Tahu, Uniter of Fire

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Tahu, Uniter of Fire

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Yo, yo Piraka! Baxor here, reviewing the 71308 Tahu, Uniter of Fire.


Stats: Tahu, Uniter of Fire contains 132 pieces. He can be united with Ikir, Creature of Fire, and is 9” (almost 23 cm). He wields a couple of epic fire swords which can (apparently), transform into a lava-surfing board*

* Weird story. First time I saw those swords, and saw the axle sticking out of the butt and though, “Well [insert Baxor's real human name], that looks like it's supposed to make a swag lava-surfing board.” When I got the instructions, however, it literally says nothing about making it into a lava board (probably because they require a separate piece; because of the constraction-hands-that-look-like-real-hands, they have two separate connections points, one on each side of the hand). Then, and I only realized this now, in the Netflix Show, BIONICLE: Journey to One®, Tahu uses the swords as a board to surf on lava. Well, that's one of those unfortunate and unforeseen disadvantages of the realistic hands.

Price Chart:

USD: $20
Canadian Dollars: $24
Pounds: £14
Euros: €18

Elements: Tahu is practically raining gold, and yes, that is as awesome as it sounds. He is clad both in gold, trans-lava-red, and black pieces. Perhaps the most unique addition to the elements in this model is the two baby-blue Bohrok eye pieces. Somehow (I don't know why), this actually works well, but I'll get into that in aesthetics. Some of the pieces used by the Skull Grinder, the Skull Warrior, and Skull Basher as knee or shoulder pieces are used on Tahu, except they're in an awesome gold colour.

The obligatory Shard-Sword and Elemental Flame-pieces are there, and he has some awesome gold Uniter pieces for thigh-armour. He also has the Shard Amour piece used for his ankles. Plenty of gold and trans-lava-red HF armour pieces and assorted T2P**.

** Part of the Baxor Lexicon. T2 is T-squared (think TT). The TT stands for Tiny Technic, and the P (pieces), is self-explanitory. Tiny Technic Pieces are those little pieces which riddle BIONICLE® sets like bullets.

Aesthetics: I have quite a few comments about this model. As a regular subscriber to the LEGO Magazine®, Tahu was the first Uniter I saw until they actually reached stores. I spent actual months mulling over his construction, Ikir's, and Umarak's, so I have a few comments.

Shoulder Armour

First, is something relating to the choice in shoulder-armour pieces. At first, I thought that this was a bad choice. The picture that I had before me made that armour's position look stiff and awkward. I can't tell you how happy I was to find out that they actually worked rather well. Beyond that, having the pieces in gold is actually really cool.

Second was his fire swords. As they were advertised in the LEGO Magazine, they looked like this:

Open Form Swords

They seemed unreasonably fat for swords. When I built the model, I thought that the adjustability factor was interesting, if odd. I have yet to see a logical reason, so I'm branding this under another classic piece of LegoLogic.

The next thing I want to discuss is the blue Bohrok Eyes. Okay, I don't know how, but somehow this bit of light blue works amidst the showers of gold, red, black, and silver. Honestly, I don't see a sensible reason why they are included because of their small part in the model. The only other place that the colour is visible is on the printed chest-plate. I have a theory as to why this is, but no actual facts to support it. When Gen 2 started, LEGO went and started to add a colour to the traditional 2-colour colour scheme. Gali got silver and trans-blue, Lewa got yellow and silver, Pohatu got trans-yellow, Onua got his amethyst purple, and so on. I think LEGO just wants a bit more colour variety. Of course, I can't be certain, but that's my guess.

Speaking of colour scheme, this model has a great one. The black swords work great, and the combination of trans-lava-red and gold fits perfectly. Proportions are good. This is a 9” tall model, the tallest in Gen 2, and one of the tallest when compared to Gen 1, and it's height had the propensity to work against it, especially with those HF parts. None the less, it actually works really well.

One of the things I don't like about this model has to do with Tahu's hands. His swords, which extend through his hands, are hard to remove. Because the Glatorian hands do not have a hole that goes straight through, as the classic hands do. For some reason, I personally like to be able to remove the weapons from the hands, so the fact that to do so is cumbersome in this model irks me.

One other thing that did not work well was the head. Because the model is so big, but the head size has not changed, Tahu looks like he has a tiny head. It's kind of awkward, especially considering that the mask is small even compared to other models in this release.

He is Tahu, Uniter of the Tiny Heads. Fear him.

New Elements: None for this one. See my review on Gali, Uniter of Water, and Ikir, Creature of Fire, for info on the new pieces in this model. They are the Shard-Sword, Shard Armour, and Torso piece.

Cool Stuff: The DohGear torso, the mask-ejection piece, and his swords with adjustable height.

My Opinion: Between build and colour scheme, as well as total piece count, this is a very good model. His small head does annoy me, even though the mask itself is cool as far as colour and shape. Even though the blue Bohrok eyes are random, I think that they work well with the model. In the end though, I hope that they didn't add those pieces because they wanted a third colour on the model. If that's the truth, trying to hard to put those colour pieces in there could make the colour scheme awkward. Of course, there's always the possibility that they simply added it because the colour was in the chest-plate, but I digress. The fact that the swords can't be detached easily annoys me. I wish that they would have at least had some extra piece included in the model that made it so that you could detach and display the swords separately. Obviously, that's not very practical from the side of TLG, but hey, a fan can hope, can't he?

Rating: 4/4, because I think everyone should get this. It's a very well-built model, with a good colour scheme. If you ignore the tiny head, it's perfect.

Please remember to post your comments, as well as any suggested sections that I should add. Till next time, this is Baxor signing off!
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