Starting comic or animated series. Based on Birds!

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Starting comic or animated series. Based on Birds!

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05 Aug 2013, 05:59 #1

Hey everyone,

I am thinking about doing a comic or animate series taking inspiration on:
- Bionicle
- Favorite Cartoons (MyLittePony, MyLifeAsATeenageRobot, RegularShow, InvaderZim,AngryBeavers)
- My pets and BIRDS in general
- My life experience

The thing is that I've been planning far too long, but I never got to fully execute my plan. Well, since I pretty much depleted my favorite themes to "follow," I thought I might as well "create" my own theme.
I mean why not? My favorite cartoons ended, Bionicle ended, MLP:FiM is getting a creepy vibe, getting bored with video games (except for Doom and Mario64),I've experienced majority of college career, experienced Europe, and working with LEGO Internship.
So there is not much for me to do other than do well in my last year of school right now and hopefully get a job at LEGO CT!.

I want to bring out my inner-creativity, and the only way I could think of expressing that is drawing cartoons (even though I probably suck at it as of now).


Where am I getting at from this? I would like you guys to give me feedback or something on how to start off such a project. I haven't been doing a lot of in-depth cartoon drawing lately, but as of now I am thinking of simply sacrificing video game time for more writing/sketching.

Here are a couple of my sketches. They are pretty bad, but what the heck. What do you think of them as of now?
2012 Sketches (Mostly based off of Regular Show):
2013 Rough *being bored on the summer job* Sketches (Based off of Bionicle and My Life as a Teenage Robot):


To start of my project, these are the tools I will be most likely work on. Gotta live what I have now. Which is a Nexus 7 (2012) and ASUS TF700. (and no, I don't have a PC. It exploded a long time ago. So I will be using Pixlr Editor (google drive add-on) on a public computer to do some of my pic editing):

Comics: ... layerpaint ... me_android


Animation: ... .animation ... apemachine ... boardmaker

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06 Aug 2013, 08:38 #2

Just testing some of my art apps on my android. Right here is kind of my rough sketch of my ConeFig Bird character. What do you think of it? Not bad huh, for something being drawn in about 12 minutes? :)

[ConeFigs are like StickFigs, but better because they actually have armor than being bare naked StickFigs.]


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06 Aug 2013, 15:28 #3

The conebird is not bad at all, just get some practice comics going and find a comic hosting site (I think is one that can have you online in minutes). Ive been using, which does give you more flexability in site design and layout, though its often kind of like using a battleship that's falling apart to get comics online.

In the link above, I actually coded most the skin using primarily table data. Its not perfect but I never could make myself debug it. It automaticly stretches the "book" around the comic so it doesn't matter what size my pages are, though without some placeholder images in the right spots the edges of the skin get squished by the comic when it gets too wide. You probably don't want to bother with skin stuff like I did until you've got a fully fleshed out comic going with regular updates, and really nobody cares about the skin and stuff if the comic is decent, then if it takes off and you start making enough profit you can move on to a private site.

For drawing programs, make sure you look at the autodesk sketchbook programs on android. I don't know how they compare to anything else, but the ones Ive used have worked pretty good. One of the problems Ive read about them is they may not let you set the resolution you want for the image, its a multiplication of something times the width or height of your device by default. One of the programs from them might let you choose though, not sure which one.
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07 Aug 2013, 03:17 #4

Thank you Imatron for the complement.

Come to think about it, I think I will use that style as part of my comics for now on. It is almost fast, simple, and cool looking to draw until I get better at my art skills. I just need to refine it a little more of my default character to be a bit "bird" like. Because so far it looks like a Human body with a birds head on it.

Also, I have been looking if I should host my future comics onto Tumblr or Deviant Art. But those comic sharing websites you have shown me looks like good alternatives too. But I am not sure if you can add an RSS option in those sites. So I have to look into which ones that may seem to be more of my style. So far Comic Fury is the best I have came across with recently. But idk, I can decide that once I am done fully fleshing out the storyline and characters of my comic.

As for the art apps on android, I have been using SketchBook Pro in the past (bought it back when it was just 25 cents in the Play Store), and it is kind of overwhelming in my opinion. There are too many tools and crud which makes me feel that I am spending more time in the menus finding the tools I need, than creating my pic. Ha ha! But I can see the potential in it once I get more comfortable with digital art.
LayerPaint (The one that was used to create my conebird) is pretty easy and strips down all the common professionalism stuff from AutoDesk and makes it pretty user friendly for noobies like me :P . You should check it out once you get the chance.

Your comics looks pretty sweet. I liked the unique art style too. Reminds me of a 90s Mac game graphics! It gives that nice vintage vibe to it. When did you start that the comic series Imatron? Is it still continuing?