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The BIONICLE Concept Project

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08 Jan 2017, 01:32 #1

Well, this is something I've been wanting to let everyone know about for a little while. It started in July because of two realizations I had about community projects on the whole

1. In my experience, I've never seen anyone make BIONICLE music with lyrics

2. And for 100% certain I'd never seen anyone make BIONICLE concept albums (or, an album based off a story, if you don't know what it is.)

So, I started my band (called Metal for Flesh), and started to form the ideas. I've currently got most of the 1st album planned (it encompasses the 2001 story), and in total I've got 9 studio-length albums mapped out and 2 EPs planned (one for the Kal story line, and the other for the Reign of Shadows serial, as they're both just short enough not to warrant a whole album.)

Planning to start posting this stuff in a couple of months. May wait for TTV's Chroniclers Convergence to get it some publicity, though.

Thoughts? And questions are great too.

Also, I'm planning to update this topic regularly with updates, and eventually make a youtube trailer.

Link to the (currently empty) channel page is here.
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