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Vallox, a minion of the Tail

Allegiance: Tail of the Scorpion
Trade: Personal assassin of Bel-Rrix
Element: Stone (Rokreng)
Gender: Male
Bio: The Tail of the Scorpion is filled with many interesting characters, not all of whom are even fully Okotan anymore. Vallox is one of them. Once he was a hunter of Harin in the wilds of Ketar (or, the Stone Region, if you will), now, he is a part of the very thing he hunted. The story is that, once day, while hunting, he say an Okotan-like creature of Toa-size enter a cave. He followed it, and discovered the last of a sapient Harin spieces, who live by absorbing the wills of animals. It tried to absorb Vallox, and though it absorbed his body into itself, he won the battle over its spirit, killing it. Now, he is a strange, alienated minion of Bel-Rrix, who can hide in the shadows, and possessed powers few understand.
Powers: He is known to have the ability to absorb the souls of inferior Okotans and Harin, though he does not use this power often. He is afraid that, one day, he will come across an Okotan stronger than he, who will kill him. In addition, he carries a staff whose energy makes and opponent briefly believe his is lost. Rather, the opponent is no longer sure of where he is. He possesses the tactical mind of a hunter, and can kill an opponent easily in hand-to-hand combat. He has been known to use stranger abilities, like walking through metal and stone, or instilling utter terror with a touch of his hand, though such abilities are only rumoured. In addition to his staff, he carries a long, bladed, sword-like weapon, and uses his tail actively. His tail is said to contain a pair of infra-red eyes.

Forward View 1
Forward View 2
Side View 1
Forward View without weapons
Side View 2 (Reverse)
Tail (unattached)
Weapons (Blade-like on left, staff on right)
Weapons, side view
More Weapons Views
Blade-like weapon
Kick Photo 1
Kick Photo 2

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