The Prisoner

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The Prisoner

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My latest epic. Enjoy!

The Prisoner
Saga 1; Part 2

He awoke in a dank dark cell, which was fine with him, because he hadn’t planned on waking up at all. Well, strictly speaking he wasn’t entirely awake because his eyes were still closed. That was the only part of his plan that was working out so far. The first part had been, ‘don’t expect to wake up’. The second part had been ‘If you do wake up, don’t open your eyes. Spare yourself the horror of seeing your mutated being as long as possible.’
Then he realized that at a point he’d have to open his eyes. He might as well do it now and get it over with. He opened his eyes.
The first thing he saw was a transparent yellow armour piece. He jerked, trying to get away from it until he realized that it was his own. He opened his eyes further and looked down his entire torso, and saw that it was all the same, neon yellow, like all Ue-Matoran, or electricity Matoran. But this was different. He was that size of a Toa and his entire body was a see-through neon yellow, like lightening.
Lightening he thought, So perhaps my mutations have made me more powerful, perhaps they have made me a Toa!
It was not so farfetched. It had happened before with a famous group of Toa called the Toa Nuva, who had been transformed into the Toa Nuva by the same thing that he had been transformed by. That was Energized Protodermis.
He was perfectly happy to think about it this way until he looked towards his high stomach area, and saw something that made him almost leap with surprise.
My airship’s passkey? He thought surprised. It was embedded in in his body, fused with it. He then remembered what had happened more vividly, the chamber with the spider-like one named Nidihki, the infamous leader of the Dark Hunters, the Shadowed One, and his Rahkshi-headed lieutenant. He was Gaaduhk, Matoran of Electricity, but he was no longer a Matoran, he was something more.
And something much, much less.
He remembered that the passkey had dangled by his neck, where it was now fused. And he remembered something else too, something that he had held………
Oh, no! Gaaduhk thought My Zamor sphere launcher.
And now the question. Did he dare look at his hand, or should he save the horror for later? He looked at his left hand, and saw not the five fingers of a Matoran, but the three prongs of a Zamor Sphere launcher. He then looked at his other hand, and was relieved to find that it was a normal Matoran hand. He then thought of something else, that was probably more important.
Do I have my mask? Gaaduhk wondered. He placed his hands on his face, and found his mask to be absent. Well, that was one advantage, no need to live with a mask now, though his face would look strange. Not like it mattered. He then decided to look about the cell. It is best to know
It was small with dark grey bricks for walls, and a metal cot was slouched against the wall. He was laying on the hard, cold, black metal floor, and the only place for light to filter in from was a barred hole in the wall. There was barely any light coming in as it was, for it was night time. There was a thick metal door at the end of the cell, and the cell itself was barely four by four Bios. Gaaduhk could hardly stand if he tried to.
Hmpf, he thought, Matoran sized cell!
Gaaduhk then heard a large clanking and saw the door open. Brilliant light burst through from the room beyond. His eyes were clouded by the light. However, quickly, his eyes adjusted. He saw a tall, well-muscled gold-headed being who had two narrow eye-slits for eyes. He scanned a small device over Gaaduhk’s entire body, and waited until it made a slight beeping sound. The tall figure then began to casually walk off and close the.
The figure walked out to a large room and opened the door. In this room was a very short figure with bulky arms and two long, silver fins extending from his head.
“Hello, Mimic,” Said the figure, addressing the gold-headed figure by his given code name.
“Good Day Shadow Stealer,” said Mimic, addressing the short being by his only known name.
“And the subject?” Shadow Stealer asked
“The subject is awake. Two minor aberrations in the high torso and left hand, but beyond that it was successful.” Mimic answered technically.
Ugh, thought Shadow Stealer, these annoyances can’t even get that I don’t understand all of their new-fangled term!
The unfortunate thing was that Shadow Stealer liked Mimic, as he was a quick learner and a helpful scientist. Also, Mimic had helped Shadow Stealer get through several islands which were blocking his way to Odina when the Shadowed One had kept him out. Shadow Stealer had never gotten his revenge on the Shadowed One, but it was coming.
Both of them knew this.
In a desperate attempt to sound exasperated, Shadow Stealer said “Meaning what?”
“Um, oh. Well, meaning that the Zamor Sphere launcher that he was carrying became his hand and the necklace that he was wearing became fused to his higher stomach.”
“What do you suggest for solving that the next time?” Shadow Stealer asked.
