Uxar, Creature of Jungle

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Uxar, Creature of Jungle

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Hello all! Baxor here, reviewing 71300 Uxar, Creature of … *starts to write Air*… Jungle (ARRGH!!! Jungle! Not Air! Not Mata-Nui-forsaken Air!)


Stats: 71300 Uxar, Creature of Jungle contains 89 pieces. He also has the Jungle-Unique Shadow Trap.

USD: $10
Canadian Dollars: $12
Pounds: £7
Euros: €9

Elements: There is a healthy assortment of colours in this model, which is surprising given how well the colour scheme fits together. We have about five of these pieces,

and a couple of Elemental Shard-Swords in Jungle Green. There are a few yellow pieces, some old-style hand pieces (like what we had before Glatorian hands).

Naturally there is the Creature head in silver and trans-green, and four trans-green … wing pieces I guess? I don't entirely know what they're called …

Lastly, there are a couple of trans-green ball-and-socket pieces.

And that will be my last elements discussion until next wave, perhaps excepting Akida who I am expecting to get at some point.

Now, I'd like your comments of this section specifically, above all others. I'm not a crazy good MoC'ist, so if you have ideas about what you would like in this section, and what could be done to make it better.

Aesthetics: This has some good aesthetics, and particularly shines in the area of colour scheme. As I have periodically pointed out, most of the creatures have some form of light-grey for their Gear-Mechanism. This has tended not to work well in the colour scheme, except with Terak, and (I now see), Uxar. Somehow, his healthy amount of yellow and grey works well. Don't know why, but it does.

His Uniter aesthetics, as with all of the Uniters, looks good. I think that the colour scheme is a bit odd, but that trouble arises from the fact that Lewa's mask is gold, and Uxar's head largely silver. All-in-all, this Uniter version looks very similar.

New Elements: None for this one. See my review on Ikir, Creature of Fire, for info on the new pieces in this model. They are the Shard-Sword and Creature-Head.

Cool Stuff: He has a nifty little wing-flapping function done by moving his tail. Besides that glorious gear-mechanism, that's about it.

My Opinion: In many ways, this strikes me as a knock-off (or rather, knocked-off) model. Ikir has many similarities, but pulls off neither colour scheme, nor over-all build. I think the Uniter of Lewa and Uxar looks far cooler, and far more … how do I say this? … dimensional, I believe. To restate, because of Ikir's wing structure, Tahu looks, admittedly rather flat. However, Uxar gives Lewa depth, rather than taking away from it, unlike with Tahu.

I enjoy that Uxar is a good standalone model, as Ikir in not. In overblown conclusion: Ikir sucks, Uxar is Epic Win. And if you think that's literal, just let me say, no it's not.

Rating: 4/4 would buy some more. Great model, if slightly knocked-off on by Ikir.

Please remember to post your comments, as well as any suggested sections that I should add. Till next time, this is Baxor signing off!
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