Sona Nuian Ancient History

Sona Nuian Ancient History

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While only a fraction of the sum of Sona Nuian historical artifacts, the amount of material currently on loan from Sona Nui's own overstocked archive and museum (as well as several accompanying texts from the Fort of Sona Nui's library that Toa Maverick had to personally check out to get the librarian's okay) fills the sizeable upper floor. The most impressive site is undoubtedly the Guard Memorial, erected initially in honour of the legendary Captain of the Guard, who was exiled mistakenly from the island to a land of horrors. Unable to rescue him once they realised their error, the remaining Matoran of the Guard built this to remember the hero's impact on the island, despite their misled beliefs. Armed with rapier, pistol and Noble Kanohi Arthron, the white-clad Matoran stands upon the (forcibly edited) head and shoulders of a fallen Voltaki. Why the Voltaki invaders of the island chose to censor their likeness without simply destroying the statue is uncertain, though likely they expected the Guard to resist and retaliate were their Captain's image to be defaced. Another possibility is that the Tyrant himself - or one of his Barraki superiors - saw fit to show the Matoran in question respect. This white-clad statue, adorned in red Island Guard insignia, later became a war memorial for the Sona Nuian victims of the later uprising against the Barraki. A name near the top reads Makuta Kra-Sona, and the last name on the inscribed list is "Toa Heyana," several wreathes lie propped against its base.

The rest of the exhibit is arranged chronologically clockwise around the room, starting from the roots of the Voltaki seizure of the island to the eventual fall of the Barraki. The earliest exhibit is a handwritten document by a Matoran of Psionics present during a scouting mission on Voltaki shortly before their invasion. A small paragraph on its display case explains that the operation collapsed into a chaotic massacre of the Matoran scouts immediately after they disembarked from their transport. Of the dozen scouts, only three and the ship's captain survived the initial attack and made it off of the island. The text is that of least senior of the four, who was given a stark and scarring glimpse of the Voltaki at their most brutal. With the Matoran's own handwriting shaky and near-illegible in places, a transcription rests alongside:

My feet had barely touched the port when the Captain [of the guard] started shouting and waving us inland. With the Voltaki ship still firing at Duray's transport, I couldn't hear a word but in an instant the decking had come apart in splinters and explosive shrapnel. I was thrown back into the sea by one of the first explosions, and I suppose that's what saved me from the others. When I reached the surface, there was nothing left of the pier but floating wreckage and the bod what was left of the others. Kural and the Captain were the only ones who had made it to the shore, but a metal spike had gone straight through Kural's hand. We were able to fix it up later, but he'd lost his spear. Two Voltaki attacked from the shore, one of them with a huge gattling gun thing. They almost got to Kural before the Captain stopped them. Without Duray, we had to get to another port and hope he could escape the Voltaki ship that was still following him. I didn't doubt him for a moment. I've never seen a vehicle Duray couldn't pilot better than the crew who designed it. The Captain ordered us to carry the gun the Voltaki had used - It took both of us to lift it off the ground, and Kural couldn't pull the trigger with his hand. I had to do it. I can't pull a trigger, swing a sword or draw a dagger in anger again after seeing what that monstrous weapon did to the Voltaki that tried to attack us. Holding the trigger shredded up chunks of metal loaded in the top and sent razor shards flying at them. It tore them apa The Vol

Further along is a report by the vice-Captain (later acting captain, then Fort Guard Captain) Eira, regarding the survivors shortly before the Voltaki launched their own attack:

No-one saw it coming. I was no exception. What are you supposed to think when the Matoran you've looked up to all your life just snaps like that? He seemed so sure of himself when I confronted him, convinced that Golu had been the one to cause what had happened on Voltaka Nui. Kural's right: It's not like him to act without reason or ration, but I fear he may be talking purely out of unwillingness to believe the truth and is afraid to "betray" his Captain - He killed another Matoran. Whatever he thought Poron had done, that's not the way to set it right. I know the Guard can try to come to terms with what's happened, but I fear for Heyana; He meant the dome to her. It seems that besides that Makuta, he's all she had. He's in custody, now. Sorrowix and his rahkshi saw to that. Duray's already preparing a blimp. We all know what has to be done.

Heyana's gone. Cehra too. The Guard is shaking to its core, and hysteria is spreading across the island. Kural continues to insist that we were wrong to treat one of our own like that – he claims we overreacted to an overreaction, and Duray's inclined to believe him. With dissent and dissatisfaction spreading through the guard, it's not much of a stretch of the imagination to assume that perhaps, on some level, this IS what the Voltaki wanted, as Kural argues. However, the disappearance of two Matoran is a much more concerning state of affairs. It would be safe to assume that both have lost faith in the island, but nevertheless, I have to treat this with the suspicion it requires.