“I suggest that we have the Visorak disarm and take all loose items off of the subject.”
“Write that down for me Mimic. I must make a full report to the Shadowed One,” Shadow Stealer continued to work around his machines, and Mimic wrote the results down and walked out of the room, towards the Shadowed One’s throne room.
He ran into another being coming through the doorway. Mimic walked through the doorway, out into the empty hall, and then stopped. Because the figure was Nidihki.
“Slow, Shadow Stealer, I think you might have just set the record for the slowest amount of time doing……Anything,” Nidihki mocked, his missing mandible making his words slurred.
Shadow Stealer snarled at him “Just because you’re the Shadowed One‘s favourite-”
“Doesn‘t mean I can mock you?” Nidihki interrupted, “Oh, how cute. Not really it is.”
“I was saying that just because that is so, doesn‘t mean he‘ll care very much if you die,” Shadow Stealer finished
“Well, you‘re right about one thing, I doubt he‘d care if one of his…Less important operatives,” Nidihki glared at Shadow Stealer in the moment “died mysteriously. However, I‘m hardly his favourite. Everyone knows that he has the greatest respect for Ancient and that Sentrakh is his most favoured operative.”
“It is undeniable,” Shadow Stealer agreed, “However, at this point, the Shadowed One would rather not have any of his operatives killed. He lost enough of them half a century ago when that Toa of Stone sunk Odina.”
Nidihki laughed, a garbled sound mingled with spittle “And to think that just under a half century ago, two Toa, including the one who sunk this island inadvertently brought it back up to the surface. They also helped with this handy lake.”
“Have you ever thought, of what it will be like when we re-establish ourselves? Those Agori have only heard tale of us. We‘re just a legend to them,” Shadow Stealer said
“And soon, well be a better thing than that. We‘ll be a nightmare!” Nidihki relished the thought. His fame would return. Everyone thought he was dead anyhow. What a pleasure it would be for them to discover the uncomforting fact that their enemy roamed the universe once more.
Without another word, Nidihki walked from the room, and Mimic, an expert at quick, unnoticed movement, dove behind the door without being noticed at all. Then, being also an expert at sneaking, Mimic slipped past Nidihki unnoticed, and slipped quietly into the Shadowed One’s chamber.
It was a dark room, but that was the point. Mould grew about the walls, unhampered. It had grown there during the period after Odina had come up from the ocean and before it had been re-inhabited. It was the Shadowed One’s old chamber still, but it was simply more musty. The Shadowed One sat regally upon his throne.
Situated next to him on his right was Sentrakh, the yellow, robotic, Bohrok-headed machine that the Shadowed One had created. Sentrakh was considered by all who knew him to be the Shadowed One’s right hand man, but the Shadowed One often appeared to consider him something odd.
A friend.
But this ‘friend’ he used like a slave.
On his left was the tall, frightening, dominating figure in the room, Ancient. His gold and blue armour glinted off of your eyes, blocking your vision due to glare, and his gold Rahkshi-like head made fear shoot through you like a lightening bolt. Ancient was the Shadowed One’s second most trusted operative, and the inspiration for the entire Dark Hunter group. It would be no less than almost accurate to say that Ancient was weaved into more horrible legends than even the Makuta himself.
Finally, above those three, sat Darkness, the infamous shadow of the Shadowed One, redundant as it may seem.
Mimic walked up to the podium of steps leading up to the Shadowed One’s throne, and bow, so that his forehead dipped onto the step above the one he rested upon.
“Stand,” the Shadowed One said after a few long seconds. Mimic did so, and held both his and Shadow Stealer’s research in both hands.
“Why have you come?” the Shadowed One demanded, roughly
“I have brought you the results of the test with the mercenary. Both my notes and Shadow Stealer’s are included,” responded Mimic, carefully. One wrong word and he could be dead.
“And what have you uncovered?” Ancient asked. For some unknown reason had taken a nearly hobby-like interest in this project. Not like Ancient was anything more then a murderer. There was no possible way that he was a scientist.
“The two items that he carried, the necklace and the Zamor sphere launcher, were, in one way or another, fused with his being. The Zamor launcher became a part of his hand, or rather it became his fingers, and the necklace was simply fused to his higher stomach,” Mimic finished, “The gross details are in the papers if you want to read them.”
For a rarity, the Shadowed One smiled “Thank you Mimic, you are helping to make the greatest scientific strides of all time. You will be the greatest someday.”
