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The Legend of the BIONICLE

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Most of this comes from Greg Farshteys synopsises on But I had to write the last part.

Six Toa heroes must discover how to work together to save the island paradise of Mata Nui from destruction by the shadows of the Makuta. Only hidden golden Kanohi masks of power will let the Toa tame Makuta’s infected Rahi beasts and bring peace to the island and its Matoran inhabitants.

A single Matoran villager winds his way across the island of Mata Nui, in search of stories to chronicle. His memory torn from him, the lone Matoran wanders into adventures with his fellow villagers and the new Toa heroes fallen from the sky.

His name is Takua.

Takua is originally from the village of Ta-Koro, perched in the center of a lake of fire. But his travels bring him across the entire island, from icy Ko-Koro to the windswept desert of Po-Koro and its skilled carvers. Along the way, Takua helped fix damage and solve problems brought on by rampaging Rahi beasts.

Those beasts have been driven mad by wearing infected Kanohi masks. The masks were sent by dark Makuta, who lurked in his underground lair of Mangaia. Makuta spread his shadows across the island, and the villagers were unable to stop the enraged Rahi which shattered their homes.

The dark tide was turned when the Toa arrived on the island. Each Toa was master of an element, and was charged with defending the village of that element. Tahu, Toa of Fire, made his way to Ta-Koro, while Gali defended watery Ga-Koro, Pohatu watched over desert Po-Koro, Onua guarded underground Onu-Koro, Lewa oversaw the jungle village of Le-Koro, and Kopaka protected the icy realm of Ko-Koro. Their elemental powers channeled through their tools made them a formidable.

After meeting on the slopes of Mt. Ihu, wise Turaga Vakama told the Toa they must find great Kanohi masks of power in order to challenge and defeat the Makuta. Although some wished to stay together, each Toa went alone to search for their masks. Once each Toa found six great masks, the six Kanohi were combined into a single golden mask of great power. They also received Makoki Stones which would open the pathway to Makuta’s lair.

Makuta’s defense was massive. Infected Rahi gathered at the entrance to his lair, the Kini-Nui, in an attempt to prevent the Toa and Matoran from entering. Takua and his Matoran friends guarded the entrance while the six Toa descended. Makuta’s Mana guardians forced the Toa to physically combine into two beings, the Toa Kaita. Akamai – the combination of Tahu, Pohatu, and Onua - went one way, while Wairuha – Lewa, Gali, and Kopaka – took another route. Their strength and wisdom helped them defeat the Manas and enter Makuta’s stronghold. This close to Makuta, the combination form could not be sustained, and the Toa Kaita dissolved to become the six Toa once more.

Arrayed in a circle, the Toa were ready for anything. Or so they thought – until a small figure stepped into the light. A scarred and infected Matoran figure accosted the six great Toa, taunting them. But the master of shadows soon changed his appearance into a whirling maelstrom of elements, dark tendrils slamming out and into the heroes.

Individually, the Toa were helpless to stop Makuta. But when they combined their elemental powers, Makuta was beaten back. The dark form’s last taunt hung in the air: “You cannot destroy me,” before the vortex vanished and Makuta’s dark presence was no longer felt. The Toa were victorious!

The battle did not go unseen. Brave Takua, ever in search of a story and at the urging of Gali, had followed the Toa into the darkness and witnessed their victory over Makuta. After the Toa were transported back to the surface, Takua entered another doorway and discovered a new threat. Massive walls with circular patterns glowed green, and as he approached, something burst from behind one of the circles. Takua stayed just long enough to see the thing’s eyes glow before escaping to the surface.

Makuta had his revenge. The Bohrok swarms were awakening
Makuta was gone.

It didn’t take long for the villagers and Toa of Mata Nui to sense their next challenge. Ever at the center of things, Takua returned from Makuta’s underground lair with a tale of strange new beings set free deep beneath the surface.

Even before celebrations of Makuta’s defeat were completed, the Toa began hearing reports of bug-like creatures swarming across Mata Nui, destroying the landscape and buildings, but not harming the Matoran themselves. One villager from Ta-Koro struggled to the Toa and could only utter one word, over and over.

Bohrok. Bohrok. Bohrok.
Soon, the Bohrok were everywhere. Turaga Vakama informed the Toa there were six different breeds of Bohrok: Gahlok, Nuvok, Pahrak, Tahnok, Lehvak, and Kohrak. Each one powered by a rubbery krana that rested beneath the Bohrok’s smooth shell. There were eight different types of krana, and each held a special power. The Toa, according to Vakama, must collect all 96 different types of krana in order to stop the swarms from completely destroying the island. The Toa spread out in search.

Toa Lewa headed for Le-Koro, but instead of his villagers, he found Turaga Matau with a krana resting on his face in place of a Kanohi mask. The Matoran were likewise infected. Rather than fight those he had sworn to protect, Lewa submitted to the krana. He had no choice.

Other villages were luckier. Underground Onu-Koro fought off a swarm, but several Matoran were trapped underground. Nuparu, one of the engineers, discovered a Gahlok with its krana missing and discovered each Bohrok was simply a machine controlled completely by the krana. He managed to cobble together another machine out of the parts, and his new Boxor vehicle design spread to other villages. When used in large numbers, Matoran driving Boxors were able to hold their own against a Bohrok swarm.