I write this now with a decade of guilt thrust suddenly upon me. A Voltaki force of around fifty troops made landfall yesterday. The Guard and our rahkshi never stood a chance. Makuta Kra-Sona has been captured, and Sorrowix has fled to Destral, taking now-Toa Heyana with him. So far, Kural and I have managed to evade detection in the hills to the Northeast, but the fate of the rest of the guard – and the island – remains a mystery. I know only that Duray escaped, piloting the same blimp on which our “heroes” took flight. I can only hope the rest of the Brotherhood are as sympathetic to our cause as Sorrowix.

It's been four years, and still the Makuta make no action. Has Sorrowix betrayed us as Poron once did, or are the Brotherhood less inclined to his beliefs, as was Kra-Sona? Strange, too, that Toa Heyana has not returned. I hadn't expected this from her, especially after hearing of her own attitude towards the Voltaki and their warlike ways. As consolation, however, a pair of Toa arrived on the island a month ago to aid our cause – Toa Rheno and Toa Nala of the Toa Bazarin. Toa Nala has offered to ferry news to and from the island to bring sympathetic aid from Waru Bazarin. It is through her that I send this – Rheno recounts that a Makuta saved both he and his sister upon their arrival here. I beg that she return to aid us. We need the Brotherhood's help soon. It's only a matter of time until we are discovered.

Ten thousand years. Ten thousand years have passed since my capture, living in a cell in the disgusting Voltaki parody of a fortress, let loose only to be forced to fight like an animal in their arena. I've lost count of the number of my island-mates I had to kill to survive, but I will remember those that stay with me for the rest of my life. Of that I am certain. For all the years Sorrowix and Heyana spent on hiatus, they only gathered two Makuta to show for it – Makuta Vorsis and Heyana's own friend, to boot. Though that was not all they brought back. With them came three of the most powerful Toa I have ever seen, Toa Tarthus, Nathek and Pharos; titans of fire, metal and rock. Along, too, came Kova the huntress and the Voltaki Maroo and his lieutenant, Voval. Finally, they brought the hero to overthow the tyrant who for so long has ruled our island. His name is Rimara Nui. It shocks me to hear that their first impression of the island was that it was at peace, despite the nature of the fort and its barbaric games. Surprised, too, I was to hear that Kural escaped his own death sentence, but with these unexpected joys comes a bitter price. Kra-Sona was killed as Ria confronted the tyrant, and I fear her loss has driven Sorrowix to insanity.

Further sketches depict the refitting of the Voltaki fort to a more tasteful aesthetic, and to accommodate the island's Matoran population in case of attack. Further along, there are several scale replicas of the Voltakan Thunder, Light of Sona Nui and Virtuous Shadow heavy “blimps”
OOC: In light of my recent retcons, I've decided that the Karzahni was a pretty cliche'd name, and Voltakan Thunder makes a much more appropriate name considering the planned increased role of the Voltaki, and is analogous to Karzahni in what the name implies. sit within a glass case, mounted to a replica of the cliffside blimp station to which they dock. The levtation disc arrays of the full-size ships have been reproduced with a scaling power output to prevent the lopsided diorama from collapsing. A plaque on the casing reads: “The Light of Sona Nui and its sister ships were built as flying factories and fortresses by the Makuta-owned Xian company: Rhutaka Institute, these three vessels were transported in assembled portions to Sona Nui to evade Barraki attention, where they were then fully assembled. In the case of an attack on Sona Nui, these vessels would satisfy the needs of the island's evacuees and materials should the attackers ever threaten to sieze control. While apparently armed in an impractically liberal manner, these ships could have been required to carry the populace indefinitely, and so being shot down would have resulted in catastrophe. Though the Light of Sona Nui is equipped with a fully-stocked emergency barracks and armoury for the island's impressive guard, the two sister ships contain fabrication facilities built to Xian specifications of the time. It is these that are credited with the construction of the Sornak, Sentinel and Bohrok-modelled machines designed by the Skakdi “Rektann” and Rimaru Nui. Though the Sornak were rendered unstable and the Sentinels unfit for most purposes, the Bohrok-based soldiers still see use at present.
“While most blimps active within the domes use one primary levitation disc array, this was unfeasable and cumbersome in this case, and the arrays are located in the structures appearing to be aerofoils along the vessels, along with several discrete dorsal appendages. Most of these are are accessible from the vehicles' gundecks for ease of repair.”

The final exhibit is the memorial statue, that now faces you as you're channelled back to the stairs.

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