Tunnel Drake

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Tunnel Drake

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Tunnel Drake

Thank Mata-Nui (or Ekimu, as you will), for the HF build system. Despite my dislike of almost everything about it, since they don't break like the old pieces, I'm MoC'ing with constraction for the first time in my life.

The Tunnel Drake was a cool idea I had for a weird creature to use in a Gen 2 story. It is called a Harin (the name I've made up for all animal creatures on Okoto; similar to Rahi). The Tunnel Drake takes part in an episodic Epic I'm working on, Veth's Tale, which is due to be finished at the end of Summer.

Here is the Mythos around it:

The Tunnel Drake was a legend since before the time of the Mask Makers. Ever since the time of the first Protectors, strange tunnels, perfect cylinders carved out of the earth have been found, carved out by claws, honed by an iron beak. Their makers were never seen. Over time, however, legends arose of strange, red-eyed beasts that spoke the language of the Okotans. They moved slowly throughout the dark tunnels they carved, mumbling secrets to great for anyone to hear. Groups that went seeking them rarely returned, and those that did were raving mad, claiming to have been trapped in the tunnels, challenged by a Drake to find an answer of a great and ambiguous nature.

However, most are dismissed as having gone mad in the dark tunnels, for never has evidence of the Drakes been found. Beyond, of course, their tunnels.

Front View

Side View

Reverse View

Angled View

Front Foot (left)

Armoured Midsection


Head View

Rage Face

Overhead View

Overhead View (of head)

Reverse End (Overhead View)

Surprise (pardon the blur)!

Armoured Midsection (Overhead)

Because He Has Back Problems, OR, example of his midsection articulation

I'll twist hakann's head so far he can stare himself in the eye

'Yo, yo Piraka' is still alive!!!

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Its an interesting design, though from the story I would have expected it to have a cylindrical head to explain the round tunnels (just thinking about that is actually giving me an idea...). I'm guessing the colorscheme is based on the parts you have on hand and not a particular pattern? I really like the tail too, a scorpion tip for stinging but also claws for grabbing, seems very practical.

I especially like the lore you have to go with it.
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