran was killed by the rubble thrown up by a panrahk staff blast.
Status: dead

[No image available]
Tek was killed before Takal could get to know him, as a result of an attack by a Sorrowahk.
Status: dead

(not like "them is," if you get my drift)
[No image available]
Themis idolised Takal for unknown reasons, and joined the team to follow him. He was totally unprepared for the unfolding events, being somewhat childish and naive. He was the second of the team to be killed, and the first by rahkshii hands.
Status: dead

(MEHZZIN) [pronounced as one syllable]
[No image available]
An aquaintance of Takal, Mezin planned the team, presumeably under the influence of an infected Kanohi, with the intention of finding the Matoran likely to stand up the Mutran, and kill them. He was almost entirely successful even though he was accidentally killed by Hennam, acting in self-defence.
Status: dead

[No image available. I should have one somewhere...]
A Matoran of Iron, Denza was detained in Karzahni for unknown reasons (actually, they are known, but are once again spoilers). He tends to be headstrong, seeing himself as a Toa, and the Toa who's company he keeps think much the same. He also prefers to work with Toa, though insists on bringing his longtime friend, Poron.
Status: Alive and well.

[No image available]
Poron is somewhat more docile compared to Denza, and although braver, is less well-spoken. (there is much future information about Poron, as there is about Denza, but it is once again deep within spoiler country.)
Status: Alive and well.

Next post - Other characters.
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[No image available with his Avohki]
Although he gives off an air of command and a certain degree of experiance, Ria is only a few thousand years older than Takal or Nuara, who are 80,000 or so themselves. He is an expert with various weapons, and a skilled tactician and leader, though many believe he is running a conquest similar to that of the other six Barraki (being technically a warlord, he has "earned" this title and despises its use), only under the pretence of being "good." He still views Maveric and Maroo as his mentors, even though both are willingly under his command. Trivially, he didn't get on well with Nathek, who disagreed with planning procedures, and only put up with Maveric's ones. Having fought through the occupation of Mata Nui (including a guard presence on his very island, ensuring his Bohrok remained inactive) by Barraki, he has particularly strong feelings on wartime morals, though little with capital punishment. Also known as Rimara Nui.
Status: alive and well

[No image available]
A Skakdi of particular cunning and ambition, Rolkoz initially left his home island of Zakaz to work as a weaponsmith for the Barraki - his work included early prototypes of the Jutlin-Bo robots, nicknamed by Maroo the Voltakii as "corrupted sentinels," as the two were first engineered around the same time. Rolkoz realised that the Barraki's power-lust would be their undoing, and made plans to defect long before they plotted their fatal mistake of attacking Metru Nui. His work, alongside that of Ria, saw the construction of the mechanised Bohrok the Brotherhood used in the last days of the war, alongside rahkshi and Visorak. He returned to Sona Nui alongside Maroo, Ria, Vorsis and Kova at the end of the war, and has done little notable work besides improving existing technology since. His tool is a dual shock-rifle/blowtorch which is capable of hammering targets with a high-force concussive blast, however the firing system requires manual resetting after every shot.

[No image available]
A Voltaki of particular strength, Maroo was one of the few not to align himself with the Barraki, and has been on shaky ground with his own kind since. The Voltaki are naturally tall, strong beings clad in grey/silver armour, and carry their history in battle as their trophies, and most will attack outsiders with little hesitation. Although intelligent, they don't think matters through thughroughly when it comes to combat, reasoning that the only thing they need to fear is another Voltaki. They speak in a Matoran dialect which uses none of the traditional Agori words, and are generally armed with the largest weapons they can find - in Maroo's case, a hammer. He is Ria's right-hand-Toa (metaphorically speaking), and his source of council in difficult times.]
Status: alive and well

[Image on Ria's camera. Has been there since '09]
Kova is a notorious "hero" known for her ruthless nature, athletic abilities and, fortunately in her line of work, her moral sense, keeping her in check. She wears siver/black armour, and has worked alongside Ria and Maroo since the time of the Barraki at the forefront of their strikes, though she receives little acknowledgement from the community outside Sona Nui.
Status: alive and well

[No image available]
A somewhat dubious and sly Makuta, known for working closely with Novex, for unknown reasons (as she detests the very sight of him). She is known for behaving deceptively like a Toa, appearing to be more sociable and approachable than her brethren. Disliked by Pharos, as he was never sure if she was being untruthful at any given point. She is known to have a soft spot for Matoran as a side-effect of her Toa-like act, though is still generally cold towards them.
Status: alive and well


Novex appears slow-witted for a Makuta, though this is because the ease at which he achieves victory over non-Makuta has caused him to become complacent. He can be far more brutal towards other beings than his Brothers, going out of his way to cause unnecessary pain or death. His wrist-armour extends over the back of his hands, giving them a taloned appearance as well as fitting him with two bladed clubs to use in combat. He prefers to use elemental fear and shadow over the other 41 elements at his disposal, and his mask is powerless.

[No image available]
Vorsis left the Brotherhood long before they hatched their plan to overthrow Mata Nui, claiming that a group so vicious towards even each other would be incapable of protecting the Matoran they had sworn themselves to. He is a particularly close friend of Maroo and Ria, and never saw any reason to challenge Mata Nui, finding himself disgusted at the paths his Brotherhood had followed. He is birdlike and menacing in appearance, his mask taking on the appearance of an avian skull, complete with a tattered cape, bone-like limbs and green orbs floating in the skull's eye sockets, though these serve no visual purpose - he 'sees' via his reshaped mask of sonar. He carries an axe of unknown origin, capable of capturing and storing Makuta essence, as well as having an intangeable head. It is fairly worthless as a melee weapon against all but Makuta, though Vorsis rarely engages in combat with a weapon - the mere sight of him hurling fireballs is enough to terrify most foes.
Status: alive and well.

[Pics on Ria's camera. Have been there since '09]
Once of a similar mindset to Vorsis, Sorowix was the Makuta of Sona Nui before his sister Makuta - Ragidax - was killed as the three of them, plus Ria, Maroo and Maveric's team succeeded in evicting and (despite Pharos' protests) killing the tyrannical leader. Sorrowix blamed Ria for her death, and vowed that he (Ria) would be made to pay for his actions. He left the island, wandering around violently murdering wrongdoers for a while, until insanity overcame him and he began to reason that Ria had committed the worst crime of all, and had to be killed for Ragidax's spirit to rest in peace. Any being that sided with Ria, he decided, must share his fate. Sorrowix wears a mask of scavenging in the shape of an infected Hau, and has become unimaginably strong during the course of his endeavors. Although he was initially ahead of Teridax for control of the Brotherhood after Miserex was overthrown, he decided he needed time to work on his own priorities, instead becoming the Makuta's hitman, killing those foolish enough to cross the Brotherhood, and powerful enough to withstand the rahkshii.
Status: alive and well

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It's not illegal, it's just cheating.

I'm into exam time right now... I'll be checking up frequently, but I don't expect to be posting in the next two weeks or so unless something really catches my eye.