While infected Lewa stayed in Le-Koro, the other Toa collected the rest of the krana. They flooded canyons, trapped Bohrok in rockslides, and tricked or fought the Bohrok long enough to gather all they needed. Toa Onua found Lewa at last, and managed to convince Lewa he was stronger than the krana. Lewa broke free of the creatures’ control, but could still “hear” the Bohrok from his nearly-severed connection.

Meanwhile, Toa Kopaka discovered a large cave entrance and with Toa Tahu decided to bring all the krana. They had found the Bohrok nest. All Toa assembled at the mouth of the cave, Lewa assisted the group with his link to the Bohrok, and the Toa discovered six passageways lined with niches mean for krana. But simply placing the krana in their niches didn’t stop the swarms.

Further along the passageways, the Toa discovered powered armor, Exo-Toa machines. Donning them, they found at last the true Bohrok commanders: The Bahrag twins, Cahdok and Gahdok. These fearsome-looking creatures shrugged off the Toa’s attacks with ease, until Tahu discovered the Exo-Toa suits were preventing them from using their elemental powers. Once the Toa took off the suits, they were able to combine their powers and trap the Bahrag in a cage of glowing protodermis.

Outside, the Bohrok stopped in mid-action.

Their victory was short-lived, as the ground beneath the Toa opened up beneath them and they fell into energized protodermis. The Toa emerged transformed into… something else.

The Bohrok have been beaten. Or have they? Strangely transformed Toa with new weapons and armor will need all the power they can muster to defeat the Bohrok-Kal. A chase for stone symbols that hold the Toa Nuva’s elemental powers leads full circle to the Bahrag!
Energized protodermis pools beneath the Bahrag lair had swallowed up the Toa. The liquid mutates the six Toa heroes, making them more powerful than ever. Six figures emerge from the shimmering liquid, equipped with new masks, new armor, and new tools.

The Toa Nuva have arrived on Mata Nui.

After the imprisonment of the Bahrag, commanders of the Bohrok swarms, Matoran engineers have started using the Bohrok machines to clean up the mess they’ve made. Aided by small Bohrok Va helpers, the villages begin putting their homes and lives back in order. Little do they realize their peace is only temporary.

Six Bohrok-Kal, have emerged from their sleep to find and free Cahdok and Gahdok. They are far more intelligent than their cousins, and much more powerful. Their only problem: they have no idea where to find the Bahrag prison.

The super-Bohrok begin stealing mysterious tablets from the shrine of each village. These tablets embody the elemental powers of the Toa Nuva, who as yet have not mastered their new abilities. Nor do the Toa Nuva know that their elemental powers are in danger. They find out the hard way when the Kal steal each symbol, which causes the Nuva to lose the ability to use their elemental powers. The Toa Nuva must rely solely on their wits and mask powers to track down and recover each tablet with their symbol on it.

The Toa Nuva meet at Kini-Nui, where they are accosted by the Bohrok-Kal. Unlike regular Bohrok, these can talk, and talk they do. The Kal demand the Toa tell them where the Bahrag twins are held. Although the Nuva claim ignorance, the Kal fail to believe them and stun them into unconsciousness. Like the Bohrok swarms before, they do not harm the Toa or Matoran. They simply do what they must to meet their goal of freeing the Bahrag.

The chase begins. In addition to trying to find and vanquish the Bohrok-Kal, the Toa Nuva must find their Kanohi Nuva to match their new status. Eventually each Toa has their full complement of six masks each, and they track the Bohrok-Kal to where they feared the Kal would be: the underground prison of Cahdok and Gahdok.

Inside, the Toa Nuva are astonished to find a fight already going on… between the Exo-Toa and the Bohrok-Kal! But the Exo-Toa machines are losing, and are pounded to bits by the power of the Kal.

A small cube floats in the chamber before the protodermis prison. While the Bahrag scream encouragement, the Bohrok-Kal pick up the tablets containing the Toa’s elemental powers and step over the remains of the Exo-Toa. They are mere moments away from placing the tables onto the six sides of the cube, which is the key to the lock that holds the Bahrag. The Toa are too far away and without their powers, helpless to stop the Kal.

Desperate, Tahu Nuva uses the Vahi mask of time to slow time down around the Bohrok-Kal. They only have minutes, just enough time for Gali Nuva to come up with a plan and share it with her fellow Toa Nuva.

As the Bohrok-Kal come out of slowed-down time, the Toa Nuva link their minds to each of their tablets and trigger the raw elemental energy in them. The Bohrok-Kal, thinking to use the energy to rule beside the Bahrag, eagerly suck the energy from the tablets but can’t control the massive forces. Their powers manifest themselves wildly, and each Kal is overcome by their own greed. They are crushed, electrocuted, utterly destroyed.

Safe in their prison, Cahdok and Gahdok scream in frustration, but the Toa retrieve their elemental Nuva tablets and leave the Bahrag to their own company.

Cleanup begins once more in the villages of Mata Nui, even to the extent of creating a brand new kolhii field in Ta-Koro. But worse foes await the Toa Nuva and their Matoran charges…

Two Matoran, Takua, the Chronicler, and Jaller, the Captain of the Guard, discover the legendary Mask of Light and set out to find the Seventh Toa. Makuta sends his minions to stop the pair from discovering the Toa of Light. But the shadowed one isn’t the only one surprised at what they find…
Adventures are nothing new to Takua the Chronicler. Even at the risk of being late for the first-ever kolhii match at Ta-Koro’s new stadium, he is exploring deep under the fiery village, hopping over stones to a totem marker that has captured his interest. His friend Jaller, Captain of the Ta-Koro Guard, finds his friend as he discovers the totem is more than just a rock – it contains the Kanohi Avohkii, the Mask of Light.