Mimic bowed low again “Thank you Shadowed One, I would not be where I am without you,” Mimic started to leave, and then turned around to face the Shadowed One again “Er, I‘d like to know how the search for my friend is going.”
Again, the Shadowed One smiled, and this time, Mimic wondered if he was sick “The search for your friend is going fine. Obviously, we can‘t afford as many members to search for her as we could before, but it‘s coming along.”
“Thank you o Shadowed One,” Mimic said, bowing for a third and final time, and then dashing off.
When they were sure he was long gone, Ancient said “What a fool he is. We can‘t afford any Dark Hunters! And how naïve not to realize that his friend sits all along among the stomach of our dungeon!”
“Come now, Ancient, don‘t applaud his stupidity, but applaud my genius! That was Gladiator's job before he drowned! Stupid hulk of metal!”
In his mind, Ancient laughed, for even the Shadowed One did not know that he had killed Gladiator.
Meanwhile, behind the door leading to the Shadowed One’s chamber, stood Mimic, who had listened in horror. He now dashed away, hoping that the Shadowed One had not caught him.
He will pay dearly in the end! thought Mimic, Oh, yes, he will pay dearly!

* * * *

Kopaka was, to say the least, unhappy, and mystified. For three days, they had worked to define the cryptic writing upon a stone which had been found in a chamber, and the mysterious Matoran’s disappearance. He had been required to call upon Lewa and Gali, who both travelled the Sea of Mata-Nui now. Lewa had done so after his release from the capture of the rogue Great Being and had found himself alone.
He had been this way before, but only once. It had been after he had been taken over by a Krana, and for months after, he thought-and it was true-that the Toa distrusted him. His escape had happened a half century ago, but he still travelled with Gali, who had suggested to travel with him and make sure that he was safe.
Now, they had been called back, and for the first time in decades, the fullness of the Toa Nuva was assembled. The four of them, Pohatu, Onua, Tahu, and himself had all stayed in Metru-Nui, but as mentioned, Lewa had left, and Gali with him.
And now the entire team blames Lewa for out loss of Unity! Kopaka thought. Everyone, however, was a stretch. Onua had wished to go with him, because they were the closest of friends, also due to Lewa’s encounter with the Krana, however, he was slow, and water follows the wind.
However, who was responsible for the team’s loss of Unity, was undecided. Tahu had firmly wanted to guard Metru-Nui, but Kopaka realized that they could have simply gone with Lewa. If not for Tahu, they would be with their brother.
“And if not for Tahu, we would not have discovered this important object,” Kopaka wheeled around and calmed when he saw that the speaker was Turaga Onewa.
“Turaga Onewa,” Kopaka said. Unlike other people, he didn’t bow to the Turaga. They had always been grudging friends. Or, rather Onewa had consoled Kopaka.
“Pardon me for eavesdropping on your thoughts, but it is an important thing that you observe. Honestly, I don‘t think it was wise for you not to travel around the universe, but what may be a dire discovery would never have been found by the incompetent blunderers who call themselves Toa,” Onewa said
Kopaka chuckled and smiled wryly “Don‘t tell that to Kireem. You just might find that stone can freeze very coldly before it shatters to pieces.”
It was now Onewa‘s turn to smile “See, through that statement, my point is made perfectly!”
“So,” Kopaka said, changing the subject, “Do you have any idea what this stone may be?”
“Haven‘t you read it, or are you just that dull!” Onewa insulted, but he was entirely kidding, “It is an instruction! It says clearly ‘Press the neon button’!”
“Yes, but what does that mean? Is it code? What can it possibly be?”
“Even you Kopaka, older than almost all of the Toa in existence, have missed a simple idea. Things mean what they say! Not everything is code! If a Bohrok comes up and punches you in the stomach, that is not code for ‘Would you please accept my humble offer of friendship?’, it clearly means that he is attacking you. And you interpret it that way as well! You attack the Bohrok back, you do not extend your hand in friendship!”
“What are you trying to say with all of this?”
Onewa sighed “Even with that eye scope and Mask of Telescopic Vision, you still fail to see what is right in front of your eyes! If something says ‘Press the yellow button’, then you must press the yellow button!”
“But there is not yellow button!”
“Then you must assume that there was a yellow button there! Then, a real and logical question follows. What took away that yellow button! I think that you know the answer to that already without any thought required.”
“The mercenary,” Kopaka said, matter-of-factly. It was not the only possibility, but it was the most logical.
