Umarak the Hunter

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Umarak the Hunter

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Baxor here, reviewing the Umarak the Hunter.


Stats: 71309 Umarak the Hunter contains 172 pieces. He contains the only red Membrain of this wave (and in general, Gen 2, as I'm aware, though I think Skull Grinder might).

Price Chart:

USD: $20
Canadian Dollars: $24
Pounds: £14
Euros: €18

Elements: Umarak has a bunch of trans-dark-green pieces, and a healthy amount of beige pieces. The large part of his scheme is black, gunmetal-grey, trans-d.-green, and grey. He contains a couple of interesting bone-style pieces, and contains one of two gunmetal-grey Uniter pieces. I think his mask truly shines here, for both its colour, shape, and MoC functionality. What I mean by “MoC functionality”, has to do with a concept I call, “Mask makes the MoC”. For example, if you put a classic Kakama on any figure with Toa-like body structure, you probably look at him and say, “hey, that's Pohatu,” simply because you're used to seeing Pohatu with that mask. To you, that's Pohatu's 'face', so it rarely matters what sort of body you see the mask on, because your recognition of Pohatu says that figure is Pohatu. Umarak's mask is unique, because it lacks a definite, symmetrical form, and the dark colour makes depths hard to determine. This makes it a great MoC'ing mask in my opinion, because if you put it on another figure, it doesn't reek Umarak as, say Tahu's mask would reek Tahu. That, of course, is only my isolated opinion, but that's how I've always seen it.

He has a green chest-piece, a couple of cool solid-colour bohrok eyes in Maroon, which I quite enjoy. He has some shadow-Trap pieces as shoulder-armour, and with his trans-green claw pieces, you can nearly make a shadow Trap unique to Umarak. Unfortunately, these little pieces are missing.

Shadow Trap Connector

Lastly, as with Pohatu, he also contains some Gen 1-style chain-pieces, as seen on Hewkii Mahri. As with the Vorox piece, featured heavily in the winter wave of 2016, it's nice to see that they're re-using some Gen 1 pieces, in addition to HF pieces.

Aesthetics: Like most of the figures in this wave, I think Umarak has fantastic aesthetics. I understand that a few people on various other forums have been complaining about the low attachment of his arms, and while I agree it is a little strange, I believe that the shoulder-armour (which arguably caused the problem in the first place), amends the issue. Also, if it's that much of a problem to you, it is fixable by simply moving the part up. Honestly, it's easily possible, and though it might weaken the piece's integrity over time, that's really the only potential issue with moving it.

Of course, AAA*, as with the other models in this wave, sticks out. Honestly, I've gradually begun to like this much better over time, because as I've actually gotten into MoC'ing for the 1st time ever, I'm enjoying the freedom of forming the arms as I like.

Colour scheme works brilliantly, from the sickly trans-green pieces, to the black and dark-grey, to the beige horn pieces, and even, surprisingly, the maroon pieces. Really, there's not much that I personally dislike about the colour scheme.

The build is also pretty cool, resembling a titan-build.

I do have a slight issue with how thin he looks towards the waist, but what can really be done about that? The bow looks cool, and his dagger is pretty cool, if run-of-the-mill.

Lastly, I love how they didn't fill his calves with armour, instead giving it bulk with the bohrok-pieces and Technic. Yeah, I like this model a lot.

Another thing I find interesting is his printed chest-piece, which features, of all the strange things, a mouth. I actually kind of like this, because it adds to the hunter-like aura surrounding the entire set, from the bone-bow, to the antler/horns, to the unique thorny growths about his arms.

Chest Piece (Pardon the Blur)

* No, not that AAA. That's Baxor Lexicon for Awkward Arm Attachment.

New Elements: See my review on Gali, Uniter of Water, and Ikir, Creature of Fire, for info on the new pieces in this model. They are the Shadow-trap and Torso pieces.

Cool Stuff: Umarak is one of three models this wave to feature the stud-launching mechanism. Like the 2015 Summer Wave's Skull Warrior, Umarak's in integrated into a bow-and-arrow. Unlike the Skull Warrior, he contains 6 extra studs, dangling from that Mahri-chain at his waste. The waist-swivel and mask-ejection system is there, as always, and (I feel it worth mentioning), he has a neat way to attach his dagger/sword (as your opinion stands), to his waist.

My Opinion: Umarak in one of my top favourite three models this wave. I really like his horns and general hunter-like vibe. If I could change this model, I would probably find a way to amend the unrealistically low arms, but honestly, this isn't that much of a problem to me. Even though there isn't exactly a practical way of doing this, I would also like to change the weird thinness just above his hips. I say it isn't practical because the issue was caused by the fact that they use the green rib-cage, but if you loose the ribcage you either have to make a whole new piece (a costly idea from LEGO's point of view), or you give him the new Toa chest piece, which would be awkwardly thin.

Rating: 4/4. I think this is a great model to buy in general, and from an MoC point of view, the mask, gunmetal-grey Uniter piece, the maroon pieces, and red Membrain, all make great pieces (this is from someone who's got precious little experience MoC'ing)

Please remember to post your comments, as well as any suggested sections that I should add. Till next time, this is Baxor signing off!
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