The pair make it to the kolhii match just in time, but end up losing. During closing ceremonies, the mask falls out of Takua’s backpack. Through a trick, Takua convinces the Turaga and Toa that Jaller is intended to be the herald of the Massk of Light, not him. They task Jaller with finding the legendary Seventh Toa, but not before he includes Takua in his quest.

As the two Matoran friends set off to follow the masks’ beacon of light, Makuta releases three Rahkshi minions to retrieve the mask. He cannot have the Matoran and Toa finding such power.

Gali Nuva, meditating at the island’s Kini-Nui temple, is attacked by the three creatures, which are actually robotic armor driven by snake-like creatures extracted from Makuta himself. Barely making it to Ta-Koro, Gali warns the guards just as the Rahkshi attack the village of fire. Even the combined power of two Toa Nuva cannot stop three determined Rahkshi, who eventually level the village and send it sinking into a lake of lava as the residents flee to safety. Tahu barely notices a wound on his mask that glows green, but Gali becomes worried for her fellow Toa.

Oblivious to the loss of their village, Takua and Jaller continue their search for the Seventh Toa. As they run into other Toa, who help them along their quest, they find out just how dangerous the situation has become. At one point, Makuta appears before Takua, warning him that Jaller will die unless Takua gives Makuta the mask. Takua, frightened for his friend’s safety, abruptly abandons the quest, leaving Jaller searching alone.

Makuta is not satisfied with the progress made by his Rahkshi. Three more are unleashed from the dark lair, invading Onu-Koro as Pohatu visits with Onua. Another village is destroyed before the Toa regroup and determine what to do. At their conference, Tahu is so far gone from infection that he lashes out at Gali, but the other Toa restrain him and Gali heals him. It takes a lot out of her, but Tahu emerges whole and rational once again.

After the disaster at Onu-Koro, Takua realizes he’s left his friend in a very dangerous position, and with his Ussal crab Pewku, hurries back to join the Captain of Ta-Koro’s guard on his quest. Once re-joined, they make their way to the center of the island, at the Kini-Nui.

It may have been a poor choice of location. The Rahkshi have the pair surrounded. But it doesn’t take long for the Rahkshi to notice the Toa surrounding them.

Combining elemental powers, the Toa work to vanquish the Rahkshi and save both Matoran. Trapped in a shrinking circle of friends and enemies, Takua shakes the mask, which blasts some of the rock off the Kini-Nui cliff face, revealing a carving of the Mask of Light. Jaller launches himself onto Turahk to save Takua’s life, but is killed in the process.

Takua no longer hesitates. He places the golden mask on his face, and becomes Takanuva, Toa of Light. Although the Toa Nuva have done an admirable job on the Rahkshi, Takanuva finishes them off. Still grieving for his friend, he builds a vehicle from the parts left over from the vanquished Rahkshi and descends into the destroyed Kini-Nui to confront Makuta in his lair. So intent is he that he doesn’t notice Hahli has snuck into the storage area of his vehicle.

Takanuva challenges Makuta, who surprisingly suggests a winner-take-all game of kolhii to resolve the issue. Takanuva accepts the challenge, and despite being smaller and less powerful than Makuta, manages to use a special move and slam Makuta into a pool of energized protodermis. But the master of darkness pulls Takanuva in with him, only to emerge as a single blended entity: Takutanuva.

It’s time to wake Mata Nui, he tells the Toa and Matoran who have assembled in the lair.

Opening a doorway, the villagers and their Toa and Turaga leave behind Takutanuva, who is crushed by the weight of the doorway. Only the golden Mask of Light survives, but before the door descends, Takutanuva brings Jaller back to life.

Fortunately for Takanuva, the Mask of Light is able to bring him back as well.

Once beyond the doorway, Turaga Vakama points across a vast protodermis sea at a city of legends, lost for a thousand years – a city that was once home to the Matoran – a city now rediscovered.

Thus begins the tale of Metru Nui.
In the time before time, before the Matoran lived on the island of Mata Nui, the great city of Metru Nui was their home. Six Matoran were transformed into Toa heroes to save the metropolis from a false leader and his Dark Hunter servants.
A thousand years before the Toa defended the island of Mata Nui from Makuta and the Bohrok Swarms, the city island of Metru Nui was a bustling metropolis. Its six districts boasted tall towers, intricate transportation chutes, great furnaces to make nearly anything, halls of wisdom, and large fields filled with artwork by master carvers. The skilled Matoran inhabitants were happy and prosperous, but that was about to change.

Six Matoran, unaware their lives were about to change, worked in different regions of the great city. Whenua was an archivist in Onu-Metru; Nokama was a respected teacher in Ga-Metru; Matau rode fast-moving vehicles in Le-Metru’s test track; Nuju pondered great thoughts from towers in crystalline Ko-Metru; master carver Onewa called Po-Metru home; and mask-maker Vakama worked near the furnaces in hot Ta-Metru. Each received a mysterious visit from the city’s lone Toa, Lhikan, along with a stone and instructions to visit Ga-Koro’s Great Temple.
Their transformation to Toa startled them all, but it came none too soon. Toa Lhikan was kidnapped in front of Vakama by two Dark Hunters. And as the Toa soon discovered, a voracious plant called the Morbuzakh was invading Ta-Koro and destroying vital equipment. Nothing appeared to stop the creeping vines, and many of the forges and furnaces of Ta-Koro were abandoned or destroyed.