Onewa nudged his thought process along “And if this room does not have a mercenary in it, then somehow, the mercenary escaped.”
“He had a short-range teleported. And his airship flew over the city, but it could be anywhere!”
Turaga Onewa began to walk away, then he turned and said “Then it would be wise to start looking now, wouldn‘t you say?”
Gaaduhk stood in his chamber, to horrified to speak. He had done so for hours now, trying to get over the fact that he was a mutant. He decided that for the moment he wouldn’t even try to find the powers that he knew he had, somehow, because he would rather save the good news for last.
Dead last.
He got into a rhythm just clinking the three fingers on is Zamor launcher hand. He honestly wondered if it could fire anything like a Zamor Sphere, but he dismissed the idea instantly, again so that he could save the best for last of all. While he was clinking, he somehow became aware that there was someone watching him from the door’s thick bars.
He turned, and said “Come in, creep, why don’t you just give me the keys and let me out!”
A distorted laugh emanated from behind the door, and it shuddered open, revealing a horrible Nidihki “Oh, so you want the keys, do you? And the door open? I can handle that!”
Nidihki thrust the keys over to a very surprised Gaaduhk “What? You‘re actually giving me the keys?”
Nidihki laughed again “Yes, because even if you could open this door, you‘d never survive the defences planted outside to destroy you! Even if we let you live in the Shadowed One‘s quarters with an open door, you‘d have no hope of escaping Odina!”
Gaaduhk was mildly surprised “This is Odina? Toa Pohatu destroyed that I thought.”
“You think! But you don‘t know! That‘s the problem with you stinking Matoran, always assuming! So, are you also assuming that it is impossible that I live, as I should have died?”
“The question occurred to me,” Gaaduhk answered, cryptically
“Well, I‘ll actually tell you, since after all, you shall help us establish the new empire of the Dark Hunters!”
“Oh, really? Do you realize how many thousands of people have tried to do that over the ages? And do you also realize how many of those are dead?”
“I was one of them, but I was one who did not die, I was simply absorbed into Makuta‘s essence. And, if perhaps you would silence yourself, then I could tell you how I escaped!”
“Fine then, tell me, I‘d be very interested to hear such a boring story for once. Told by such a boring-”
“SILENCE!!! Now, it began when I and my partner Krekka were sucked into Makuta‘s essence. People thought us dead, but we were really stuck in the wormhole of Makuta‘s brain. It is a worse nightmare than you could imagine, the only one safe from a mind that evil is Makuta himself. Anyhow, when Makuta was destroyed, myself and perhaps Krekka-I didn‘t know because I had lost him in Makuta‘s mind-were left scattered thoughts, only pieces of the coherent beings that we used to be, stuck in the ruins of Kardi-Nui. Some reformed themselves, Nihvawk for example, but they didn‘t help us. Few even knew that we were there. But something…Somehow…Resurrected us all, all of the evil ones that is. It had a passion for evil that you wouldn‘t understand. It helped us back together and fixed us up. As good as they could,” Nidihki wagged his incomplete mandible, “However, there was a problem. We were stuck in the junk heap of Mata-Nui‘s-Or Makuta‘s-Body. At some point though, the body became a river. I found the Shadowed One, or rather he found me, and here I am.”
Gaaduhk just then noticed something odd. It started with a feeling, and then Nidihki stopped moving completely. A faint green glow transcended upon his eyes. His head wobbled unnaturally, and his mind seemed not his own.
Suddenly, he jerked up and said “We are not dead! Not all of us!” and then he slumped over.
Gaaduhk stood back, but he pressed up against the wall, horrified. Then Nidihki calmed down, and woke up.
“I‘m sorry, what was I saying,” Nidihki said
“Uh, you were just finishing up I believe,” Gaaduhk said, remaining where he had been.
“Er, yes, I believe that I was. Goodbye, and may the Shadowed One have mercy upon you,” Nidihki walked from the room, his fake leg wobbling.
And Gaaduhk was still backed up against the wall, scared of what was behind Nidihki’s dead eyes.

* * * *

“I know that you think that he should remain here now, but you don‘t understand what good travelling has done him!” Gali had argued for hours with Tahu about the subject of Lewa. Tahu was trying to make it so that Lewa was forced to remain on Metru-Nui.
“But you don‘t understand what significance he has to this team‘s unity!”
“If only you would join us then the entire team could be united! If only for your stubbornness, we would be united!” Gali sighed in her mind. They had been through this argument a hundred times, and no one was supporting her. No one was supporting Tahu for that matter, but she was a less buoyant speaker.
