True Makuta Fish

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True Makuta Fish

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This is the combiner I made using the Skull Scorpio I was allowed to keep as a gift after it was sent in place of one of the Lord Of Skull Spiders I ordered.

The True Makuta fish is is a crustacean predator that has mostly remained unobserved by matoran. It swims and hunts with such speed, that they previously have only caught blurred glimpses in the corners of their eyes. The normal, or untrue Makuta fish if you will, have been mistakenly credited as vicious pack hunters, when they were merely scavenging the leftovers of this creature.

If one of it's limbs are lost, it will gradually regenerate it with each molting. Depending on changes in the environment, the replacement limb may respond by taking on a different form. In the case of this specimen, elongated claws to better hold on to it's prey.
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