But Toa Vakama had a vision: the Morbuzakh nearly destroying Metru Nui, but being beaten by a Great Kanoka Disk. His vision also showed six Matoran who could help the Toa find the disks. So began their quest for these Matoran, and the six Great Disks.

In the course of their search, the Toa discovered one of the Matoran was a traitor. But despite this, they all managed to find their Great Disks and use them to defeat the Morbuzakh. Thinking their perils had ended, the victorious Toa brought them to Turaga Dume in the great Coliseum at the center of the city.

To their immense surprise, instead of being hailed as heroes, the six were ridiculed by the city’s leader. Summoning a whirlwind and his mechanical Vahki enforcers, Dume imprisoned Onewa, Nuju and Whenua – but Vakama, Nokama and Matau escaped.

While on the run, Vakama discovered the Great Disks could be fused together to form a single Disk of Time. This was the key to what Turaga Dume had ordered of Vakama as a Matoran: create a Mask of Time. He put it aside when another vision showed him that Matoran were being put into canisters in Po-Metru. They set out for that district to find Lhikan, fighting their way past two Dark Hunters, the burly yet stupid Krekka and four-legged, sneaky Nidhiki. Matau’s newly-discovered mask power of shapeshifting helped them escape, and Nokama’s mask of translation let them befriend a herd of Kikanalo beasts.

Meanwhile, Onewa, Nuju and Whenua met a mysterious Turaga while in prison. He told them they must learn powers of cooperation to find their mask powers and escape. After false starts, the three Toa stumbled into their powers and gained confidence in their own abilities. When they escaped, they brought the Turaga with them.

In dark tunnels under Po-Metru, the two groups reunited. All were shocked to find their mysterious Turaga companion was none other than Lhikan, transformed from Toa into Turaga!

The tunnels held many spherical pods like those Vakama had seen in his visions. Opening one, they discovered the real Turaga Dume imprisoned. But who was running the city behind Dume’s mask?

Chased from the tunnels by Vahki enforcers, the group escaped into a strangely empty city. Where were the Matoran? The obvious destination was to confront the false Turaga Dume in the coliseum, so the Toa and Lhikan arrived just in time to see Matoran being ordered into more pods. Vahki took the pods and stored them under the coliseum.

Indignant, the Toa confronted Dume. But it wasn’t Dume. Removing his mask, the figure revealed it was actually Makuta!

Darkness engulfed the city as it quaked. The time of shadows had arrived, and the Great Spirit Mata Nui fell into a deep slumber. Unable to beat Makuta at the center of his power, the heroes and Lhikan escaped in a Vahki transport, grabbing six pods containing sleeping Matoran as they went. The Dark Hunters attacked, but were plucked away by a whirling maelstrom that was Makuta, who used the Hunters to increase his own power. The Toa drove their Vahki transport into the protodermis ocean to escape, but Makuta sped ahead of them to a cliff top in the angry silver sea.

During the escape, Vakama had fashioned the Disk of Time into a mask, the Vahi Mask of Time. This powerful and dangerous Kanohi mask allowed Vakama to slow time around Makuta, but Vakama’s control was uncertain and he became entangled in its effects. Only Turaga Lhikan was able to save the Toa – but at the cost of his own life. Vakama had enough time to finally discovere his own mask power – invisibility.

Vakama couldn’t defeat Makuta on his own. The dark being was about to put on the Vahi when Vakama flung a disk and the mask of time dropped into the sea. Dodging blasts, the Toa was nearly overwhelmed when his five fellow Toa arrived. Working in unison, the six Toa emprisoned Makuta in a hardened prison of solid protodermis.

Although Makuta was no longer an immediate threat, their perils were not over. More quakes shook the sea, and the small boat with its few pods of Matoran aboard headed for a small crack in a great barrier. Their discovery of a pristine jungle island provided only a brief rest, for they still had Matoran to rescue.

Little did the group know of the cataclysms that occurred elsewhere – Metru Nui fallen to ruin and shrouded in webs, islands broken and villages sunk, a great waterfall streaming into a cave unknown to even the Turaga.

But those adventures would await them and other Toa.
Six Toa Metru return to the city of Metru Nui to recover sleeping Matoran, only to discover it taken over by spidery Visorak webs. Transformed into half-beast Toa Hordika, the Toa must defeat Sidorak and Roodaka with the help of friendly Rahaga. The fate of all sleeping Matoran rests with the Toa.
Their journey from Metru Nui had been difficult at best. But the Toa Metru had rescued five pods containing sleeping Matoran, and were determined to retrieve the rest of the sleepers back in Metru Nui. They named their new paradise island Mata Nui, in honor of the Great Spirit.

Returning to Metru Nui was a shock. Shipwrecked after the destruction of their Lhikan II craft, the Toa were astounded to see the great city in ruins and covered in tangles of web.

The Visorak horde had invaded Metru Nui.