Onua sat on the sidelines once more. He had been debating with himself for the entire time of whether or not to go to Gali’s defence. He had made a decision.
I made the wrong decision once, and I won‘t make it again he decided. So, he made a different decision than he had previously thought were unavailable
He then walked over to Tahu and put his hand on his brother’s shoulder.
“Tahu, your incessant bickering, no matter how important, is widening the gap of unity present in this team,” Onua said. Gali smiled, with thoughts of a battle won, because few ever argued with Onua, realizing that it was a futile pursuit.
“Thank you for helping brother Onua-” Gali began
“Shhh! I was not finished sister Gali. What I was going to say that your continuing to bicker is doing the same thing as Tahu‘s argument, again no matter how important, because I do believe that both of you raise valid point. We are here for one reason, and that is to be once more united in the pursuit of this latest danger. You are instead fighting among yourselves.”
Gali laughed “You sound like the Turaga on Mata-Nui when they reprimanded us for arguing over petty issues, but I guess that we all need someone to help us through it.”
Tahu‘s head hung low “Again brother, you are right. I apologize to sister Gali for instantly creating a fight.”
Without direction, they both bumped fists, sending radiant sparks shooting everywhere.
Tahu took the control which was his “Now, we have sent Toa across the Sea of Mata-Nui to find the Mercenary, but we have a more important task. We must search in two places, two hidey-holes for evil. Those are Destral and Odina. Destral is where we will start, being far more dangerous, and we will finish of with Odina. Now, together brothers,” Tahu glanced at Gali and smiled, beckoning her, “and sister.”
They began to fist bump, but before that, Pohatu said “Gee, why is it that all of my enemies keep coming back up. And I‘m talking about an island!”
The group of Toa laughed, and then Lewa spoke almost the first sentence not directed at Gali since they had come, and he smiled “Yeah, you still can‘t stop-beat me. Slow always loses to fast!”
“Who are you calling slow, I have the Mask of Speed!”
“Yes, but you still can‘t wind-fly Toa-brother.”
“Ha! More of a Toa-bother than a Toa brother!”
Everyone laughed, even Lewa. They all hoped that this was the Toa returning to them. They all fist bumped and Lewa continued the conversation in his old friendly manner. Everyone else was supposedly doing other things, but they all were really watching the true conversation between them, and they were not missing a moment.
They all nurtured the thought that maybe this situation would bring them together. And it would, but it would not be an enjoyable adventure. But a worse thing had already returned.
And they didn’t even know it.

Gaaduhk slept for the rest of the day, and sleeping was actually a mercy. He was not haunted by dreams of darkness, nor did he dream of defeat. He dreamt not of winning either, but a much more simple thing. A simple bond of friendship. He had never had a friend, or been befriended, because he had never had the time. The only friend he had ever had was his mentor whom he had met twenty millennia ago, and who had convinced him to become a mercenary for hire.
The man’s name had been Xegard, and Xegard had been a dirt-hued Matoran of Earth. This Matoran had been his only friend- ever -and his helper, however, he had died when Makuta had taken over. However, this was probably for the best, because he would not have like to have known that these Agori and Glatorian beings were muddling about ‘his’ lands and among ‘his’ things.
Gaaduhk was lazing against the wall at this moment. His neon coloured back ached because he had lain there, crouched, for ages. Whatever crystalline material he was made of would probably be snapping or at least cracking at this point.
Just then, the big, reinforced protosteel door opened into his room, and the blazing light(Which was actually quite dim), shot into his eyes like a bullet from a gun, though not half as lethal. A big brute of a being, white with blue legs and one missing eye, tromped into the room. On the being’s shoulder was a Kanoka disk launcher. He was the same type of being that Gaaduhk had captured on the mission before finding the Mech of Metru-Nui.
The gawky figure approached Gaaduhk, ducking horrendously, and said “Uh, you are needed in the, uh Shadowed One‘s, uh, throne room. You‘ll, uh, follow me.”
It sounded more like a question than an answer, but Gaaduhk knew exactly what the being meant. Gaaduhk stood, as well as he could at least, and began to walk the short distance to the hulking figure. The figure turned and walked towards the door, and smacked his head hard upon the protosteel frame. Gaaduhk winced as the figure walked out the door.
His skull had made a dent on the doorframe.
