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The bionicle story

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Chapter 1: Quest for the Masks
Six Toa heroes must discover how to work together to save the island paradise of Mata Nui from destruction by the shadows of the Makuta. Only hidden golden Kanohi masks of power will let the Toa tame Makuta’s infected Rahi beasts and bring peace to the island and its Matoran inhabitants.

A single Matoran villager winds his way across the island of Mata Nui, in search of stories to chronicle. His memory torn from him, the lone Matoran wanders into adventures with his fellow villagers and the new Toa heroes fallen from the sky.

His name is Takua.

Takua is originally from the village of Ta-Koro, perched in the center of a lake of fire. But his travels bring him across the entire island, from icy Ko-Koro to the windswept desert of Po-Koro and its skilled carvers. Along the way, Takua helped fix damage and solve problems brought on by rampaging Rahi beasts.

Those beasts have been driven mad by wearing infected Kanohi masks. The masks were sent by dark Makuta, who lurked in his underground lair of Mangaia. Makuta spread his shadows across the island, and the villagers were unable to stop the enraged Rahi which shattered their homes.

The dark tide was turned when the Toa arrived on the island. Each Toa was master of an element, and was charged with defending the village of that element. Tahu, Toa of Fire, made his way to Ta-Koro, while Gali defended watery Ga-Koro, Pohatu watched over desert Po-Koro, Onua guarded underground Onu-Koro, Lewa oversaw the jungle village of Le-Koro, and Kopaka protected the icy realm of Ko-Koro. Their elemental powers channeled through their tools made them a formidable.

After meeting on the slopes of Mt. Ihu, wise Turaga Vakama told the Toa they must find great Kanohi masks of power in order to challenge and defeat the Makuta. Although some wished to stay together, each Toa went alone to search for their masks. Once each Toa found six great masks, the six Kanohi were combined into a single golden mask of great power. They also received Makoki Stones which would open the pathway to Makuta’s lair.

Makuta’s defense was massive. Infected Rahi gathered at the entrance to his lair, the Kini-Nui, in an attempt to prevent the Toa and Matoran from entering. Takua and his Matoran friends guarded the entrance while the six Toa descended. Makuta’s Mana guardians forced the Toa to physically combine into two beings, the Toa Kaita. Akamai – the combination of Tahu, Pohatu, and Onua - went one way, while Wairuha – Lewa, Gali, and Kopaka – took another route. Their strength and wisdom helped them defeat the Manas and enter Makuta’s stronghold. This close to Makuta, the combination form could not be sustained, and the Toa Kaita dissolved to become the six Toa once more.

Arrayed in a circle, the Toa were ready for anything. Or so they thought – until a small figure stepped into the light. A scarred and infected Matoran figure accosted the six great Toa, taunting them. But the master of shadows soon changed his appearance into a whirling maelstrom of elements, dark tendrils slamming out and into the heroes.

Individually, the Toa were helpless to stop Makuta. But when they combined their elemental powers, Makuta was beaten back. The dark form’s last taunt hung in the air: “You cannot destroy me,” before the vortex vanished and Makuta’s dark presence was no longer felt. The Toa were victorious!

The battle did not go unseen. Brave Takua, ever in search of a story and at the urging of Gali, had followed the Toa into the darkness and witnessed their victory over Makuta. After the Toa were transported back to the surface, Takua entered another doorway and discovered a new threat. Massive walls with circular patterns glowed green, and as he approached, something burst from behind one of the circles. Takua stayed just long enough to see the thing’s eyes glow before escaping to the surface.

Makuta had his revenge. The Bohrok swarms were awakening…

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Chapter 2: The Bohrok Swarms
Fresh from their victory over the Makuta, the inhabitants of Mata Nui face a new and desperate threat from the Bohrok Swarms. Robotic bugs, driven by determined krana life forms, ravage the island. Toa and Matoran alike struggle to stop the relentless advance of the Bohrok legions.

Makuta was gone.

It didn’t take long for the villagers and Toa of Mata Nui to sense their next challenge. Ever at the center of things, Takua returned from Makuta’s underground lair with a tale of strange new beings set free deep beneath the surface.

Even before celebrations of Makuta’s defeat were completed, the Toa began hearing reports of bug-like creatures swarming across Mata Nui, destroying the landscape and buildings, but not harming the Matoran themselves. One villager from Ta-Koro struggled to the Toa and could only utter one word, over and over.

Bohrok. Bohrok. Bohrok.
Soon, the Bohrok were everywhere. Turaga Vakama informed the Toa there were six different breeds of Bohrok: Gahlok, Nuvok, Pahrak, Tahnok, Lehvak, and Kohrak. Each one powered by a rubbery krana that rested beneath the Bohrok’s smooth shell. There were eight different types of krana, and each held a special power. The Toa, according to Vakama, must collect all 96 different types of krana in order to stop the swarms from completely destroying the island. The Toa spread out in search.

Toa Lewa headed for Le-Koro, but instead of his villagers, he found Turaga Matau with a krana resting on his face in place of a Kanohi mask. The Matoran were likewise infected. Rather than fight those he had sworn to protect, Lewa submitted to the krana. He had no choice.

Other villages were luckier. Underground Onu-Koro fought off a swarm, but several Matoran were trapped underground. Nuparu, one of the engineers, discovered a Gahlok with its krana missing and discovered each Bohrok was simply a machine controlled completely by the krana. He managed to cobble together another machine out of the parts, and his new Boxor vehicle design spread to other villages. When used in large numbers, Matoran driving Boxors were able to hold their own against a Bohrok swarm.

While infected Lewa stayed in Le-Koro, the other Toa collected the rest of the krana. They flooded canyons, trapped Bohrok in rockslides, and tricked or fought the Bohrok long enough to gather all they needed. Toa Onua found Lewa at last, and managed to convince Lewa he was stronger than the krana. Lewa broke free of the creatures’ control, but could still “hear” the Bohrok from his nearly-severed connection.

Meanwhile, Toa Kopaka discovered a large cave entrance and with Toa Tahu decided to bring all the krana. They had found the Bohrok nest. All Toa assembled at the mouth of the cave, Lewa assisted the group with his link to the Bohrok, and the Toa discovered six passageways lined with niches mean for krana. But simply placing the krana in their niches didn’t stop the swarms.

Further along the passageways, the Toa discovered powered armor, Exo-Toa machines. Donning them, they found at last the true Bohrok commanders: The Bahrag twins, Cahdok and Gahdok. These fearsome-looking creatures shrugged off the Toa’s attacks with ease, until Tahu discovered the Exo-Toa suits were preventing them from using their elemental powers. Once the Toa took off the suits, they were able to combine their powers and trap the Bahrag in a cage of glowing protodermis.

Outside, the Bohrok stopped in mid-action.

Their victory was short-lived, as the ground beneath the Toa opened up beneath them and they fell into energized protodermis. The Toa emerged transformed into… something else.

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