Confident in their new Toa powers, the heroes did not fully estimate the strength of the Visorak numbers. It didn’t take long before they were captured and spun into cocoons high above the remaining city towers. Venom within the cocoons transformed the Toa into something something terrible: Toa Hordika – part Toa, part beast.

Their cocoons shredded and the Toa plunged toward the city far below. Before they reached it, however, they were grabbed by small flying figures: saved by the Rahaga!

These new friends were once powerful Toa themselves, but transformed into small Rahkshi-like forms as a mockery of their former stature. They told the Toa of a legendary Rahi named Keetongu who would be able to change the Toa Hordika back to Toa Metru. But despite a deadline when the change became permanent, the Toa were firm: the need to rescue their Matoran friends came first, saving themselves was second.

The Hordika began scrounging parts to build airships large enough to carry all the Matoran back to Mata Nui. During this time, evading the Visorak and other creatures set loose throughout the city, Vakama began taking long solitary walks. He was captured by the spiders and taken to Roodaka, Viceroy of the Visorak. She showed Vakama the unswerving loyalty of the Visorak, and convinced the Toa that his friends no longer cared for him. Shaken, he agreed to join Roodaka, but she had plans of her own: the overthrow of Sidorak, king of the Visorak horde. All Vakama had to do, she told him, was capture the Rahaga.

Vakama’s decision resulted in the capture of five Rahaga, and he was named Leader of the Horde. The Visorak would answer to him.

The other five Toa sought out and found Keetongu, who would heal them only after they proved their mastery over their beast natures. And they needed Vakama. The Toa Hordika of Fire resisted their pleas, but during a huge confrontation with Sidorak and Roodaka, Rahaga Norik released his fellow Rahaga as Keetongu climbed up a tower. The Visorak king and viceroy managed to strike down Keetongu, but he was not out, only down – as Sidorak discovered, to his doom. Roodaka, undaunted, mounted a huge Visorak intending to steal away the Hordika’s elemental powers.

But Vakama recognized who his true friends were, and rescued a falling Matau as he rejoined his Hordika friends once more to battle Roodaka. Before the Hordika were able to vanquish the Viceroy, however, a dark ghostly hand plucked Roodaka from her spider mount. Makuta had escaped his protodermis prison.

Vakama’s last act as Leader of the Horde was to free the Visorak. Only then did Keetongu change the Hordika back to Toa Metru.

The city was freed from the grip of the Visorak. The Toa were back to their hero selves. It was time to bring the Matoran to Mata Nui. The airships labored to bring the pods all to Mata Nui, until finally all the inhabitants of Metru Nui were on the island. There was only one problem left: the Matoran still slept.

Recognizing the necessity, each of the Toa spent some of their energy to awaken the Matoran, who had little to no memory of their lives in Metru Nui. Such an effort drained the Toa of their powers so like Lhikan before them, they were transformed into Turaga. They constructed six villages, modeled after districts in Metru Nui, and under the leadership of the Turaga they lived on the island for a thousand years.

There they lived until the coming of the Toa and the quest for the Mask of Light forced them to journey back to Metru Nui. But that’s another story.
“The Great Spirit Mata Nui is not only asleep, he is dying.”

These words from newly-awakened Turaga Dume shocked the gathered Matoran, Toa Nuva, and Turaga. They had just arrived at the city of Metru Nui after abandoning the ruins of the island of Mata Nui, and there was much work to do. The city was in the state it had been in a thousand years before, when the Visorak horde had spun webs of shadows throughout the ruins. Several large quakes had not done the city any kindness, and news of another quest was not the most welcome. But the Toa Nuva knew they had no choice, and set off to search for the Ignika, Mask of Life, on the desolate island of Voya Nui.

The Toa Nuva were not the first to seek the mask. Six gangsters, self-styled Piraka, had already invaded the island and begun to use the Matoran who scratched a living on the rocky floating island.

Each Piraka was out for itself. The others were merely there to help find the Mask. Whoever ended up with the Mask of Life, they each figured in their devious minds, would end up ruling everything. Their allegiances were fragile at best, but that didn’t stop them from working together when needed.

The Matoran of Voya Nui greeted the new arrivals with wonder. Were these the mystical, legendary Toa who would save them from ruin? Seizing the opportunity, the Piraka claimed to be Toa heroes and were welcomed by the villagers. But soon, the Piraka put the villagers to work digging trenches and constructing fortresses near the volcano at the center of the island. They never explained to the Matoran, and only a conversation overheard by Garan, a Matoran in the right place at the wrong time, alerted the villagers to their peril.

Swiftly, the Matoran formed a resistance movement. They found out too late what the Piraka were up to when the gangsters transformed the rest of the Matoran population into mindless zombie slaves. The now-vacant Matoran were instructed to empty Mt. Valmai, laboring day and night. The resistance struggled to fight back, but they were few and the Piraka were strong.

The Toa Nuva arrived at Voya Nui and were swiftly captured by the Piraka. Luck and skill enabled them to escape, but their tools and masks were taken from them.

In Metru Nui, Matoran Jaller received word from one of the Turaga that the Toa Nuva had gone on a journey, and he resolved to follow. Along with several friends and Takanuva, the group journeyed toward the island. Takanuva was turned back, and the Matoran found canisters that would get them to the island. On the way, the canisters were struck by lightning from the Red Star which turned the Matoran into Toa Inika!