Gaaduhk walked towards the door and was careful to watch his head. Gaaduhk took a first look at the area outside of the prison cell. The walls were made of material like stone, but were as cold as metal. They were rough like stone, but light shone off of them just like protosteel. They were true marvels of science.
There were only two doors in this stretched hallway, both of them upon the left side of the hall. One led into a small, long closer which held many weapons. Briefly, Gaaduhk thought of trying to dash to that closet and blow the armour off this stupid brute, but thought better of the idea, remembering closely the words of Nidihki.
So, as it was, he only stopped briefly to take a glimpse at them, and walk past. He took a much longer look through the indoor window of the second room, in which he saw chemicals and large varieties of other things which could only possibly related to chemical sciences.
He suddenly felt the rhythmic smack of a foot upon the floor, and looked to see that it was the brute doing this. Calmly, Gaaduhk walked towards the brute, and the brute powerfully slammed his fist into Gaaduhk’s head. Gaaduhk unhappily followed the character once more. They walked for ages until they finally reached a huge pair of metal doors, which the brute knocked on. Well, to say he knocked would be an understatement, but he hit on it none-the-less.
Quickly, the doors began to creak, but slowly, they turned open, until they revealed a huge room, occupied by five figures. On the left was the Rahkshi-head blue and gold figure, who was floating slightly in the air. In the middle, was the dreaded but ancient figure of the Shadowed One, and on the right was a yellow and black Bohrok-headed figure. The fourth figure was Nidihki who was leaving, and the last figure was a dark, probably tall being hanging high above the Shadowed One’s throne.
Nidihki brushed past Gaaduhk as the latter was just passing through the doorway, and Gaaduhk thought he saw a hint of the frightening green in Nidihki’s eyes, but Nidihki did nothing. When Gaaduhk and the brute were fully within the room, and halfway between the Shadowed One and the doors, the brute stopped, and Gaaduhk halted with him.
The brute bowed, again, and awkward stance for one so colossal and the Shadowed One said “Krekka, you have done your job. Leave now. I wish to speak with the mercenary.”
Krekka! I will have the head of that brute hanging upside down in my airship! Gaaduhk raged
Krekka left and closed the doors behind him, which made the gears click loudly. The Rahkshi-headed figure smacked his feet together and he stopped levitating. Thereafter, the figure walked towards Gaaduhk and began to examine him.
When he appeared to be done, he turned to the Shadowed One and said “It appears that Mimic was correct. Minor aberrations.”
“Thank you Ancient,” the Shadowed One responded, “Now, I‘d like to talk to our mercenary.”
“No mercenary of yours!” Gaaduhk scoffed
The Shadowed One scoffed back “But you are, you see. Unwittingly, for months now, you have been helping to rebuild this organization! You are aware of the Mech of course, but the first task Nidihki put you up to was also a help. You gave our organization several new- and powerful- members. The things you have unknowingly done to betray your own people to the Dark Hunters is amazing.”
The Shadowed One laughed. Gaaduhk was enraged, infuriated, not so much that he had betrayed his own, but more because he had done deeds for this one. He was so angry, and suddenly, something odd happened. He felt increasingly drawn to a large electric object to his right. He began to make a slow sideways walk towards it.
“STOP MOVING!” the Shadowed one yelled out. Gaaduhk stopped and moved back to where he had initially been, but felt increasingly drawn towards the large electric tube.
“Now, you, mercenary, are to be the first of a new order, the leader of an army! I offer you fame, fortune, anything! Anything-”
“Anything except what I really want!” Gaaduhk, yelled out interrupting
Oddly,the Shadowed One was not angry, in fact he seemed pleased and asked “Being?”
“A life free from your tyranny!”
“PHFF!! My tyranny! That may be so, but all you need give me is-”
“My loyalty, my soul and my morals?”
“Oh, now this is fascinating! You're talking to me about morals? Yet you kill and you murder. Your soul? I've seen it, there isn't much there except a cold heart of stone. Your loyalty? You're about as loyal as a Doom Viper! Really, I have much more to offer you than you could ever gain in your pitiful existence!”
“A cold heart of stone you said? Reminds me a lot of yours.”
Suddenly, the Shadowed One was infuriated “You have bent my last nerve! You will now wait in prison until you are happy enough to join me!” the Shadowed One's voice reached a low pitch, “If not, I can just find another Matoran to test.”
As Krekka burst into the room and began to drag Gaaduhk away, but Gaaduhk managed to say “I am no simple Matoran!!!!”
