Terak, Creature of Earth

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Terak, Creature of Earth

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Yo, yo P … Terak? Baxor here, reviewing the 71304 Terak, Creature of Earth.


Stats: 71304 Terak Creature of Earth Contains 74 pieces. He also works a night job as a rapper, and with good reason, as you shall soon see.

Price Chart

USD: $10
Canadian Dollars: $12
Pounds: £7
Euros: €9

Elements: This set contains plenty of black and trans-purple elements. It also has two gold/clear plastic Shard-Armour pieces. As with the other Creatures, it has a healthy sampling of Technic pieces (*Insert child-like enthusiasm*).

Aesthetics: Terak has some of the simplest aesthetics of any of the Creatures, but I actually like it this way. I say that for two reasons. First of all, his colour scheme is very simple and well put together. This adds a comforting element to the simplicity of the model. In addition, his simplicity looks perfect when combined with Onua.

That said, he does have proportions issues, principally centred around the fact that his hands are huge and his legs are both stubby and thin.

One of my huge complaints with the Creatures has been the awkward appearance of the stone-grey Technic elements. I'm proud to say that, in Terak, it's no longer an issue. His natural dark-colour allows the stone-grey to fade out. That, combined with the well-concentrated gold near the head, and the well-distributed purple along the field of back.

New Elements: None for this one. For the information on the Creature-Head piece, see my review on Ikir, Creature of Fire. For info on the Shard-Armour piece, see my review on Lewa, Uniter of Jungle.

Cool Stuff: His arms move in a great way. They move up and down, so that, when you put him on Onua, his arms act as raisable-lowerable shoulder-plates. This also allows him to look like a rapper when you move the switch quickly up and down. So … he's a rapper. And it's Yo, Yo, Pterak, like Yo, Yo, Pterodactyl, or Yo, Yo, Piraka … Yeah, that joke just died a brutal death, so never mind.

Yo, yo Pterak. It will become cool.

My Opinion: This has been one of the briefest reviews I've done, due to Terak's simplicity. I love how the colours work well together, and really (beyond a complete remake of the model itself), there not much you can improve upon. I still wish his legs were a bit broader, and if you could fix that, it would basically amend the entire model. But, of course, if you broaden the legs, then proportions will be off, however, I digress.

Rating: 2/4. The figure alone isn't great, because of its simplicity. Due to how great he looks with Onua, I'd say if you're buying Onua, then you should buy Terak.

Please remember to post your comments, as well as any suggested sections that I should add. Till next time, this is Baxor signing off!
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