The six new heroes found an island in chaos. Helping the Toa Nuva, who had a different destiny, the Inika battled not only the Piraka but the guardians of the mask itself, Axonn and Brutaka. Those two titans had fallen out and now battled one another. But the two were steadfast that no one else should lay hands on the Mask of Life.

The many-sided battles brought each to the Chamber of Life where the mask was hidden by the Great Beings long ago. There, they face one last guardian: the mad Piraka Vezon and his spidery companion/keeper Fenrakk. The Ignika, which had a consciousness of its own, evaded capture by one and all, fleeing the chamber and plunging into the island’s large bay. Toa Inika Hahli dove after the mask, but even her skills were not enough to retrieve it. She was brought back to the surface by a gasping Matoran, who begged for help for his underwater village before expiring.

The two sets of heroes split up: Toa Nuva on a mysterious mission to legendary Artakha, the Toa Inika to retrieve the Mask of Life from the black, watery depths of The Pit. Neither group has any idea what the Ignika has in store for them…

Deep beneath the floating island of Voya Nui rests the sunken village of Mahri Nui. Connected by a stone cord to the island above, Mahri Nui is surrounded by air bubbles that allow its Matoran inhabitants to breathe normally.

But their existence is fragile. The Matoran must continually harvest air bubble from surrounding weeds, using the Rahi Hydruka to help. What’s more, their entire village is surrounded by The Pit, a seemingly bottomless chasm that holds the worst offenders of order.

The Pit was guarded by several warriors, including Hydraxon and Maxilos. Hydraxon perished a thousand years before during the Great Cataclysm when Mata Nui was put to sleep by Makuta. Robotic Maxilos and his pet Spinax hunt those who try to escape from The Pit… but Maxilos has lately become more than it seems.

The area is now ruled by the six most vicious of those imprisoned there. The Barraki were once powerful warlords, but their rebellion against Mata Nui was crushed and they were transformed and sent to The Pit as eternal punishment. Now that the guardians of the Pit are no longer in force, the Barraki engage in battle with other denizens of the deep as well as each other. Treachery is their pastime.

Into this maelstrom fell the Mask of Life. Attempting to protect itself from the forces arrayed against it, the Ignika created guardians for itself. One, a tiny creature named Gadunka, was enlarged to fearsome proportion. Another, a Matoran named Dekar, was transformed by the mask into the form of long-dead Hydraxon, who believes he was that warrior and must enforce order in The Pit.

Once the Barraki discover the existence of the mask, all other concerns are banished. They single-mindedly fight to control the Ignika, believing they will be able to transform themselves back into warlords and rule the land above once again.

The Toa Inika cannot allow this.

But first, their journey to the underwater depths is helped by the Ignika itself, which transforms the six heroes into water-breathing Toa Mahri. Surprised, they accept the change and discover the Matoran of Mahri Nui, who try to remain invisible to the awesome forces arrayed around them. After some initial suspicion, the Toa Mahri strike up a partnership with the Matoran of Mahri Nui.

Matoro makes a startling discovery: the robot Maxilos is actually Makuta in disguise! A strange understanding forms, although Matoro remains deeply suspicious of the dark one’s motives. Makuta tells Matoro that the stone cord connecting Mahri Nui to Voya Nui above must be destroyed, in order to set the stage for saving Mata Nui’s life and awakening. Matoro, doubtful, nevertheless convinces the rest of the Toa Mahri this is a necessary action.

Time has run out. Mata Nui is dead. The universe has three days before destruction.

The Barraki continue their attacks on the Toa Mahri and each other, ever grasping closer to the mask itself. Desperate battles, aided by a Toa from old, Lesovikk, finally give the Toa Mahri the opportunity to grab the mask and complete the evacuation of Voya Nui and Mahri Nui. A massive underwater battle comes to an end when the stone cord is destroyed by the Toa Mahri, and five of the six Toa make good their escape as Voya Nui comes crashing down upon them all.

But Matoro has other plans. He is the only one the Mask of Life allows to touch it without penalty. As the Ignika drags Matoro down through the gap in the bottom of the ocean, just before Voya Nui settles above them, Matoro falls into a massive cave. Knowing he is doomed, knowing Mata Nui is dead, Matoro puts on the Mask of Life.

The consciousness of the Mask, touched by the sacrifice made by Matoro, transforms the rest of the Toa Mahri into air-breathers again, then releases a massive burst of energy which restores the life of the Great Spirit Mata Nui. The mask plunges through the mist of the great cave, lost in the depths. Matoro is gone.

Mata Nui lives. And sleeps.
The Toa Nuva find themselves in Karda Nui, the core of the universe, on a mission to achieve their destiny. Although the life of the Great Spirit Mata Nui has been saved, he remains trapped in an endless sleep. Only the Toa Nuva can awaken him and restore Light to the universe.

The Toa are now armed with adaptive armor, weapons and masks, which alter themselves to suit whatever environment the heroes find themselves in. And they need any advantage they can get, for powerful, bat-like members of the Brotherhood of Makuta have launched an attack on the Matoran of Karda Nui. Already, the villains’ shadow leeches have turned many Matoran evil.

Both the Toa and their enemies must ally with Matoran if they hope to win this fight. The Toa discover the ability to forge a mental link with the villagers, gaining their knowledge of Karda Nui and unlocking new powers for the Matoran. The Makuta, blinded by the energies unleashed when Mata Nui's life was restored, must rely on the evil Matoran to act as their “eyes.” Those Matoran too gain access to new powers.