The Shadowed One laughed “That's correct. You're nothing but a stinking mutt!”
And Gaaduhk was dragged roughly out of the door and the doors slammed behind him.
There in the room the Shadowed One looked at Ancient. “Ancient,” he said, “I want you to find another Matoran. Now.”
“Good idea, we've just improved the solution, it will work even better now.”
Without a word, Ancient stomped his feet on the ground, and began to float through the air. He then burst off and shot through the doors, and out of the Shadowed One's Throne Room.
“Yes, Sentrakh, we have failed this time, but soon, we shall succeed.”

Gaaduhk was shoved roughly into the cell and he hit his head hard. For a second he rubbed it, and then he felt as if he were being torn apart.
The feeling he had gotten when he had neared the electrical tube had strengthened to the point that he did not know what to do. Simultaneously, he felt drawn to every electrical object in the room, whether it be small or larger.
He was using all the power that he could to resist, but it wasn't enough. So, he let go.
Suddenly, the world around him became filled with electric light, and he felt that he could see the world differently. It took him a brief second or two to realize where exactly he was.
He was inside an electrical wire, and he was electricity.
He knew now that he wanted to escape, because the thought that he was electricity terrified him to the utmost, but he would escape. With all of the willpower remaining within him, he ripped himself from he wire and came back into a physical form.
He looked around him, and realized that he was no longer in a dark room.
He was glowing with electrical energy in its purest. But a problem still remained. He still felt torn by the power of the electricity around he. He wanted to be part of it.
What if, he thought, I stopped pushing back and started pulling?
So, even though he wasn't quite sure how, he began to pull. It was even harder then pushing back, but with a powerful wrench of will he pulled. And then, from the stone around him, electric wires tore out, and energy poured into him. He absorbed every single spark until the electricity around him. Wires sat around him, hanging, devoid of the power which had once coursed through them.
And now, like his own life blood, the energy coursed through him.
However, there was something wrong. How would he defuse this energy? There was an odd tingling in his hand, something like an itch that wanted to be scratched. The energy wanted to escape him. He looked down to his Zamor Launcher hand, and saw that it was glowing to bright to look at.
Electric sparks popped out of the hand, and it was brimming with energy. Gaaduhk turned towards the thick protosteel door and let go. Energy poured from his hand in a stream and the door was blown off of its hinges.
The door clattered away, and Gaaduhk's hand no longer felt useless. He looked with pure pride upon the door. Then he looked at his left hand, which was now pulsating.
Ha! He thought, so that's what it does!
Gaaduhk walked through the doorway, and out into the hall. He was halfway through the hall when he suddenly felt something. It was that dragging feeling again. So, again Gaaduhk pulled, ripping the wires out from the stone all around him, and letting the energy flow through him.
He dashed down the tunnels, leaving a trail of shorted, sparking wires behind him he walked to the end of the tunnel and saw the doors leading into the Shadowed One's Throne Room.
It would be wisest, Gaaduhk thought, If I didn't go in there. Gaaduhk turned right towards another tunnel and went down it. His body was almost too bright to look at now, and so he stopped pulling the wires. He shot through the tunnels when suddenly, red alarms began to whir. Gaaduhk dashed to the closest flashing alarm, and he dug his hand into it.
He pulled out all of the energy from it and shorted out all of the other alarms, but the alarm had been heard. He listened and heard footsteps coming from farther down the tunnel.
Soon, he heard the voice that he recognized as Ancient's shout “Airwatcher! Sick him!”
Gaaduhk then heard tardy, but powerful footsteps smack on the stone floor. Gaaduhk looked at his body. He had so much electricity inside of him that sparks poured like water out of his own body, spilling about the floor.
“Hello? Where are you?” a dumb sounding voice said through the tunnel. Gaaduhk was ready.
“Right here you big, fat Rahi Bat!” Gaaduhk yelled. He put his hand in position, and waited. Just a second later, a big, metal, winged figure came into view. He was mostly green and carried a staff which dripped with acid. The ground shook when the being's feet touched the ground
“There you are!” the being said and began to hurtle faster towards Gaaduhk.
Gaaduhk sighed. Ready as I'll ever be, he thought. And then, when the figure was less than three bios away, Gaaduhk let loose. From Gaaduhk's arm, quadrillions of megajoules lanced towards the hulking being, and they all hit their target, singing the figure's diamond shoulder-plate, and making him spark and glow with electricity. The being fell to the ground, smoking.