Believing they must retrieve the Mask of Life to complete their mission, the Toa Nuva decide to split up. Lewa, Kopaka and Pohatu remain to help the Matoran while Tahu, Gali and Onua head to the swamp far below. Lewa’s team challenges the Brotherhood of Makuta, but finds its enemies cannot be easily defeated.

Then help comes from an unexpected new ally – the Mask of Life, which has made a body for itself so it can live the life of a hero as “Toa Ignika.” With his power added to theirs, the Toa renew the fight.
Battles continue to rage in Karda Nui, the core of the universe. While half the Toa Nuva and their Matoran friends defend the skies from bat-like Makuta, the other three heroes – Toa Tahu, Toa Gali, and Toa Onua – plunge to the swamp far below in search of the Mask of Life. Unknown to the three, the Mask of Life has created a body for itself and joined the fight above as Toa Ignika.

But they’re not alone. Three more Makuta, mutated by toxic swamp waters, ambush the three heroes as they search the dense, murky undergrowth. Even though the Toa Nuva are armed with new Nynrah Ghost blasters, these insect-like Makuta – Krika, Bitil, and Gorast – battle the Toa for possession of keystones. These stones are the means to unlock the secrets of awakening the Great Spirit Mata Nui.

Meanwhile, with the aid of Toa Ignika, Lewa, Pohatu, and Kopaka get the upper hand over their Makuta enemies, forcing them to retreat down to the swamp and their insectoid brothers.

Below, Tahu discovers a metal sphere embedded in a fallen stalactite, its smooth surface covered with concentric circle patterns. The object is surrounded by a protective shield, which the Toa Nuva can’t get through.

The remaining Toa Nuva, accompanied by a strangely altered Takanuva, Toa of Light, and the mysterious Toa Ignika, team up with their friends in the swamp. Confronted by eight powerful Makuta, the heroes band together and finally find a way to defeat their enemies in time to awaken the Great Spirit Mata Nui. Tahu finally pierces the Codrex shell, and inside they find ancient machinery, vehicles… and the secret to the Toa.

While some Toa hop onto the powerful flying vehicles to evacuate all the Matoran, the rest convince Toa Ignika that the only way to awaken Mata Nui and save the universe is for him to give up his new-found life and jump-start Mata Nui’s consciousness. Reluctantly, but remembering Matoro’s sacrifice, Toa Ignika agrees. The remainder of the Toa and the last of the av-Matoran race toward an exit portal, hoping to outrun the deadly energy storm that will be triggered when the Mask of Life is placed in the Codrex. They make it out in time, but the Makuta are not so lucky… they perish in the storm that fills Karda Nui.

Slowly, machinery starts grinding in the depths of the cavern, as something begins to happen to the entire universe…

Water ripples around the barren island of Mata Nui, stripped of all life and vegetation by Bohrok hordes. Powerful quakes shake the earth and massive megaliths of mountain and bedrock crash into the ocean. An immense chasm rips upward through the middle of the doomed island, each side sliding toward the ocean as something massive pushes up from below.

Far away, to the south and east and west, water foams and boils as undersea shockwaves spread from the movement beneath the sea. Gigantic whirlpools form and disappear. The sea itself heaves up towards the sky. Two halves of the island churn already-frothing waters as they slide apart and dissolve into the maelstrom.

A tremendous head made of metallic protodermis rises from beneath the shattered remains of the once-beautiful island. Water, soil, and rock cascade off its face as it rises higher and higher into the sky. Titanic shoulders breach the ocean, and an equally immense chest pivots upwards. Slowly, the robot climbs to its feet and towers above the clouds for the first time in a hundred thousand years. Yellow light gleams from its eyes as it surveys the ocean below.

Mata Nui has risen.

Later, celebrations ripple through the great city of Metru Nui. The Toa Nuva, Takanuva, and rescued av-Matoran escaped from Karda Nui just before the cave was flooded with intense energy. The Makuta trapped in Karda Nui were not so lucky, and were obliterated.

The Great Spirit is awake, and balance has returned to the universe.

Just as Turaga Dume begins to congratulate the city’s protectors, a chill wind spreads over the spectators and a voice rumbles from everywhere and nowhere. It is a voice no one had ever thought to hear again – the voice of Makuta Teridax, leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta.

“I am everywhere. I am everything you see.”

Toa Matoro had heroically brought the physical form of Mata Nui back from death, but before the Great Spirit’s consciousness had returned, Makuta Teridax replaced it with his own version. Then he had only to wait for the Toa Nuva to achieve their destiny and resurrect the great form of Mata Nui. Makuta will now rule the body of the Great Spirit, the entire universe of the Toa and Matoran. Evil laughter shakes every surface in Metru Nui.

A tremor runs through the ground. Trapped in the golden Mask of Life, the mind and spirit of Mata Nui is flung through space on a journey whose destination no one can know…..
Once, Bara Magna was part of a larger world, until a terrible disaster split the planet into three segments. Bara Magna is the largest of these, with the other two now acting as moons to it. While many of the residents of Bara Magna are native to the region, others were trapped there when their homelands broke away.

Bara Magna is home to five major villages: Vulcanus, Iconox, Tesara, Tajun, and Roxtus. The wastelands in between them are home to the nomadic tribe of bone hunters, the beast-like Vorox and Zesk, numerous dangerous desert creatures, and other perils. Despite this, Agori traders and Glatorian fighters frequently travel across the sands for duty or for profit.

The villages of Bara Magna are scattered around the desert. Most consist of a single large structure which serves as a shelter for more crudely made dwellings and workplaces. Each village is home to a tribe of Agori whose name is based on the terrain of its home region (ice tribe, water tribe, jungle tribe, etc.) The villages are different sizes and have access to different resources, which means both trade and arguments over resources are common.

Glatorians are fighters, specifically fighters who battle on behalf of a village in return for food, shelter, equipment and other rewards. When two villages have a dispute, each sends a Glatorian to fight for them in an arena. The winning Glatorian earns for his villages the rights to whatever the dispute was about. For example, if Iconox and Tesara both claim an oasis, Gresh and Strakk might be sent to battle each other in a match. If Gresh won, Tesara would have ownership of that oasis. This system is designed to prevent wars from breaking out between the villages.

The Agori are the most populous species on Bara Magna. Where Glatorian specialize in fighting, Agori handle everything else the villages need to survive: farming, resource gathering, trade, equipment repair, healing, etc.

While every Agori is different, they do tend to have some qualities in common. Most are hard workers, because they have to be in this world. They adapt well to change. And they also tend to be pretty hard and cynical. Their world was damaged seemingly beyond repair 100,000 years ago and few believe things will ever get much better.

The largest and oldest arena on Bara Magna, the Arena Magna is also the only one that existed prior to the planet-wide disaster 100,000 years ago. Constructed by the Agori for sporting and civic events, it is now the site of the annual world-wide tournament of Glatorian.

The Arena Magna is located in the “free city” of Atero. During the chaos that preceded and followed the disaster, Atero was declared an area off-limits to any raids or invasions. As such, it became a symbol of the peace everyone hoped for someday, but had largely given up on ever thinking would come. Although its status is largely a thing of the past – bone hunters have no hesitation to strike at or around Atero, for example – it remains an important place in the hearts of Agori.

But the Skrall, have no such boundaries. On the day of a great tournament at Atero, the Skrall army attacks, destroying the arena and killing many Glatorian and Agori. The Skrall are planning and entire take over of Bara Magna.

However, not all hope is lost! One night, a meteor rips through the sky carrying the Kanohi Ignika, and in it, the spirit of Mata Nui! Mata Nui crash lands on Bara Magna and creates a body from the sand. It is then that he goes to the fire village and encounters Glatorian by the name of Ackar and Kiina. He explains his plight to him and they agree to help, and so Mata Nui searches for a way home.

Kiina tells Mata Nui of a secret cavern underneath her village, and the three go to investigate. Upon arriving, they discover the Skrall have destroyed Kiina's village and meet Gresh, a rookie Glatorian. They take Gresh into the underground cavern in her village, which turns out to be a labratory! It's there they meet Berix, an Agori with a knack for "collecting" things. He agrees to fix Gresh and the others venture further into the lab. It's there they find a strange blueprint for a massive robot, similar to Mata Nui's. Strange...

After a close encounter with the Skrall, Mata Nui discovers that he can transform his company's weapons into Toa tools with his mask. After doing so, the Glatorian go to rally the others to battle the Skrall. They're more than inthusiastic, but Berix and Kiina are kidnapped by the Skrall and Bone Hunters, so Mata Nui goes to challenge the Skrall alone.

Once there, he encounters Tuma, the Skrall leader and defeats him in battle. However, it turns out that an Agori from Iconox, Metus, was playing dirty and also helped organize the Skrall. But the Glatorian burst in and defeat the Skrall together, saving Bara Magna from evil! Or so thought.

Mata Nui discovers that all of the villages of Bara Magna are parts of a different giant robot like his old one. If he can unite the villages and regain control of that robot, he can fufill his destiny.

Reuniting Bara Magna with it's two moons.

After discovering a power source in a secret maze, Mata Nui gives up his Glatorian body for control of the giant robot. He gets in and begins to pull the moons together. But, Makuta senses his rival and flies to Bara Magna to challenge him. And he brings friends. Makuta unleashes the Rahkshi and Skakdi (Piraka) upon Bara Magna. Not to mention that the Skrall have also returned and are hungry for revenge! But, two good things come out of the Makuta robot as well. Tahu and Takanuva! They join the fight along with Gresh and the other Glatorian.
The Mask of Life then turns Tahu back into a Toa Mata and creates the Golden Armor as a failsafe plan. However, Makuta blasts the armor across the face of the planet, and the duel continues.

Mata Nui struggles to battle Makuta, who's power and size dwarfs his. He can only hope that Tahu is getting the armor...

And yes, he is. Tahu has finally collected all the armor and puts it on. The energy rips through him and kills off all of the Rahkshi. Stunned by this, Makuta falters, giving Mata Nui enough time to push his head into an incoming moon, killing Makuta. Mata Nui then uses the remainder of his powers to restore Bara Magna to what it used to be. But it uses up too much power, and the robot collapses. Mata Nui's spirit still inhabits the mask though, and he tells the Glatorian, Agori, Toa, and Matoran that this is there destiny, to share this planet together. Tahu grasps the mask and tells the inhabitants of the new Spherus Magna it's time to move on.


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