Gaaduhk smiled. He looked at himself and saw that he was still glowing.
Probably only used one-hundredth of my energy,he thought, proudly. Just then, he stopped.
The hulking figure was stirring. And then, with a loud groan, he sat up.
“What in Mata-Nui's name!!!” Gaaduhk shrieked, and turned. He began to run with all the power inside of him through the tunnel. His every footfall left a hail of sparks, but he didn't care. The alarms began to work again, and they blared loudly.
However, Gaaduhk was almost at the door out of the facility. But it was metal. Worse than that, it was non-conducting. Gaaduhk heard the hulking being's aimless cries behind him, and looked. There was the menace, tramping only slightly slower, and smoking like a waking volcano.
Gaaduhk looked between the figure, and the door. Magnetism was the only answer. And so, with all his power, Gaaduhk pulled the door in. The hulk was close now, so Gaaduhk stopped pulling. He looked around for anything metal, and found it. The skeleton of the tunnel was made from metal. Gaaduhk placed his hand on it and a wall of electricity. The figure stopped at the wall and touched it.
He jerked backwards and glared at Gaaduhk. Gaaduhk smiled back and began to pull on the door again. It began to bulge, and it ripped out of its hinges.
He dropped the metal piece upon the floor and ran outside. It was dark, night. The sky was filled with unmoving rain clouds and no stars could be seen. Gaaduhk then looked forward. No guards, just a very thick gate. It was the only thing between him and freedom. He sensed that there was an electric piece at the top, so he became electricity once more, and passed through the gate.
Like a lightening bolt, he shot through a small forest before slamming into a tree.
He hit the ground and rubbed his head. The brush beneath him was smouldering. He stood up. He had to get rid of this electricity. He looked up at the night sky.
Rain clouds, he thought, but they're missing something. A spark of creativity.
His body glowed like a fireflier. He looked up again, revelling in what was about to be a pleasurable thing for him.
If they don't already know I'm free, then they will after this.
He lifted both of his hands up, and let all of his electricity plough out of his hands, burning the pure air around him. The electricity became separate bolts as they flew up into the clouds, striking everything, vaporizing some clouds.
He felt incomprehensible bliss as he let the lightening go. But when he stopped, he felt a sorrow that he had let it all go.
His body no longer glowed, but he was glad. Then, the first of his lightening bolts from the lightening storm he had created shot down.
I have escaped, Gaaduhk thought, as rain began to pour down like tears of joy, but what will I do now?
Behind Airwatcher, Ancient ran. Why was Airwatcher stopped? Then, Ancient saw the wall of electricity.
One day, Ancient thought, He'll....No, he'll never thank me for this.
Ancient rammed Airwatcher's body into the field, and Airwatcher absorbed all of the electricity. Ancient shot past him just in time to see a bolt of lightening shoot up into the sky, and produce more lightening bolts, leading up to a lightening storm.
The Shadowed One has failed, Ancient thought, then smiled, How perfect!
Mimic saw the lightening go into the sky, and he realized that this was a good of a time to do it than any. He pulled his rifle from behind his back and dashed to that infamous hole in the ground that led to the Dark Hunter's dungeons.
He pulled open the dark, metal hatch and began to walk down the stairs. He closed the hatch behind him. He went through almost three levels of sleeping prisoners, but did not see the one that he wanted. He travelled down three levels, but he still did not see his friend.
One level left, he thought, And if she's in there, so help me I'll rip off the Shadowed One's head and hang it on a stick!
He entered the strange hallway which held only one prisoner in the smallest most horrible cell. He hardly wished to look through the iron bars, and there, he saw his friend. She was sleeping peacefully on the hard stone floor, her feet ran up the wall because the cell was so small.
A cup of water, so old that there was mould growing in it lay on the floor next to her. Mimic was enraged to his utmost. He wheeled around and was horrified to see that he had been found out.
“What was that you were thinking a moment ago? You'd hang up my head on a pole?” the Shadowed One asked. Sentrakh stood next to him, silent as always.
“Oh, Sentrakh can read minds in case you couldn't tell. It proves to be very helpful.”
The Shadowed One walked toward Mimic, and the latter winced, awaiting the pain that was to come, but all that happened was the Shadowed One put his arm around Mimic.
“Now, you will keep very quiet, and walk out of here without waking her up. She doesn't know yet, and if you keep quiet, and don't say a thing, then she will survive. Okay?”
All that Mimic could do was shake his head fearfully.

To be continued in The Friend
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